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Rabeprazole (Aciphex) – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

In between the need to complete everyday tasks and having to balance life in a shrewd view, the people in the present generations are all some way or the other tied up with possibilities of tightly packed schedules and on time routines. For an office man his responsibility lies in keeping his job workface tidy so even at social party gatherings he is on top of his game. For the child, the after school football games are now being replaced by video games and study burden and much like this the housewife too is being cluttered with more work than ever. At around this time, a heavy nutritional meal for each ad everyday is simply not a possibility to explore. Often in between quick runs, you can end up rushing yourself to a single sandwich piece or just a health drink to keep you running for the rest of the day.

these abnormalities in the important meals often lead to problems of the stomach, a prominent one being acidity or the increase in acid in your system. hence to tackle this problem, of course we have come up with a solution, a medicinal drug that goes by the name aciphex.


The generic name for this drug is rabeprazole but it goes under the brand name aciphex where the main aim of this particular drug is to contain problems or troubles in the stomach and esophagus region.  The acid in your stomach which definitely is not helpful for your body would at the end of the day also end up damaging your esophagus that is connected to the stomach. This drug works by containing or limiting the acid level within your stomach and prevents it from coming back upwards through the esophagus which is when your body’s excess acid production will be kept within the requirement, thereby allowing you to get out of situations such as acid reflux, heart burns, esophageal cancer, ulcers and so on.


Acidity even at the base level can be quite disturbing, hindering your everyday mundane activities possibly each and every day. this is why we have handpicked this medicine out of the lot to help you treat acid increases in your stomach. The rabeprazole actually contains or limits the growth of acid in the stomach. Often there is a muscle that seperates the diaphragm and the chest with the stomach and in cases of excess acid reflux, this muscle can move above the diaphragm thereby exposing the esophagus to the acid which may travel backwards through the pipe causing burning sensations and heart burns. Restricting the acid production in the stomach, rabeprazole uses the benefits to keep away acidity problems.

  • Acid reflux: as mentioned before excess acid in the stomach can be contained using this medication where it restricts the growth of excess acid and therefore maintains a perfect balance in your system.
  • Ulcers: excess acid may often result in ulcers, be it in the stomach or the intestine. These ulcers can be treated with rabeprazole where you can use a daily dose to keep the ulcerous conditions in check.
  • Esophagus problems: as the muscle forces itself upwards, the direct connection to the esophagus allows acid to travel back upwards and therefore we come to the point where we with difficulty can even face esophageal cancer conditions. This can be contained using benefits from this medicinal drug.
  • Heartburns: heart burns are indirectly a result of acidity where discomfort and burning sensation may persistently bother you. you can treat heart burn situations too using this medication.


Your doctor will recommend to you the rabeprazole dosage that you would require but only after some considerations. This medicine is used for treatment of both adults and children which is essentially the doctor has to work out an appropriate dose based on age, weight and medical attention, i.e. the intensity of the disorder based on which your requirement will be judged.

The aciphex medicine is to be taken orally as a daily dose based on your doctor’s recommendation. Usually you can avail this medicine in a pill or capsule form which too will be decided by your doctor itself. if you are going for over the counter medicines, consult your pharmacist on the dosing style and unit. Usually in case of the pill or the capsule, we would suggest you to gulp it down straight with a glass of water instead of breaking, chewing or biting down on the medicine. That way the inactive ingredients are spilled and collaborated which increases overdosing effects and can be detrimental.

Often you can use this pill or capsule along with a glass of apple juice or in our yogurt or morning milk but never crush the medicine, simply swallow it whole using the liquid content of your choice. However, diet sodas, fizzy drinks and alcohol is not an option.

Also if you are taking it with food, make sure there is at least an hour’s difference before or after the meal so that the meal and the drug doesn’t mix up. Also, never lie down immediately after consuming this medication.


Based on your doctor’s recommendation you would be suggested the proper dosage unit along with the time interval for each medicine and the subsequent necessary information. Usually your doctor would recommend you the dosage after some evaluations like your age, weight and even the medical requirement is taken into consideration. If there are any test results handy, that too is taken into account.

If you are a beginner to this category of medicine, it is best that you use the lowest effective dose as a starting point so that your body can get used to the introduction of a foreign element. With time if the results are not showing improvement, you may increase the dosage on your doctor’s recommendation. Usually the course for the dosage is ranged between 4 to 8 weeks based on the intensity or the requirement.

