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Ondansetron (zofran) – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

A recent statistics based on a study conducted shows that today’s people, the people of this generation is more likely or more prone to diseases than the ones in previous decades. In fact, the study also states, the likeliness of contracting serious illness like cancer is also at a higher percentage with the pollution increasing manifold each day. with fuel consumption expanding slow and steady, it is quite natural that pollution in the air increases quickly. To back that up the farmers now resort to using pesticides and fertilizers that double the quantity and excuses the quality just to support the ever growing population and thus, this way we deal with land pollution in an indirect manner. Then there is water pollution with water level lessening with each passing year and amongst this the busy work and life schedule, the always on toes lifestyle have made us immune to a few anomalies which is why self and health care is often neglected resulting in a weakened defense system.


This is why right after a surgery, the weakened body may refuse to digest food resulting in nausea of the worst kind. After a harsh chemo therapy for the cancer patients, the already fragile system in your body goes through a lot of pressure which may result in repeated vomiting, persistent feeling of nausea and dizziness. Well, today’s topic encircles one such medicine that can be punched in with some other medicines or taken alone which would help you relieve the vomiting or nausea feelings. This is called ondansetron drug.

Even though the generic name for this drug is ondansetron, this drug will probably be popular by its brand name Zofran, where the main goal for this drug is to block the chemicals in the system that trigger functions or feelings of nausea and vomit right after your body has gone through a pressure situation like the ones mentioned above.


To start with the drug benefits section, here is a brief outlook into how exactly does this drug help cover up the nausea and vomiting tracks with such ease. The body is made of neurotransmitters that are small chemical bindings that group together to form a channel or  a bridge for information or feelings or emotions to be transferred from the brain to the destined body part where the feeling or emotion is induced and we feel the way we feel regarding it. there is a serotonin neurotransmitter present in your system which impresses the moods or the emotions and regulates it which is where the drug uses its strike.

The serotonin chemical right after a traumatic therapy would cause a brief rise in the nausea and vomit feelings triggering it to the maximum where the patient feels discomfort. The ondansetron uses this chance to trigger or regulate the emotion or feeling buildup of the serotonin from reaching its destination. This is when you can use this medication to treat the following:

  • Chemo therapy: a cancer patient knows best the perils of a chemo therapy that weakens you from within and destroys our inner immunity step by step. It is right after the chemo where you may feel the nausea setting in which is why you need to take this medication at least 30 minutes prior to the therapy taking place.
  • Radiation therapy: apart from chemo there are other powerful radiation therapies that a person has to subject to which breaks down and weakens the person tremendously. In this wake, you can use this medication say an hour to two prior based on the patient’s reaction to the radiation or the intensity of the therapy where so that the medicine can prevent the serotonin from inducing triggered feelings of nausea in you.
  • Post surgery: usually this is not so common, but for many, the weakened inner immunity may force nausea and vomit for a person who has just been through a surgery, possibly a serious one. At this time during the surgery prep, consult your surgeon so that he can drug you prior to the surgery and you come out feeling a bit weak but just fine.


The medication suggested to you would of course be doctor prescribed the dosage unit of which will be decided after some careful evaluation. Not every person reacts to therapies the same way. while some might be stronger on the inside the others really break down a notch. This is why the radiation reaction of the patient is considered before addressing this medication. Also, for a child the age and the weight matters along with the body’s capability of taking such a drug during distressed situation, especially for a child. Lab test results are also accounted for.

Your doctor will prescribe the apt ondansetron dosage and the with food or without food part can be consulted with the doctor itself. if prescribed in the tablet form, always take in the tablet with a glass full of water and be careful of the extended release tablet units as they are usually large and are used for a longer time spans. In case of an oral disintegrating tablet, carefully remove the medicine from the foil wrapping and place it in your tongue and as it disintegrates keep swallowing it instead of swallowing it later as a whole. Chewing or biting down even on a normal dosage tablet can lead to unexplainable over dosing effects as the inactive ingredients that make up the medication is now converging together all at once. Even for the oral suspension keep the medication dosage well measured with a proper measuring spoon or cup to avoid overdosing possibilities.


