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Pregabalin (lyrica) – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

It is a fast paced world that we inhabitants currently live in right now, with each passing day speaking of tight schedules and no play all work plans racing to finish themselves before something new comes up. It is definitely hard for people in the current days to take time out for themselves and actually put a keen eye towards health. Each and any problem that a person faces is often overlooked due to pressure or just completely ignored. At this a simple medicine thanks to the modern day world would definitely be the long wanting savior who eliminate your problems right away. The present day medication systems have come up with such advanced and well fool proof drugs that these medicinal drugs actually help you tackle not only the problem at hand but also other subsidiary problems that may arise alongside. One such drug is the pregabalin which goes under the brand name Lyrica.

This is primarily a nerve pain relief drug where the chemicals in your system through this medicine is altered thereby reducing numbness or pain in the nerves probably caused by situations like shingles or diabetic pain. this medicine can also be used to treat conditions like fibromyalgia which is an extensive body and muscular pain that stiffens the fibers and sinews and makes muscle movement hard due to extreme pain. even neuropathic pain caused by severe spinal cord injury can be treated using this prescription drug. The generic name for this drug is Pregabalin and it’s usually sold under a brand name drug called the Lyrica as mentioned before. Now lyrica, is a medicine type that is also anti-convulsant in nature thereby allowing you to control your sudden seizures or convulsions. The drug once again mixes in the chemical compounds and works it magic all the way up but to know more about the working mechanism let’s look into the next segment, the benefits.



Our system is made up of flesh and mass along with which there are fine miniscule sinews, nerves and tissues that are channeled or directed by certain chemical compositions in our system. These are called neurotransmitters that pass on impulses or messages from the brain straight to the point of destination and here on the occasion of pain impulses, the drug mentioned here, pregabalin works by altering the chemical compositions in the brain thereby causing a disruption in the impulse sending. The same can be said for these convulsions which work the same way thereby causing a system obstruction and preventing the message from being carried out. The benefits to this drug can be listed as:

  • Diabetic pain situations: the rise in sugar levels in the body is mainly deemed to be the cause for diabetes where this high blood sugar often is known to cause neuropathic nerve pain in your system. These nerve pains are not common and once it occurs it is irreversible. The main reason for the arrival of the nerve pain is blamed on the high body glucose and using the pregabalin medicine you can now deal with these pain situations in a much better way.
  • Convulsion relief: this is anti epileptic in nature in the sense that it prevents convulsions from arising. The chemicals in your body acts as a bridge carrying out the order from the brain but with these drugs in the system, the chemical composition is altered just a bit so that the impulse carrying the convulsion order cannot reach its destination thereby preventing seizures from occurring.
  • Fibromyalgia cure: fibromyalgia or the skeletal muscular pain too can be cured using this drug as a medicine. The pain impulses from the brain reaches straight to the muscle pressure points causing the sensation of the pain to arise. In this case once again the pain impulses can be obstructed thereby controlling or lessening the pain in the muscles.
  • Nerve pain due to shingles sorted: shingles is a type of skin liaison where much like the painful rashes in a chicken pox, a similar rash condition arises due to certain viruses. Now these viruses stay dormant in your system for a long time and may often slowly pass into the nerve where it causes the nerve pain situation to arise.
  • Spinal cord injury taken care of: this section also includes spinal cord injury situations which once again causes nerve pain and disruption in the nerves thereby controlling the painful situations with ease.


    Before the doctor prescribes anything to you, it is of paramount importance that some facts should be evaluated like your age, weight, medical requirement and the laboratory tests if there is any. Based on these evaluations it is the doctor’s responsibility to tell you about the current dosage unit, the consumption method and even the time intervals in between should be calculated.

    This medication is strictly to be taken by mouth with or without food as prescribed to you by your doctor. Usually it is always advised that you keep a good one hour distance in between the meal and the medicine whichever comes first. You can avail this medicine in the form of an oral suspension in case of which you need to carefully shake the contents in the bottle prior to use and store it at room temperature. Always use a measuring cup or a measuring spoon to calculate your dosage before consumption. There are pregabalin capsules which would usually be prescribed to you by your doctor based on the dosage. To start with never break or splice the capsule into half before consumption as the inactive ingredients within it may cause reactive consequences. Use a full glass of water to swallow the medicine in whole unless prescribed otherwise by your doctor.


    The doctor will prescribe to you the dosage required for your medical condition and the term for continuation. Your age, weight and significant demographics are considered before laying out the dosage.

