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Ranitidine(Zantac) – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

Information on the best medication to use to help you stay healthy and feel fit and fight disease is easy to come by due to all the medical improvements that the world is enjoying on a daily basis. Though information is available on a wide scale, not many people have the overall knowledge to properly enact the information provided in order to achieve the best results. That is why instructors along with supplemental products and services are provided by a wide range of companies that specialize in your overall health both physically and mentally. With a wide range of medication that is actually available in the market it is sometimes necessary to take a complete informational check up so that when using the drug or the medication in a periodic manner you know that you are absolutely doing it the right way. The internet is a great place for you to do this research so that you have a complete knowledge on Ranitidine which is better known as Zantac.


Ranitidine which is better known or sold as Zantac is a stomach acid reduction drug that helps a person to deal with excess acid build up in the stomach and the body. It is very commonly used as a treatment of peptic ulcer disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease and so on. It is also seen that Zantac also has been of great benefit to hives which is a massive improvement in medical research in that regard. You now have the option of purchasing medication online as well removing any physical stress and helps you to save quite a bit of capital as well allowing you to invest the money on other important issues. By doing a little bit of research you will find it easier to fully understand the functions of Zantac which helps to provide all the options you need in order to help fight a related disease that is affecting you.


The  world at present is moving at a faster space with each day being a tightly scheduled routine that every one follows in order to finish their tightly wound regime thus often falling prey to disorders which were once only a rumoured hush. A recent study conducted actually showed how depression and anxiety levels have increased manifold amongst the common mass in the few couple of decades ever since we started getting busy with conforming to this busy world. From this fact we not only get a need for better ways of treating issues both for our body and for our mind.

With such a hustle and bustle around we hardly get enough time to actually take care of ourselves and this is when through deep anxieties and even deeper depressions, assistance from advanced medical drugs are required to bring out sanity back to us. There are a number of benefits to using Zantac on a regular basis and this makes it a very helpful drug when dealing with a number of issues related to acidity and bile build up in the body.

  • Reduces excess stomach acid Production: one of the main jobs of Ranitidine tablet uses is to help reduce stomach acid production in the body thus reducing plenty of unnecessary acid build up in the body which could be the cause of a multitude of issues such as peptic ulcers and so on. Zantac is on the worlds list of essential medicines making it a very important attribute in our society.
  • Relief of Heartburn: Zantac is very commonly known to reduce heartburn as well which is actually a cause of acid build up in your body causing acidity and gas which can be quite irritating and can be of great pressure to your body. Excessive heartburn may lead to fever and indigestion over time so it is very necessary to keep this problem under check at all times.
  • Upper GI Bleeding: one of the more important applications of Zantac is controlling the Upper GI bleeding or upper gastro-intestinal bleeding which is very commonly caused by the formation of ulcers in your body due to the build up of Acidity. Not only does Zantac help to prevent the acid build up in your body overtime but when used when you have ulcers then it helps to fight upper GI bleeding as well as reduces the effects of ulcers in your stomach.
  • Stressed Induced Ulcers: Zantac works well to also reduce stress induced ulcers in critically ill patients which is a necessary factor for critically ill patients because stress induced ulcers are caused from excessive acid build up due to psychological issues which causes a chemical imbalance in the body.
  • Erosive Esophagitis: this is an issue which causes your oesophagus to erode due to an excessive acid build up in your body. Not only does Zantac help to reduce the acid build up in your body to help prevent such an issue from occurring but it also helps you to fight the issue even after it has occurred.


It is absolutely your doctor’s duty in order to disclose all the facts that are necessary for you to use this ranitidine drug wisely without inducing any side effects which are quite common for any drug in the market. A doctor will not only be able to provide for you the right amount of dosage for your body but will also provide a detailed diagnosis which is necessary for you to help fight any issues which have the primary constant of acid build up in your body. If you are purchasing this product from a pharmacy directly from the hands of a pharmacist then it is very necessary for you to ask the person present all the details of the drug which are necessary to know along with the time gap that is necessary to be kept between the periodic consumption of the drug on a daily basis.

