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Metoprolol (toprol XL, lopressor) – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

The way our body works is indeed a superb mechanism where the smooth operation of the internal parts pertaining to our body makes sure we live a healthy and wise life. However, with the present day work pressure and constant tightly packed schedules to be maintained, it is quite possible that amongst the hustle and bustle, you may miss out on the prominent health care checkups thereby often neglecting the regular checkup of your internal organs. This can also be blamed on not only the heavy schedules but also predominantly on the food or lifestyle. Rather than a nutritional home cooked meal, the most of the crowd would usually go for a fast or quick paced meal routine, probably a canned soup or a frozen meat meal. This is why problems like cholesterol and high blood pressure often can be seen much more prominent in this generation than before.  However, to tackle these problems we have therefore taken assistance of modern day medication any day and every day and once such fantastic medicine is metoprolol.

The metoprolol is a prescription drug that is considered a beta blocker where it prevents situations like hypertension to prevail. Hypertension means high blood pressure situations when the blood vessel walls narrow down causing restriction in free blood flow. The metoprolol drug  is the generic name for the drug but it is usually sold under the brand names lopressor and toprol xl.  Apart from tackling your hypertension problems, here in this segment we shall also list some other benefits that this medicinal drug may help us out with. To start off, with the prevailing high blood pressure symptom in control, this medication can help you deal with lowering risks of sudden cardiac arrest prior to which one might experience chest pains also known as angina pain. This too can be treated using this particular medication.



Before we move on to the benefits of this medication, here’s how the body actually works causing the problematic situations to follow. The blood gurgling through our body travels through a passage way, the empty blood vessels and arteries being the canal that allows the free flowing blood to flow. However, due to situations often these blood vessels, the muscles more over start contracting thereby making a hindrance for the blood to freely travel. With a pressure being build up, the situation high blood pressure this forms and the heart experiences less blood transaction and thereby may encourage attack risks. Metoprolol uses the lowering heart rate trick where the heart rate is lessened just a bit so that smooth blood pumping may follow. At the same time, metoprolol also ensures your blood vessel muscles are relaxed thereby making enough space for the blood to freely flow. Here are some the shortcomings that this drug may help you overcome.

  • Angina pains: angina pains are usually in a much simpler term recognized as chest pains, the heavier kind which is actually an oncoming sign of an attack scheduled to occur. The angina pain if frequent is often seen as a cardiac arrest hint and therefore suppressing it or containing it is quite an important factor. Here we can use the metoprolol drug to keep the pain within means.
  • Hypertension: going back to the root cause of why this medication is widely used. To treat high blood pressure. This medicine as mentioned before aids free flowing of blood thereby diminishing pressure that builds up when the vessels contract. This drug ensures the vessel muscles are relaxed while the heart pumping rate is slow to aid normal pressure.
  • Cardiac issues: apart from angina pain, this medicine also helps you combat sudden heart attack risks. Even if you have already been a victim to an attack, chances of yet another attack is quite common for you which is when the medicine proves its worth by putting a defense shield against these sudden arrests.
  • Migraine check: migraine headaches can be quite detrimental with unbearable writhing agony followed by blinding flashes and jittery nerves. All this can be controlled just by using a daily dose of this medication.
  • Hyperthyroidism: this is a condition that prevails in the human body where the over reactive thyroid glands often proceeds to produce more than required thyroid hormones which releases itself in the blood stream. This particular situation can be prevented with the metoprolol drug.


Your doctor will prescribe to you the perfect dosage and the intake method along with the basic time intervals within each dosage. However, prior to mention it is of utmost importance that you maintain a few evaluation checks like the age or your weight should be considered important. Also, if any test results are present that part should be evaluated too.

This is a daily medicine and should strictly be kept according to the dose unit prescribed. Usually it is beneficial if you intake the medicine at the same time each consecutive day. a metoprolol dose usually is advised to be taken with a meal or right after a meal but if your doctor prescribes otherwise, follow his guidelines.

You can avail this is in the oral suspension form where you need to carefully shake the bottle before usage. Do not use a household spoon but instead keep a professional measuring beaker or a tube handy to measure your dose. If you are using the extended release  tablets or capsules never break, chew or bite down on these but instead simply use a glass of water to gulp it down strictly. However, at times your doctor may prescribe you to cut the medicine in half. do not split the medicine in your mouth but do it separately and once done consume the other half immediately on the next dose.


