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Naproxen (aleve) – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

Fast paced and always in a rush, the world at the present day is indeed a ball of stress and tension as everyone involved in it is either busy getting their schedule together or is simply focusing on their already tightly packed schedule rendering personal care times useless. Neglecting personal care and procrastinating until something really serious shows up, usually these situations can be related with small pain situations like an abdominal cramp due to heavy menstruation or a shooting pain at the small of the back or simply just arthritic conditions preventing you from taking long evening walks. In situations like this we usually just would walk off the pain by popping in a pill on the go to get instant relief instead of waiting to wear out the pain and therefore here in today’s article we have one such pill that can help you from recovering from mild to mediocre painful situations. The name of this prescription medicine is aleve drug.

Although this drug is sold under the brand name Aleve, the generic name for this drug is naproxen. The other brand names where you can avail this drug from is naprelan mediproxen, anaprox etc. this drug is strictly a non steroidal pain reliever that falls under the NSAIDs drug category. The breakdown of NSAID would be non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs much like the common pain medicine ibuprofen. This prescription drug falls under the same category as ibuprofen where the drug prevents the buildup of the pain by killing or preventing the enzyme from producing and along with the pain, the drug ensures the inflammation or the irritation is soothed much in the same process by handling the pain or inflammation causing chemicals tactfully.

Some of the situations that can be controlled using this drug can be recognized as common cold pains, fever body pains, menstruation pain, arthritis chronic or not, head or sinus aches, periodontal or tooth problems etc.



Before we move on to the benefits of this drug, let us take a look into exactly how this drug works its magic on us. Our body is consisted of minute neurotransmitters that bridge communication between the brain and the rest of the body parts. The brain sends in the message and the transmitters alter the chemical composition for themselves thereby carrying out the message by order. On ordering a certain procedure, the brain produces hormones or enzymes that would cause the procedure to continue and it is here that medicines like Aleve help us curb the problem. Naproxen uses its benefits to control the production or regulation of the chemical compositions and hormones that would if allowed cause the pain and inflammation. By preventing them from reaching its destination or fulfilling its mission, the pain and the inflammation in the body is controlled. The benefits can be listed in accordance to the parts where this drug shows prolific help.

  • Abdominal pain: abdominal pain can be caused not only ne menstrual problems in women but also because of digestive issues. Even in men, the rise in stomach acid level too may cause abdominal pain. Here in this section, you can use this drug to keep the abdominal cramps and pains in control.
  • Chronic arthritic pain: chronic arthritis is a strict pain in the bones that causes stiffness and swelling of the joints and therefore the whole affair can be quite painful. Therefore in this section too you can use this medicine for help.
  • Fever pains: normal fever situations too cause ugly body pain in the form of muscle pain in the arms or knee calves, back or spinal area and also on joints. Keep these in control using this medication.
  • Gout pains: gout can be defined as a form of arthritis where once again we may experience inflammation of the joints or the bone structure. Keep a naproxen handy and keep the gout pains away.
  • Toothache and gum pain: periodontal problems also known as gum pain would cause paining and bleeding as much as the toothache problems that too persist. Therefore, once again we can start with Aleve as a drug to help us cure this issue.
  • Muscle ache: muscular aching can also be added to this list where bad sleeping posture or awkward sitting positions may often cause bad muscular pain. Naproxen can be used for this too.


Your doctor will recommend to you the basic dosage unit for the medicine but before prescription, there are a few items that should be evaluated like the patient’s age, weight, medical requirement and of course their reaction as an individual to the medicine. Often if you are going for over the counter medicine, always consult a trusted pharmacist or simply read the patient’s information form carefully before usage.

A naproxen dosage is usually scheduled to be taken in by mouth and based on the intensity of the dosage you can break the dose down in one or two segments instead of taking it all at once. Usually taken in orally, you can avail this medicine in tablet or capsule form and even in the form of an oral suspension.  The medicine can be taken with food or without food but it is usually advised that you keep a good hour’s time in hand before moving on to the meal after the medicine. Also, do not lie down immediately after taking in the medicine especially in the case of oral suspension.

if you are taking the tablet or the capsulated form of this medicine, please refrain from biting, chewing or breaking the medicine in half during consumption as this can be detrimental. Simply gulp it down using a glass of water and for the oral suspension, simply shake the bottle well and use a thorough measuring cup to measure the liquid well before intake.


