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Tamsulosin (flomax) – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

With the constant growth that the medical industry is seeing everyday there are new and improved versions of many drugs that are being able to treat diseases that were not even in the mix earlier in time. Tamsulosin drug is one of these great medications that have risen up amongst its fellow medications as a very important application to our lives when required. People nowadays have to deal with issues that were earlier not even in the mix when it comes to disease and illness because the world is changing along with the human body. New and improved illness is creeping into society forcing the medical era to keep booming with new and improved drugs that are tested and then approved for human usage. Always keep in mind that before using any drug you must always go through a god amount of research on the drug to fully understand the aspect of its effectiveness along with the things that you should and should not do when taking this drug in a periodic manner.

Flomax is a well known alpha-blocker that relaxes the muscles in the bladder neck and prostate making it easier for a person to urinate. It has many applications for people of all ages and is used more often during a gall bladder stone or maybe when suffering with a UTI infection. This medication is mostly used for men though who are suffering with a disease known a benign prostate hyperplasia. The truth is that this medication is not approved for use in women and children as it has adverse effects on the body. There is a wide scale difference between the bodies of a woman and a man and Flomax does not work very well on the body of a woman.

Tamsulosin (flomax)


Every drug has its benefits and in Flomax case it helps a lot on the make body by providing relief from pain and blockage. One of the main drawbacks of Flomax is that it can only be used on the male body but that does not matter because there are equally good drugs out in the market that provide similar results for both women and children as well. Drug benefits cn be anything physical or psychological so do a little research before hand and compare similar drugs so that you have the overall knowledge that is necessary for you to take this drug while knowing everything about it. there are a few well known benefits of this drug that help the human body to heal and adapt over time which is a very good aspect of this drug.

Given below are some of the most adept benefits of Tamsulosin uses in a periodic manner-

  • Pain Relief: Flomax helps to reduce pain the gall bladder which is caused by a blockage of urine. This is exceptionally helpful when you are suffering with a kidney or gall bladder stone. Pain relief does not come instantly but you will feel a change over time giving you the strength you need to deal with this issue head on.
  • Alpha Blocker: Flomax is a well known alpha-blocker that helps clear out the neck of the gall bladder and the kidney to help in the process of urination during a blockage. This is exceptionally helpful at times when the pain of blockage is unbearable and works in no time giving your body the relief it needs.
  • Depression: depression can set in at times when suffering with urine blockage related issues as with pain even your psychological nature is affected so that best thing to do at this time is look toward Flomax as it gives you the release necessary both physically and mentally to deal with this issue head on.
  • Quick Action: prior to popular belief Flomax actually works quite fast giving you quick and easy pain relief that not many medications can do. It helps to prep the body for the issue at hand and then gives you relief y removing the reasons of blockage in the urinary tract. Though it is a beneficial medication you must always stick to the regulated format of intake if you do not want to go above the necessary limit that has been prescribed by your general physician.


Normally it is completely up to your doctor to give you advice as to how to use this drug because firstly it is unwise to use this drug on your own because it may have reactions with other medication that you are taking casing side effects that you would not want to deal with and secondly you may be allergic to this medication in the first place so it is very necessary that you take the advice of your doctor after providing for them your entire medical history so as to cover all roads before going in to take this medication. Though your doctor is who will be able to give you the best advice to stay informed there is a method of taking this medication.

When taking Flomax never crush or dice the tablet, take it whole with a full glass of water. It is normally taken once a day normally about 30 minutes after eating a meal. it is crucial that you stick to that very time every day if you want the results to be as effective as ever. It is also necessary that you stick to the regulated level appropriate for your body so as to prevent any side effects that may occur due to over dosage or below dosage illness build up.

It is very necessary that women and children are not given this drug as it has an adverse effect on their bodies especially on pregnant women as it will affect the growth of your baby which you would not want to happen at all. it is a drug that has been catered towards men specifically and it should be kept that way. Doing your research is very important beforehand because it keeps you informed at all times in regards to using this drug properly.


