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10 Best Mouthwashes for Cleansing the Mouth

Every other day you have to run to the doctors with a tooth ache or a gum bleeding problem. If that is not one of the main problems, pungent breath would surely cause a lot of nuisance and this is one of the many reasons why we have decided using mouthwashes can never go wrong. Even when you brush every morning, a mouth wash a day can keep all sort of dental problems at bay. Mouth washes not only help you keep your breath clean but is also a suitable and quick way to get rid of stuffed food or germs within your mouth. For those who are not yet sure of what this exactly is, mouth wash is a liquid often antiseptic or medicinal in nature which can be found in any of the commercial drug or medicinal place which can be used to simply cleanse and refresh your mouth. Often these medicines are analgesic in nature that can help you get rid of inflammation in the mouth and can aid you against periodontal or teeth pain.



  • Benefits include cleansing your mouth
  • Protecting your teeth from plague buildup or germs
  • Provides all day protection while keeping your breath refreshed and clean
  • Periodontal or gum problems such as tender gums or bleeding gums can be controlled too.

Being anti bacterial and anti fungal in nature these mouth washes also help you numb the pain whilst cleansing the mouth and here we start with one of the most important list of some of the best mouth washes that we can avail in the commercial market.

Colgate Plax Mouth Wash, Sensitive:

mouthwashes-Colgate Plax

Decked in a pink bottle, Colgate is one of the most trusted dental brands that we has been around forever now and here we present one of the best mouthwashes straight from the house of Colgate called Plax which is especially designed for sensitive teeth and tender gums. Easy on your mouth, this keeps the mouth clean and the insides germ free. This is alcohol free and removes cavity possibilities too.

Listerine Cool mint Mouth Wash:

mouthwashes-Listerine Cool mint

Gum and teeth diseases like gingivitis or cavity or tenderness and sensitivity of teeth can be tackled using this miracle mouth wash from Listerine.  Antiseptic in nature, this would help you get rid of germ and plague buildup while keeping your breath minty cool and refreshing.  A two minute dental rinse can keep you protected for the next 24 hours. Get all day protection from this dental rinse.

Listerine Cavity Fighter Mouth Wash:

mouthwashes-Listerine Cavity Fighter

Here is yet another of the best mouthwash once again by Listerine and this time it specifies its action sequence as a tough cavity fighter. This is an anti cavity fluoride medicine that shields the teeth with a protective veil and prevents cavity formation or plague buildup throughout the day. this provides a 24 hour support from cavity and germ accumulation.

Orajel Anti-Bacterial Mouth Wash:

mouthwashes-Orajel anti-bacterial

Here is one of the best mouthwash for bad breath, this time by the company Orajel. This is antibacterial in nature and is an expert in protecting your bleeding gums that are victimized by gingivitis or other such germ buildup problems. The boon to this mouth wash is the cool minty taste that leaves you feeling refreshed and nurtured.

Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection Mouth Wash:

mouthwashes-Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection

Packaged in a professional looking blue bottle Crest this time has brought yet another best Pro- Health  mouth wash which is multi action and provides a cool refreshing minty after taste. Apart from bad breath problems, this is anti-plague and anti-fungal in nature and helps keep mouth clean and germ free along with cleansing and whitening your teeth.

ACT anti Cavity Mouth Wash:

mouthwashes-ACT anti Cavity

The name says it all, as the anticavity fluoride mouth wash from ACT is dentist recommended and helps fight germs and plague build up with much ease. Here’s how to use mouthwash to keep mouth germ and bacteria free. A 2 minute rinse and gargle in the morning followed by spitting it out is all that’s required.

Scope Classic Original mint Mouth Wash:

mouthwashes-Scope Classic Original mint

Scope is yet another mouth wash brand that allows you to keep a fresh breath whilst combating germ, plague and other periodontal problems. This mouth wash comes with a minty flavor and takes up only a few minutes of your time.

Dessert Essence Tea Tree oil Mouthwash:

mouthwashes-Dessert Essence Tea Tree oil

Tea tree is known for its medicinal herbal properties and would make a great addition since it is anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti- inflammatory in nature. This would keep your mouth germ free and absolutely refreshed as the spearmint and tea tree oil protects your mouth.

Sensodyne ProNamel Mouth Wash:

mouthwashes-Sensodyne ProNamel mouth wash

A perfect solution for the ones who constantly suffer from bad breath and sensitive gums, Sensodyne ProNamel mouth wash which aids against enamel erosion while fighting off tough gum bleeding and plague accumulation.

Colgate total Gum Health Mouth Wash:

mouthwashes-Colgate total gum health mouth wash

Here is yet another mouthwash for bad breath from the house of the very trusted Colgate. Colgate total gum health not only provides a refreshing fragrance to your mouth but also helps keep your gums healthy and clean.

Mouthwashes Side Effects:

Side effects pertain to everything. Much like the flip sides to a coin, side effects cannot be eliminated. Much like the pros the cons exist too. However, for some the side effects are rather negligible hardly appearing if possible but for the others the side effects are a bit too tough and may cause problems. Given below we have listed some of the best mouthwash side effects that you should be keeping an eye out on.

  1. Denture problems: dentures on while risning your mouth is a bad idea since the chemicals slowly erode the dentures and may weaken it within no time.
  2. Staining of teeth: often the chemicals in the system would definitely be hard on your teeth if you keep using them on a overboard level. Often mouth washes use chlorhexidine which on repeated contact may make white teeth brownish. Therefore always use a teeth whitening mouth wash if possible.
  3. Incompatibility: the mouth wash of your choice may or may not be compatible with your system and therefore it may cause a faint burning sensation in your mouth or any sort of such discomfort.
  4. Dysgeusia: the term Dysgeusia usually means a temporary change in the taste buds that alter your taste and may cause frequent alteration in your taste. This is however not permanent but if it persists for too long it is better if you consult a doctor.
  5. Child safety: often children are allowed to use mouth wash only under the supervision of an elder since the mouth washes are never to be swallowed after rinsing and doing so may be fatal to your health.
  6. Teeth erosion: even though this is a rare case, if you have a past of tooth sensitivity or weak enamel problems, strong chemical induced mouth washes would often cause teeth enamel erosion making the teeth weak even though it keeps your mouth fresh and healthy.
  7. Lack of appetite: documented cases have been noticed that often people who use mouth washes have increasingly realized that their appetite is being affected. This can be primarily the cause of the chemicals or the fluoride that is constantly present in the mouth washes.
  8. Oral cancer: usually these mouth washes often contain a heavy dose of chemicals which even though are mouth friendly may or may not increase the possibilities of you consuming oral cancer. Usually there have been rare cases when mouthwashes would result in such a dire condition. However, this is still the case  that has been doctor approved and therefore often it is consulted to keep the usage at its minimum.

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