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Salbutamol (albuterol) – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

The changing times have brought on some more modernization, some more urbanization and with that some more pollution. Today, the present statistics will tell you how rapidly the pollution rates have grown in the past few decades with most of the attributes to this pollution being pulled in from the humongous metropolitan cities that start up a whole new range of modernization every day. With people getting busy with their everyday work and most of the tightly packed schedules going into neglecting health care, along with the rise in pollution levels, a huge rise has been noticed in people’s deteriorating health conditions as well. One of the most dominant form of this pollution is air pollution where a whole lot of pollutants in the air has even lead to a hole in the ozone layer which is growing ever since its appearance. In a front as such, it is quite natural for a person to experience breathing troubles such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, wheezing troubles and so on.  Hence, in this article we have brought to light a category of drugs that would help you deal with these situations with ease, the drug category being called bronchodilators. These category drugs actually help you treat problems regarding breathing troubles like chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, asthma, bronchitis, whooping and wheezing and such problems.


The generic name for this drug is recognized as albuterol or as some may call it salbutamol. However, the albuterol generic name for the drug is not as famous as its brand names that go with the names proventil or ventolin. Often if you have a past history of breathing troubles, simple mundane activities, like exercising may stir up the problem again, something that we call exercise-induced bronchospasm. The main aim for this medicinal drug is to decrease traffic in the wind pipes and allowing more air flow so that normal breathing can persist by which the problematic situations can be contained.


Before we move onto the different benefits it can assist us with, let’s take a look into exactly how the medication works. This classification of drug is known as bronchodilators where dilation means expanding the space or the specified area so that more of something can pass through. The main aim of this medication is to relax the muscles and dilating the airway passage so that air passage cannot be obstructed. In a nutshell, it cures the breathing troubles by opening the passageways. Some of the most common drug benefits that this drug can offer to us can be listed as:

  • Asthma troubles: salbutamol uses its benefits to clear up the air passage which is why asthma troubles such as tightness in chest and breathing difficulties are easily treated.
  • Exercise induced breathing difficulties: often if you have a prior case of breathing difficulties, exercises or physical strain may bring about the breathing troubles once again which is when this medication would come to the rescue. Allowing this medication to work on you prior to the physical strain can help you control difficulty symptoms.
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: the chronic obstructive pulmonary is yet another of the lung problems where the lung muscles followed  by the wake of some severe diseases actually breaks down and allows lesser and lesser air to pass causin difficulty in breathing. The albuterol drug once again relaxes the lung muscles and widens the air passage for more passage of air.
  • Whooping and wheezing: whooping or constant coughing backed by wheezing actually increases the risks of contracting a breathing trouble. If you already have one, these symptoms would encourage the disorder to occur repeatedly and thus needs to be controlled which can be done by the albuterol itself.
  • Immunity buildup: salbutamol drug is essentially friendly and would allow you to build up a defense or a immunity check in and around the troubles like making you stronger and more aware of the situations that stir up breathing difficulties.
  • Clears shortness of breath or suffocation: shortage of breath and suffocation are merely the side effects or after effects to some of these troubles mentioned above. This can too be cured using this medication.


the consumption technique for this particular medication is indeed a very important scenario where you as a patient should strictly abide by the doctor’s guidelines. Since this medication is used for treating both adults and children, your doctor would prescribe to you the dosage unit required along with the medium or form of dosage. Your age, weight, test results and medical requirement should be brought into evaluation before a dosage is prescribed.

Usually this medication is to be taken orally, but there is more twist to it. you can avail this medicine in an inhaler form or can simply go for oral suspensions or pills based on what your doctor has recommended to you. before opting for this medicine go through the patient’s information form carefully and ask your pharmacist regarding the intake procedure. The oral suspension can be measured with a professional tube or beaker and consumed like a liquid or in emergency cases it can be put into your nerves using a syringe which should be done under professional attention.

the extended release salbutamol tablets are supposed to be swallowed with a full glass of water instead of breaking, splicing or biting down on them which can prove detrimental as the inactive ingredients then collide together to form over dosing effects. In the case of an inhaler, always keep the doses measured and counted and keep the inhaler itself clean so that no blockage occurs during intake time. The inhalation is to be done through mouth itself.