This medication can be taken by mouth, by injection into the muscle or into the vein. It is up to your physician to give you all the details as to when to take the medicine and when to not though it is a general concept to take this medicine a little while before eating your morning meal so as to have a direct effect on the acid build up in your body. Injection to the muscle or to the vein must be done with utmost care and is quite necessary to take the help of a professional if you do not know exactly what to do for fear of harming yourself physically in any way.


When suffering with Duodenal ulcer it is very necessary to take an evening  Zantac dosage before bed for the maximum results as the drug requires time in order to help reduce acid reflux in the body so as to help clean out the ulcers and help reduce the effects caused by the issue. You can take a Zantac 150 mg oral dosage twice a day or a 300 mg dosage once a day preferentially after dinner and before bed so as to let the drug act in the manner that is required. When taking the drug via a parenteral format always try and maintain a 50 mg IV or IM every 6 to 8 hours for the maximum results. A continuous IV infusion may be administered as well at the rate of 6.5mg/hour over 24 hours for the maximum results but this should preferably be used only during critical situations.

When suffering with issues relating to Dyspepsia then it is always better to take a 75 mg oral based intake once daily for the best results. the dosage may be increased to 75 mg twice daily and should only be stretched on for a period of 14 days if you are self medicating after which it is very necessary to get the help of your personal physician if the issues still persist. Ranitidine is a drug that helps to fight a number of issues all relating to gastric problems and each  issue requires a separate dosage which is also directly related to your body as no two bodies are the same. Therefore in order to get a definitive dosage on the issue that you face if not listed above get in touch with your general physician so as to get the answers you need though the internet is a pretty decent informational medium for all your requirements.


When taking a pill of Zantac never break or smash the pill thus reducing the impact of the medication. It is very necessary that at the time of medication that you stick to the periodic period of intake for the best results as ulcers or acidity is a recurring problem that may come back if you stop the medication suddenly. Always try and intake this medication with a full glass of water and stick to the timings of intake for the best results. When administering the medication via injection in vein or in muscle it is very necessary for you to firstly be extremely careful not to affect the area of injection by mishandling and secondly to administer the right amount of medication in order to avoid over dosage which is a possibility when using this method of administration.

There are no known side effects that may occur when taking this medication during pregnancy making it a completely safe environment for you and your child to help deal with acidity on a normal basis without affecting the growth and development of your child in any way.


Medicines are well known to react at times with one another to create heavy adverse side effects that may club together to concoct a new element of medication in our bodies which may not be a suitable cause for your body thereby once again stirring up the inconvenience. Therefore it is very important at all times to inform your doctor about your entire medical history before using any drug for any issue that you might be facing.

Zantac has very strong interactions with some of the most well known drugs in the medical industry so it is very necessary for you to stay cautious at all times when using this drug. Some of the drug interactions of Zantac are Quinine, Bupropion, Aripiprazole and even headache medication of various varieties. Zantac may also have adverse affects when using multivitamins with minerals such as Vitamin A, E, K and D. When you find that you are facing issues with taking the medication as there are side effects that occur the smart thing to do is stop the medication and visit your physician immediately for alternative methods of dealing with the issue such as reduction of dosage or alternative means of taking any other similar medication that will give you the same results if necessary.


There are a few Ranitidine side effects that you must always look out for when taking any sort of medication and even with Zantac there are side effects that may affect you as mentioned above no two people are the same so it is always better to have all the information necessary before carrying out the intake of any medication.

  • Blurred vision: Zantac quite commonly causes blurred vision at times which can be easily controlled by reducing the dosage of the medication.
  • Hair loss: Zantac may cause a chemical imbalance in the body at times due to over dosage which is why it is very necessary for you to maintain the regulated dosage at all times.
  • Skin rash or Hives: can also be caused at times due to a chemical imbalance in the body. It is better to take the advice of your physician at this time.

Using Zantac is a boon to the stomach as it very naturally helps you to fight against acid build up which is the direct result of ulcers and other diseases which can be very problematic in your future.