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Top 10 Sleeping Pills & Side Effects

Sleeping pills have become a rising requirement in today’s world with so many people having to deal with increased amounts of pressure and stress. Stress is a very important cause of sleep disorders leading to a rise in need for sleeping pills. Though many people condemn the use of sleeping pills, with the right and regulated amount of intake you can use these pills in the most care free manner possible so as to not only enjoy a good night’s sleep but to also give yourself that mental peace that you require to actually be ready for the days ahead.

Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills can be a boon in plenty of situations but one thing you must know about sleeping pills is that you must always consult a skilled physician in regards to its regulated intake because sleeping pills can be quite harmful to your body if you take more than what your body can take at one time. So keep your doctor in the loop at all times if you do not wish to worry about the side effects of this otherwise very important drug when facing sleeping disorders and lack of sleep. Stay safe and remain healthy at all times.

Enlisted below is a list sleeping pills, some of the best in the market that you can avail from the commercial market.

Zaleplon (Sonata):

Sleeping Pills-Zaleplon (Sonata)

This medicine comes first in our list of sleeping tablets called Sonata. This is hypnotic in nature, acting much like a sedative as it alters the chemical composition in the brain of the affected person who seems to be having trouble with sleep at night. This is used for treating insomnia where the chemical alteration now fixes the disorder in your brain and allows normal body functioning to commence.


Sleeping Pills-Temazepam

The temazepam belongs to the benzodiazepine category of drugs where these drugs alter the chemical compositions in the brain to bring about changes in the patient. Benzo is mainly used to treat people with anxiety where it relatively calms them and therefore Temazepam as a sleep inducing medicine would do just perfect for people who repeatedly suffer from insomnia.


Sleeping Pills-Dormicum

This is one of the strong sleeping tablets where the Dormicum or better known as Midazolam comes in two different doses to treat the various symptoms and kinds of sleeping disorders. the first is 7.5mg which is the base dose the last being 15mg which is a higher dose. This is used mainly to treat people suffering from sleeping disorders like having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep for adequate time.


Sleeping Pills-Zopiclone

The neurotransmitters in our brain carry the information or the procedure from the brain to the allotted destination and on disturbance of this flow of information, imbalance and disorders occur. This is probably why Zopiclone, a non-benzo class of drugs uses the GABA neurotransmitter to set the records straight. This too is hypnotic in nature.


Sleeping Pills-Normison

Temazepam is mentioned prior to the list and here is yet another medicine that contains Temazepam that helps you treat insomniac conditions. Normison is also a benzodiazepine in nature and would alter the chemicals in the brain to check the imbalance and rectify it so that the brain can force the person to look past the disorder and increase the sleep quotient.

Stilnox CR:

Sleeping Pills-Stilnox CR

Yet another medicine for sleep, the Stilnox CR is an insomnia relief medicine that treats difficulty in sleeping and certain associated troubles. This medication used to calm down the system probably eliminating the anxiety so that the brain can finally rest and allow the sleep to take over.  This medication may cause severe side effects and therefore is a strict prescription only drug that you need to consult with your doctor if you choose to use this.

Vicks ZzzQuil Night Time Sleeping Aid:

Sleeping Pills-Vicks ZzzQuil night time sleeping aid

From the house of Vicks the NyQuil night tine sleeping aid that goes by the name ZzzQuil is used for treating insomnia conditions where on usage of this medication you can alter the sleeping disorder so that sleep is encouraged by our body. however, this is not suitable for children below 12 years of the age and should never be used for more than 4 weeks. This comes in both a syrup and a tabular form.

Equate Sleep Aid Liquicaps:

Sleeping Pills-Equate Sleep Aid Liquicaps

Equate sleep Aid Liquicaps help you with a good night’s sleep. No more tossing ro turning in bed as it works in the same manner as Vicks and would allow you to get sleep at a much speedier rate. Consume one soft gel piece per dose.


Sleeping Pills-Triazolam

Yet another benzodiazepine category of drugs, the Triazolam is mainly used to treat short term insomnia conditions. Relieving stress, tension and anxiety this is one of the best sleep inducing medicines which is mild on the system and would aid in sleeping without any hurdle.


xanax pills

Alprazolam is the generic name for this drug that is available in the popular trade name xanax which is basically used to treat anxiety, panic or depression disorders. this calms the system and whilst trying to get you away from anxiety and depression it also aids in inducing sleep. However this is highly addictive in nature and should not be used without a prescription.  Moreover, never use this medication as an abuse.

Side Effects:

Sleeping pills side effects are definitely deadly and would always cause a much stronger effect on you if you already have a history of drug abuse. This is possibly why sleeping pills very often are allowed to be purchased from the over the counter drug stores and usually require a prescription slip. Here is a list of some of the side effects sleeping pills can cause which is detrimental to yourself.

  • Life threatening: The first thing one need to know about sleeping pills is that, these are life threatening in nature. Believe it or not, sleeping pills in the past have been the reason for so many deaths where the chemical alteration in the brain overdose and shuts down the whole system thereby causing death. This is why there is always a strict warning about consulting your doctor before taking this medications and always sticking to the dosage unit is familiarized.
  • For sport: sleeping pills usually tamper with the chemical composition in the brain and makes you high and drowsy which gives you a low key drunk or on drugs feelings which some people might use for sport or fun. Never abuse drugs for fun especially if they are serious in nature, like that of sleeping pills.
  • Habit formation: sleeping pills are very addictive in nature. If it helps you sleep easily in the night for a whole month, the habit of popping in a pill every now and then easily grows and forms a habit where now you cannot stop taking a pill. Avoid addiction at all stages.
  • Day time drowsiness: sleeping pills if not compatible with your system may cause extreme cases of drowsiness which continues the morning after. It may cause day time sleepiness or drowsy feeling during activities like driving or working around heavy machinery.
  • Appetite change and weight loss: while on the sleeping pill medication course, appetite loss can be a common side effect where the palate in your mouth alters or changes and you do not feel like having food. However, if you are encountering severe weight loss you should be consulting the doctor immediately.
  • Memory loss: memory loss may prevail as one of the persistent side effects which makes you a bit loony if you keep ignoring the symptom. Memory loss is ignored can result in serious conditions like dementia.
  • lack of focus or concentration: at around this time yet another side effect that is common but not healthy is the lack of concentration or focus. You would feel your mind engaged in a drowsy state where paying attention or concentrating becomes quite difficult. Along with these mood swings may persist too.

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