Dosage for each individual patient is always different as the results levied out are individually looked after. Your doctor will prescribe to you the salbutamol dosage and the consumption form, i.e tablets, oral suspensions, inhalation etc. the forms carry different doses within themselves and therefore one must never jump from one form to another even in the case of an emergency. The dosage for the children as obvious are smaller in dose as compared to the adults but for the benefit of the beginners who has never experienced this drug before, it is essential that you keep the lowest effective dose as the base starting point and slowly with time you can move onto a different dose or a larger one if the results are not satisfactory. Also, a higher dose should be segmented into different dose intervals with ample time in between each dose.

For the inhalation part, be it adults or children, two puffs every four to six hour is necessary. If you are going to participate in an physical exercise or activity, take the puffs two hours before commencing the physical exercise.  For children below the age of 6 years, 0.1mg is the basic dose which is a bit too less and can be increased to 1.25. for 12 year old and above the base dose can be albuterol 2.5mg or 3mg which can be increased to 8mg.

Usually the dosage for the adults and children are different where an adult can inhale a higher dosage, their base starting from albuterol 90mcg to even 180 mcg in segmented intervals. for your child’s inhalation dosage consult your doctor.


Salbutamol in pregnancy is not at all a compatible situation as powerful drugs like this goes into your system and often is known to pass on to the breast milk thereby stirring up more havoc. In this situation, it is often recommended that you thoroughly speak to your doctor regarding the situation so that he can brief you about this problem. This way the child unborn or post birth wont be affected by the drug.

Also, the drug may take time to react depending on the dose and intensity of course. However, in between this period, you may not feel the improvement setting in but that does not mean you will increase the dosage. Past cases as such has been recorded where before the drug could actually work the patient has been taking a dose much higher than his requirement which became fatal for him in the long run.

Also, this medication may make you dizzy which is why operating heavy machinery or activities like driving or field work may be a hindrance. Either space your dosage accordingly or prepare yourself for the moments.


A drug interaction usually means one drug possibly already present in your system would react with the new introduced drug which would either hinder the way the new drug works in your system or the both will combine together to create a cocktail of a different drug. Usually this is why it is advised that whenever your doctor prescribes such a medication to you, immediately furnish your medical history and the list of the medications that you have taken in the past so that he can guess the best dosage or medication suitable for you.

Usually allergy medicines are seen as a threat since they heavily react. Also herbal or antibiotics alongside this medication will cause harm. If you are taking this medication and also opting for a course to treat asthma and such, refrain from this.


Side effects are common for any and every drug. Every drug comes with a certain package that needs to be attend to. The drugs in your system would have a medical repercussion which we call the side effects which may occur in the case of introduction of a brand new foreign substance to your body, which your body is not yet familiar with. This may stir up a reaction with your body forming an antibody inside. At times this may even be the reason of incompatibility that your body wants to convey to you.

Side effects should never be ignored and we would never encourage harboring a side effect, but often for some these side effects are often unnoticeable and therefore not at all a concern, but for the majority of these, it is actually necessary that you that you consult your doctor regarding a side effect showing up.

  • Irregular heartbeat: one of the albuterol side effects is the repeated irregular heartbeat condition where your heart rate may either drop suddenly or you may experience heart palpitations. For an elder patient, this is quite a concern.
  • Allergic reaction: in the wake of an allergic reaction due to incompatibility, here are some of the side effects that you should be keeping a strict eye on. To start off, we have the skin irritation and redness or swelling not only of the skin surface but also that of the neck, hands, face and even feet. the painful rashes may result in hives like condition in your skin along with which suffocation troubles may occur.
  • Muscle cramps: muscle cramps or muscle stiffness may just be the other salbutamol side effects where your joints or muscles may feel a little jittery and painful with slight stiffness persisting.
  • Dizziness and nausea: dizziness from standing up from a seated position or the feeling of nausea resulting in vomiting is naturally a common side effect.

Asthma problems are quite common especially if you are living in a urban setting where pollution is at its peak possibly because of the hustle bustles of the city backed by constant traffic and fuel consumption’s. The air pollution segment has in the past created many breathing troubles for the city goers and to back that up constant smoking too can add to this. This is probably why medicinal drugs like this are introduce to the commercial market that can tackle the problems caused by blockage of the wind pipe.