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Topiramate(Topomax) – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

Technological and scientific advancements are the baseline of our future making it one very important necessity that must always keep growing to help push mankind forward. There are a number of companies that deal with medical and scientific advancements on a daily basis of which one of the greatest spearheaded operations is the use of benefiting medicine in our daily lives of which one of these medications is Topiramate also known as Topomax which is an anti-convulsant drug that helps a person deal with epilepsy as well which is for both adults and children. In 2004 the Topiramate dose was endorsed by the medical society to work hand in hand with phentermine to help provide adequate medication for obesity as well.

The best place to get more information on this matter is online as with the advent of the vast space that the internet has to offer many companies, labs and clinics put their information plus the information of each of their advancements online so that people can truly understand the merits to their work and opt for such an option when necessary. Topomax has a number of applications in our daily lives listing as a primary anticonvulsant and then an elaborate drug that can be used as a means to treat weight loss and obesity. Topomax has also very efficiently been used to treat bipolar disorder which is a great merit in the field of psychological medicine. Topomax is also actively prescribed by doctors as a means of treating headaches and must be used in a controlled manner at this time so as to avoid any issues of over dosage that may lead to side effects. One of the more common applications of this great drug is a means to treat alcoholism and obesity making it a drug you can trust.



All drugs in the market normally have some very important advantages to the human body and new drugs are being experimented and created everyday in hopes of creating better medicine for mankind. There are a number of benefits that Topomax can bring to the table but it is completely up to you to maintain a means of professionalism so that you maintain the amount of dosage you take so that you do not go less or more than what is prescribed to you by your general physician in regards to using the drug for any issues that you may face. Given below are some of the most dominant benefits of using Topomax on a periodic basis to help treat any issues that you might be facing

  • Epilepsy: Topomax is well known to treat epilepsy in both adults and children and was first concocted as a means of being an anticonvulsant for the same. To help achieve the desired results that you require you must always firstly take advice from your doctor and secondly stick to the dosage at all times for the best results.
  • Migraines: Topomax can be easily used to treat migraines as well and has been recognised by the medical society as a means of doing so on the highest level possible. This drug works well with your nervous system to help cool down things pr say and that is why it has such a good effect on people suffering with nerve issues like epilepsy.
  • Obesity: one of the recent and most foremost means of usage or this drug has been to help cure obesity that is psychologically induced. It has not only been recognised by the medical society as a very effective drug on this matter but it also proves that not everything is as it seems.
  • Alcoholism: This drug has been very commonly known to treat alcoholism as well. Alcoholism slowly destroys the body over time especially your nervous system and what this drug does is to help clean out your system adequately and give you the support that you need in order to deal with issues such as alcoholism.
  • PTSD: PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder is another issue that requires immediate attention and this drug is the perfect remedy for this issue as PTSD is a psychological problem which is the forefront feature of this great drug. PTSD can last for plenty of years at a time sometimes so it is very necessary for you to treat it immediately if you do not want any remnants of the problem to stay with you for the rest of your life.
  • OCD: Obsessive compulsive disorder is another psychological issue that needs immediate attention and some people suffering with OCD at times even have convulsions which brings in the necessity of Topomax as a means of giving you a recluse from the issues that OCD brings to the table allowing you to lead a safe and normal life.  OCD tends to last if you let it sit so it is necessary wants again to start treatment for this problem immediately,


It is completely in your doctor’s hands to disclose all the facts that are necessary for you to use Topomax wisely without inducing any side effects which are quite common for any drug in the market. A doctor will not only be able to provide for you the information necessary for you to use this drug in a maintained manner but you will also get all the information that is necessary in regards to this drug so that you know all the pros and cons when using it. If you are purchasing this product from a pharmacy directly from the hands of a pharmacist then it is very necessary for you to ask the person present all the details of the drug which are necessary to know along with the time gap that is necessary to be kept between the periodic consumption of the drug on a daily basis.