While some naproxen medicine under different brand name is available at a general drug store for others you would require a strict prescription. Usually it is your doctor who prescribes to you the importance of the dosage along with the consumption technique and the intervals each dose requires.

It is usually of the best essence if you start with an initial or base dose which is small yet effective. If the results showing are not satisfactory you can ask your doctor and on your doctor’s approval can increase the dose. Never jump from a low dose to a high dose, always increase it just a little bit with each time.  The base adult dose for this medicine is kept at 250 where a naproxen 250mg tablet can help you deal with problems like spondilytis or osteoarthritis or even for rheumatoid arthritis. The base dose is quite low and therefore one can opt for 250mg tablets twice a day every day. This is an everyday dose and should be spaced with ample time in between.

For serious gout pain or tendonitis the dosage can be kept at a higher rate where say the initial dose starts from naproxen 500 mg to 550 mg range. This is essentially prescribed only for emergency situations and the dose should be segmented into twice or thrice to avoid over dosing at once.

For the geriatric dose, the base dose is kept at 220mg and this can be increased up to naproxen 375mg.


Usually these pain relief drugs are strictly recommended by the doctor only on emergency occasions when it comes to child bearing situations. However, in this case, this drug not only passes on its effects to the mother’s milk thereby indirectly affecting the unborn, it also makes way for rising risks of miscarriage.

One of the side effects pertaining to this medicinal drug is the feeling of drowsiness which is why an important word of caution goes to handling these situations like driving or working under heavy lethal machineries. Drowsiness should either be attended to or the medicine intake should be postponed until in a secure area. This medication also makes you overly sensitive to the sun which is why you may feel heightened sense of sun burn or heat patches in scenarios of high sun exposure.

Yet another side effect to this medicine can be in the form of miniscule internal bleeding which is why alcohol or nicotine intake at around this time is seriously prohibited. This may or may not increase the risks of rising internal bleeding which is detrimental to health.


A naprosyn tablet may interact with subsidiary medicine or drug that is present in your system thereby causing a cocktail of drugs that are usually impacting a negative effect on your system. this is why in this situations, it is quite amiable of you, if you as a patient simply flourish your medical history to your doctor along with the possible medicines taken so that your doctor can prescribe the best for you.

Usually allergy medicines react a lot with this medicine as does other NSAIDs such as ibuprofen. You cannot consume two drugs of the same category and escape over dosing effects. Also kidney or liver medicines need to be consulted with the doctor as does skin irritants.

Drinking alcohol while in the course of this medicine can be a bad choice since alcohol mixes with the water and acid compounds in the body and may cause fatal interaction once in contact with the medicine.


Side effects vary from one person to another. It is completely a singular endeavor and would not be the same for everyone. For some this side effect may be quite unnoticeable while for the others, it may be quite a serious event, even more than the actual illness itself. Usually side effects occur due to the introduction of a foreign substance in your body or simply because your body’s not compatible with it.  Here are some of the most common side effects that there is to this medication.

  • Indigestion and difficulty in breathing: naproxen side effects include heavy indigestion feelings along with belching or acidity. Along with this difficulty in breathing along with dry cough and wheezing may persist too.
  • Swelling and stomach pain: swelling and stomach pain may occur where the abdominal muscles may become painful and stiff. Along with abdominal pain, soft swelling may occur. Muscle swelling or joint swelling especially in the lower body may occur.
  • Patches in the skin: one of the less common side effects include small purple patches in the skin or occurrence of red rashes which may or may not be a painful affair.
  • Vision problem: vision problem may persist in the form of blurred vision or color perception problems along with double vision or light sensitivity.
  • Constipation and irregular heart beat: constipation or on the other hand diarrhea, either of these extreme situations may persist with which one can expect change in the color and consistency of your bowels. Heart palpitations or irregularity of heartbeat too may be an issue at this time.
    Nausea and appetite loss:  nausea may be a persistent problem along with appetite loss .
  • Anxiety or depression:  this side effect is extremely rare in nature and once it occurs, it can be quite a heavy effect to deal with. Often the chemical compounds in the system may go through some changes thereby causing anxiety attacks or panic and depression amongst the patient.

Often at times small time pain or stressed situations may often hinder your everyday ordeal much like a menstrual pain can prevent you from playing your favorite sport with ease whereas arthritis pain can simply prevent you from morning walks with the rest of the group. Other micro pain situations may include bad back pain due to wrong sleeping habits or simply stressed internal organs stirring up a pain. All these situations can be treated using this medicinal drug naproxen as a weapon.