    The doctor may prescribe to you the medication for twice or thrice a day based on the dosage weight and your body’s intake capability. This medicine needs to be consumed orally and it is best if you start with an initial dose for the beginners so that you can allow your body to get used to this problem. As you move longer into the course you can increase the dosage if the doctor prescribes you to do so.

    The initial dosage is usually set at 50 where lyrica 50mg can be used as base adult dose for nerve pain. The dosage 50 is often a bit too low and the results may show up much later than expected and hence the dosage for it can be increased to lyrica 75mg which is the common dose. The 75mg can be consumed twice a day with ample time interval and the 50mg dosages can be prescribed for three times each day thereby the total coming up to 150mg per day in segregated doses.

    For adult seizures, the base dosage can be lyrica 150mg which can be increased to 600mg at the maximum. For fibromyalgia the base dose is kept at 300mg but in case this dose is a bit too strong  for you, you can opt for lyrica 225mg for twice a day which would make 450mg as a total dose but with equal shares. Usually instead of consuming a heavy dose at one go, it is advised that you break your dose throughout the day into smaller portions no more than thrice.


    This drug often has a bad side effect, drowsiness which may hinder your everyday activities like driving or working around lethal or heavy machinery as pregabalin uses the chemical alteration method in your body. As a word of caution, it is therefore advised that you apprehend from taking the medicine and postpone the doses until you’re done with the activity or simply refrain from doing the activity whilst in your drowsy state.

    Even though pregnant women are usually advised against this medication, it is natural for you to consult your doctor regarding the continuation of the dose and if need be, smaller amounts with greater risks can be consumed during pregnancy.

    Since this drug gets well accumulated with your system after a certain point, if you suddenly stop taking this medicine, it would cause counter reactions. When the body feels the lack of the drug it can cause withdrawal symptoms like more severe convulsions and sudden fits. Also, if you are scheduled for surgeries anytime soon, make it a point to let your doctor or the surgeon know about you taking this medication and if need be the course can be disrupted or postponed until later.


    Many times a certain medication reacts or interacts with another medication that you were simultaneously taking or simply some other medication that still has remains in your system and they may react in a certain way thereby causing a certain side effect. It is therefore advised that you always furnish a full detail of your medical history to your doctor along with the medications used for treating it.

    Usually the allergy medicines come first in the list of reactions followed by medicines that are already prone to drowsiness or lethargy. Also any sort of benzodiazepine category drug or any heart medicine can or may react with this particular drug.


Side effects to a medicinal drug is quite common actually, the only difference being, at times these side effects may become too much of a hassle out doing the main illness symptoms. Side effects usually is a consequence towards the drug which for at times is a simple reaction owing to the introduction of a new foreign substance to your body or it may also be an allergic reaction owing to the fact that this drug is not compatible with the system. while some pregabalin dose may actually be negligible there may be some that actually causes loud side effect and therefore should carefully be evaluated and reported to the doctor. Given here are some of the most common side effects that may occur to you.

  • Edema but dry mouth: edema is a condition, a disorder if elaborated, where the body keeps retaining fluid in the cavities and tissues thereby causing subsidiary problems like rise in blood pressure. Excess body fluid retention would definitely be a clear sign as you would sense a feeling of bloating soon enough. Dry mouth along with this may persist.
  • Extreme fatigue with nausea: tiredness is one of the common pregabalin side effects where you may feel tiredness flushing over you along with which dizziness may persist too. Nausea too may arise as a form of beginner’s side effect and at times it may even result in vomiting.
  • Constipation and drowsiness: constipation is yet another form side effect but this is not entirely a serious concern as it can be curbed at the right time. However, drowsiness is a serious problem and should be taken seriously. Precautions and cautions should strictly be maintained.
  • Double vision or blurred vision: double vision is a disorder also known as diplopia. This may arise at the rarest of cases however, the problem of blurred vision may still be a persistent problem.
  • Hallucination and concentration difficulty: at this time yet another rare case side effect may be listed as difficulty in concentrating or focusing along with the heavy side effects including trouble in the chemical composition of the brain which in turn causes hallucinations or depression.

Nerve pain, muscular pain, spinal cord injury and even the odd one amongst them all, diabetes all direct you towards one single consequence, body pain. usually these pain situations are caused by the neurotransmitters transmitting the pain message to the brain and the main goal of the lyrica drug is to prevent the pain from taking over.