This medication most commonly taken by mouth so all you need to do is take a periodic number of tablets in the day as prescribed by your doctor. It is very necessary that you do not go above r below the limit subscribed as you might not be able to withstand the side effects that might occur. Also it is very necessary to disclose your entire drug history to your doctor so that there are no reactions with other drugs which is quite a common issue with drugs of all natures. If you keep all these things in mind then taking this drug can be very beneficial for you. All you need to do is stay safe and listen to the people well versed on the matter.


Dosage is normally kept as a means that only your doctor can tell you because most of the time each person may be suffering from different issues therefore it is very difficult to actually hone in on a dosage that is equal for all. But apart from the help of your physician you may practise taking this medication by having this medication once in the morning and once in the evening. The two divided doses must be of about 400mg per day that is 200 mg in the morning and 200 mg in the evening for both adults and children. In a immunotherapy controlled environment patients that are exposed to a 400mg dosage per day have achieved the maximal results when it comes to treating any issues that are related to taking Topomax daily.

This drug is a kind of medication that does not specifically have to be monitored making it very easy for you to treat the issues that you might have easily without any hassle. Though 400 mg is the necessity for patients above the age of ten it is very necessary for you to ease yourself into this format of drugs therefore start of easy with Topomax 25 mg in the morning and evening on your first week, then move on to Topomax 50 mg in your second week after which move on to 75 mg in your third wee and keep rising the amount of medication very week till you can take Topiramate 100 mg twice a day easily. You can easily achieve this with the regulated help of your doctor. The dosage of Topomax is based primarily on two things being firstly the weight of the patient and the age of the patient according to which a regulated dosage is chart is created and advised for Topiramate 200 mg.


Like every drug in the market even Topomax has its drawbacks that must be kept in mind before taking this drug as once started it might be too late. There are a few precautions that you always must take and though it is similar to most of the drugs in the market it is very necessary that you keep them in mind at all times. Firstly a person must always stick to the regulated intake of this medicine so as to avoid over intake or over dosage for better words. When taking this medication orally do not crush or die the pill in any way and always drink a full glass of water with the medication for the best results. staying safe is your first priority and that is why it is necessary to inform your doctor about your entire medical history before moving ahead with this medication so as to avoid any scenes that may include interactions with other drugs or interactions in your body if you are allergic to the elements in the medication.

This drug has no side effects when it comes to pregnancy and in turn helps you develop a strong mindset that allows you to deal with your pregnancy in a positive manner.


There are a few interactions with other medication when availing Topiramate uses so it is very necessary for you to stay absolutely well informed on the matter when using this medication. It helps when you have a professional doctor ready to give you advice on the matter so that you do not have to do everything yourself. This gives you the leeway necessary to build up a strong knowledge on the drug at hand so that you do not face any adverse affects while using it. Given below are a few interactions that Topomax has with other drugs in the market-

  • Topiramate drug is a strong inhibitor of carbonic anhydrase which when mixed with other carbonic inhibitors can cause build up of kidney stones in our body so it is very necessary that you stick to one medical component of this nature at one time.
  • It is also necessary that you try and stay away from enzyme inducers at this time because they primarily reduce the content of Topiramate in the body causing the requirement of an increase in the amount of dosage.
    Topomax is also well known to increase the plasma levels of phenytoin in the body which may lead to escalated effects in the long run so it is better to take one kind of drug at a time in order to stay away from any unwanted issues.
  • It is always better to stay away from alcohol as well at this time because alcohol may increase sedation levels of the drug and may induce seizures which you would not want to suffer with at any point of time if you are primarily trying to get rid of this issue.
  • Drugs like Trospium may aggravate disorders in the body as well when mixed together with Topomax so it better to stay away from either one of the two when taking the drugs.


There are many Topiramate side effects to this drug but they only manifest themselves in your body when you overdo the dosage or mix it with drugs that are not positively interactive or if you have not taken the advice of your physician and you are actually allergic to this drug. Some of the side effect are

  • Agitation
  • Depression
  • Trouble thinking
  • Loss of coordination and much more

Topomax is a drug primarily used as an anticonvulsant and has been deemed fit by the medical society to deal with both epilepsy and even obesity when mixed with the right medium.