The usual adult dose for any sort of ulcerous condition is levied at 20mg where a rabeprazole 20mg tablet can help you treat duodenum ulcers and gastric ulcers. You can also use a rabeprazole sodium tablets for duodenal ulcers. An aciphex 20mg tablet or capsule can also be a daily dose for an adult suffering with gastroesophahgeal reflux disease or simply acid reflux problems. Take the 20mg every day after the morning meal.

That was the adult dose, the dose for the pediatrics being 5mg oral capsule which can be increased to 10mg. this too is a daily dose for children below 15kg , the 10mg being appropriate for children weighing above 15. Usually the doses are kept for 4-8 weeks but for the child the essentially low dose can be continued for 12 weeks only after doctor’s guidance has been taken into account.


Even though the effects on a newborn infant is not yet stabilized, if you are pregnant it is for the best of both the mother and the baby that you prevent yourself from consuming this medication. As a pregnant lady, the drug may pass onto your breast milk which would harm the new born or it may actually cause damage to the baby even before its born.

Also, these medicines fall under the category of proton pump inhibitors which are known to cause damage to bones so if you have problems like osteoporosis this medicine may cause fatal reactions. Also, elders or senior patients are advised against it and if the necessity is tremendous, make sure your consume bone strengtheners like potassium or calcium tablets as well.

The rabeprazole tablets may cause many side effects, a list of which has been given later on. Always keep an eye out on that front and in case of any heavy side effect, simply revert back to your doctor.


Interaction with other medications usually means two drugs, separate or same in category may stir up problems when in contact with each other which may lead to subsidiary side effect problems. This is why it is always essential that you furnish a list of your medical history and medicine intake list to your doctor so that he can judge the condition before prescribing this to you.

Usually allergy medicines react a lot with PPI drug categories and therefore should be avoided. The same can be said for antibiotics or herbal medicinal cures. However, an antacid with this medication may not be a problem. Often may medicines use the stomach acid to absorb themselves into the system and the decrease in this may hinder in the path of that particular medication, so consult your doctor regarding the risks of continuing other medications.


Side effects are common for every drug, no matter how friendly or amiable it is. Powerful drugs often come with a list of side effects and it is here that we want to determine whether to make the best of the situation or not. Usually a side effect occurs in the event of introduction of a new substance to your body which is the drug. the body requires a base minimum time for you to get used to it and within that period, the side effect may also be as a result of an allergy telling you your body is incompatible.

For some the side effects are quite natural and may go unnoticed while for the most parts, these side effects are loud and may cause disturbance or turbulence, possibly more than the original illness that is being treated. Immediately consult your doctor in such cases. Given below is a list to some of those common side effects.

  • Headache and stomach cramps: rabeprazole side effects may include head ache similar to sinus problems along with stomach cramps or abdominal pains. At the slightest, these issues can be overlooked but if the pain persists and increases over time, this should be considered a concern more than anything.
  • Seizures: seizures can occur but only at serious cases where seizures are mainly looked upon at as withdrawal symptoms. If your body gets used to this drug, the sudden lack of this may cause withdrawal symptoms in the form of seizures or convulsions.
  • Heart palpitations: irregular heartbeats are not so common but would definitely account for a serious side effect. Heart palpitations may occur with series of nervousness or constant increase in heart beat.
  • Difficulty in bowel movements: stool or mucous in your stools is yet another form of side effect. The mucous may be a problem or a concern, but the blood in the stool is definitely something you should keep an eye out on.
  • Breathing difficulties: shortness of breath may occur as a side effect where suffocation or wheezing may consist along with persistent heaviness in your chest. The tightness in the chest should not be ignored.
  • Weight loss and soreness: weight loss is one of the most common side effects and along with this soreness of tongue may occur.  The weight loss to some extent can be okay but if it rapidly sheds the pounds off you, you need to be extra careful. Consult your doctor immediately in case of that.

Acidity problems are often too common in nature which is exactly why there has been days when the heart burn has gotten the better of you and as you tried on one medicine after the other, we have come up with a better way to deal with these extra acids crowding up in your stomach and that too at a considerably permanent rate.

The aciphex also going by the name rabeprazole is the drug in highlights today with this medicinal drug working wonders for our acid reflux and esophageal problems.