The initial dosage in any adult ranges at Flomax 0.4 mg once a day daily. It is very important that you stick to both the dosage and the time you take it daily if you want the medication to work adequately. It is also very important that you stick to the regulated levels and do not miss out on a dose if you want the medication t work over time. The maximum Tamsulosin dosage that an adult can take on a daily basis is 0.8 mg once a day but this is only after taking the necessary advice from your doctor in regarding to increasing the medication due to little or no effect.

If you feel any leeway in the issues that you are facing then after taking the advice of your doctor you can stop the medication but if you see in a couple of days that the issue is back then treatment should be restarted again at 0.4 mg once daily. If you miss a dose then try and make up for it but only if it is close to the time of the missed dose, if you are close to the time for your next dosage then skip that dose completely and take the next dose. Do not take extra medication to make up for the dosage missed and if you overdose call the poison helpline immediately.


There are some very important precautions that you must take at all times when taking this medication and that is firstly do not club it with medication that may cause adverse effects in your body. You would not want to deal with the pain of a blockage in your urinary tract and the pain that side effects may cause from time to time. The next thing you must always keep in mind is that you must provide your doctor with your entire medical history so that you are in the clear regarding you being allergic to this mediation.

Many people start using this medication without taking the adequate steps which are required to be done as an informational basis beforehand therefore it is very necessary for you to stay well informed at all times by being up to date on your medical history with your doctor so that you can use this drug openly. The next thing you must never do is overdose on this medication as it will have adverse effects on your body so visit a hospital immediately if you do. You must always stick to the amount that is regulated to you by your doctor and maintain the dosage over the specified period of time if you want any changes to occur for the better in your body.

For women and children it is very necessary for you to stay away from this drug as it affects the bodies of both women and children. This drug has been engineered to help with the male body and is not used to dealing with anything else.


One of the most interactive medications with Flomax is all kinds of blood pressure medication. One side effects that Flomax is well known for is low blood pressure and when mixed together with blood pressure medication it causes a massive effect on your blood pressure which can be detrimental to your body so it is always better to take either of the two mediations during one time and stay away from the other when taking a regulated dose of one kind of medication. Secondly you should never take Flomax if you are allergic to Tamsulosin because it will definitely have adverse effects on your body of which you would not want to deal with so stay safe and be healthy at all times.

It is a great drug if you take all the necessary precautions when using it and will definitely give you the relief you require to take on the day with a skip in your step but like all things you must be well informed on the matters pertaining to the drug so you know exactly what steps to take if anything that you did not foresee occurs. It is also good to keep your doctor in the loop at all times.


Each and every drug in the market has side effects and since no two people are the same each drug effects a person on a different level therefore it is always better for you to stay alert at all times. Given below are a few Tamsulosin side effects for you to stay well prepared at all times-

  • Weakness: Flomax causes weakness in the human body at times due to a drop in blood pressure and normally occurs if you overdose. It should subside if you maintain and res evaluate the amount of dosage that you are taking.
  • Back Pain: Another side effect of Flomax, this is caused when you do not stick to the regulated level yet again and put your body under the pressure that you would not want to deal with so maintain the necessary level for safe results.
  • Blurred Vision: Another pressure related issue caused by Flomax; blurred vision is normally dealt with over time and occurs when you start to take the drug. Your body needs time to set into the dosage amount but if this problem persists then visit the doctor immediately.
  • Tooth Problems: This normally occurs when you are allergic to Flomax and that is why it is necessary to be well informed at all times and provide your doctor with all the necessary information on your medical history before using this drug.

Flomax is an anti-blocker which is a very good addition to your body when facing urine blockage problems. It deals with the bladder neck and kidney to help provide an adequate path that is necessary for you to enjoy some pain relief when having urine blockage issues.