To start with, your doctor will jot down the dosage required based on your age and weight and of course your medical requirements and evaluations. To start with, it is essentially important that you start with a smaller dose and move on to a higher dose if the results are not satisfactory. That way if you are a beginner to this medication, your body will get an allowance period to get used to this drug in your system.

Follow the medication guide thoroughly and never go over with the dose unless officially prescribed. Also, it is important that you keep maintaining regularity. The base dosage unit for this is metoprolol 25 mg. if these are extended release tablets, then 25mg is the perfect dosage to start with once a day dose limit. The maximum the dosage can go is metoprolol 100mg which is a high dose and should be segmented into at least twice a day dose for a regular intake routine. This is an adult dose for hypertension relief and the maintenance dose for this can be kept up to 400mg.

Metoprolol xl can be used for angina pectoral pains and this dosage at the basic rate starts with metoprolol 50 mg. this is a daily dose with twice a day consumption and the dose can be increased to 100mg.  the same dosage unit can be set for myocardial infarction or the dose can be started at metoprolol 75mg. but please ensure that each dosage has an ample time limit, say at least a 6 hour gap between each other.


as a precaution it is important that you realize drugs this strong may often cause withdrawal symptoms. If your body is used to this drug on a regular basis, suddenly stopping this drug may cause counter reactions like seizures, convulsions and sudden fits. This is why it is necessary that you keep lowering the dose if you intend on stopping. But if you are using this drug to treat hypertension do not stop the drug but continue even after you feel well.

If you are pregnant, consult the situation with your doctor. Such heavy medications often are known to pass onto the unborn via the mother’s milk and may cause detrimental damage to the unborn. This is why it should clearly be used only on emergency. Also, a side effect to this drug is drowsiness which is why place your dosages in such intervals that you can avoid damage done to excessive sleepiness. Driving a car or being around heavy lethal machinery may not be a good idea therefore carefully place your dosage and maintain the time consecutively.

If you are scheduled for a surgery any time soon, let your surgeon know about your medicine intake.


Interaction with other medications usually means the current drug when in contact with another drug may form a cocktail and may create fatal effects if they react. this is why it is always advised that you furnish a full medical history report to your doctor prior his prescribing and also give him a follow up on the non prescription medicines consumed. If you are going through a course of heart treatment medicine or medicine for diabetes, keep consulting your doctor regarding the status.

Allergy medicines also react a lot with these medications and therefore it is always of the best essence that you keep a tab on the medicines you consume. Alcohol or any other drug abuse during this time may also prove detrimental to your system.


Side effects are a common symptom in any sort of drug usage, the only difference being, some side effects may be unnoticeable while some may be a bit too loud. While some side effects may be quite painful the others would simply mean the medication is working well for you.

Usually a side effect occurs when the medicine is fresh to the system and your body let’s you know of the presence of this unknown foreign substance. For others, it may be a sign of incompatibility which is therefore a doctor’s concern. Here enlisted below are some of the common side effects that you may experience.

  • Dizziness and fatigue: this is one of the most common metaprolol side effects where the feeling of tiredness may be quiet persistent. Fatigue in the slightest form is still acceptable but for the most part, it is essential that you report excessive tiredness. Also the feeling of nausea or dizziness may prevail. Dizziness may be in the form of light headedness when you stand up suddenly from a seated position.
  • Irregular heart beat: metoprolol as mentioned before slows the heart rate just a bit to allow relaxed pumping and easy pressure but at times a weak heart may react fatally to this. Hence, senior people are often discouraged from using this medication to treat themselves.
  • Drowsiness: be careful of your daily activities as this medication causes feelings of drowsiness. Working under heavy machinery or driving is a strict no if you are taking this medication daily.
  • Swelling: swelling in the form of joint swells or face and palms, feet or neck swelling may persist. This is a rare symptom but may occur due to the body’s incompatibility to the dosage. Hence, you may either try lowering the dosage or consult the doctor regarding it.
  • Shortness of breath: this is yet another side effect where the patient may feel tightness in the chest along with wheezing and dry cough. The shortness of breath should not be ignored.

Even though the world now lives in a precarious manner, it is often unintended and as a result we face disorders quite often. This is why medicines like the metoprolol exist that helps us deal with situations. In a nutshell, the metoprolol drug is strictly a beta blocker which means this drug is exclusively used to treat angina or chest pains, increased risks for cardiac activities and of course the increased risks to high blood pressure.