Ondansetron tablets should be consumed prior to the therapy commencement so that post therapy you can allow your body to use the benefits of the drug to control your triggers. Your doctor would be the judge of the medication dosage that is required and to back that certain considerations should be kept in mind like the age, weight and the medical requirement or the patient’s defense system and reaction these powerful therapies.

Usually for the children the dosage is kept lower than the full adult dosage but even for the ones that are just starting out with this medication, it is absolutely necessary that you opt for the lowest effective dose at the very beginning and slowly with the first dose showing ineffectiveness move on to a higher dose.

Usually the basic dose for an adult some time before the therapy is ranged at 24 mg which can be broken down into three segments with ondansetron 8mg tablets used thrice in intervals. the lowest effective dose however is zofran 4mg which is appropriate for children aged from 4 to 11 years old. With the age increasing and the child’s body weight and capability taken into consideration, the dosage can slowly be increased if required.

10ml spoonful is the oral suspension dosage which is equivalent to 8mg, the basic segmented dose for the adult in case you have opted for the liquid medicinal dose. The geriatric dose too is similar to the adult dose of 8mg but this time the dose should be kept a bit flexible, like 16mg in a day which is segmented into two so that reactions or overdosing possibilities can be contained if occurs.


This medication needs to be consumed before the therapies take place. In case of post surgery nausea for the weakened bodies going through a pressure time, use this medication on the prescribed unit exactly an hour before the surgery commences. Your surgeon will prep you accordingly. In case of chemo therapy, this medication needs to be taken 30 minutes before the therapy is started and for radiation therapy, a good one or two hour should be spaced in between the dosage and the therapy session.

If you are a heart patient, just know one of the side effects to this drug would be irregularities in your heartbeat which is when sudden heart palpitations and cold sweats may occur or the heart rate might suddenly drop. For a heart patient such irregularities are fatal and therefore should be consulted with the doctor.

Zofran for nausea may reduce your nausea feelings during your pregnancy period but continuing this medication throughout may prove detrimental since this drug passes onto the breast milk and may affect the new born post birth. Ondansetron in pregnancy therefore is risky.

Interaction with other Medications:

Interaction with other medications usually mean the drug prior existing in your system may react with this new drug and the two in contact with each other may stir up extra damage. Often the other drugs interacting with the current one may hinder the work process of the other drug.

Usually a liver patient consuming liver medicine is asked to consult their doctor regarding the usage of this medication. Since it causes irregularities in your heartbeat, a heart patient with a heart medication course too should avoid.

The herbal or the antibiotics from over the counter for common flu and cold should also be in the avoid list alongside allergy medicines which have a heavy effect on this drug once in contact. Hence, for smooth operation it is advised that you furnish a full medical history and medicine consumption list to your doctor or surgeon so that they can prep from before.


Every medication or drug comes with a new antibody or a foreign substance that when introduced in your body may cause un-likeliness for the body to simply adjust to it. Your body needs time to get used to this drug in your system and till then the body may keep showing side effects in order to gel with this drug well. Often at times the side effects may occur due to the reason of incompatibility that this drug may face with your body.

Side effects are quite natural and common for any drug but the effect of the side effect on the patient varies from individuals to individuals. Often for some, these side effects may not even be realized as it passes unnoticed and therefore without a concern but for the most parts it is natural that a side effect may react more havoc than the actual illness. It is never okay to harbor or encourage a side effect to grow which is why in this case we would ask you to immediately report back to the doctor.

  • Strict urination: urination frequency or the quantity may subject to decrease with at times the urine just being limited to dribbling. A slight foul or musky smell may accompany this and at worst cases burning sensation may persist. Consult your doctor in serious cases.
  • Confusion and shortness of breath: confusion, lack of focus or concentration along with shortness in breath and tightness in the chest are ondansetron side effects.
  • Fever: a slight fever with soft body pain and muscle cramps followed by a cold chill running down the spine may be one of the most common side effect, especially since your body is fragile at this stage.

Even though serious disorders like cancer cannot be treated with much ease, the process for the treatment often comes with heart sickening side effects. Like right after a huge chemo therapy not only will you risk the chances of losing your hair, but also have to deal with persistent vomiting feels or nausea if not downright vomiting which prevents you from continuing the day with ease and comfort.

This may hinder your eating habits as such too and this is why in this article we have brought to you this medical drug that assists you in helping you control these triggers, the best way possible.