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Meloxicam (mobic) – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

Keeping yourself fit and at the top of the heath is indeed something that one should keep a keen eye out on. With the passing days we have often noticed a pattern of illness where the disorders once only restricting themselves to the senior generations have now cropped up on to the younger scene. to some extent we can blame the present turn out, the globalization or urbanization that has made us change our simplistic lifestyle to something much more intense but for the major parts, it’s the decisions that we make for our lifestyle choices which are to be blamed. Much like weak appetite can be blamed on fast foods before office hours, the rampant arthritis cause can definitely be blamed on the various kinds of precarious high heels that we often flaunt around. However, thanks to the modern day medication, it is quite a possible cause for the present day to opt for a medicine much like the one in the spotlight today. This medicinal approach is called meloxicam drug.

Classified under the category of the NSAIDs these are non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, that is their analgesic nature is not backed by steroids but pain relieving is one of their most important assignment this drug looks after. Usually narrowing down the list to just arthritis, this pain medicine is especially used to treat arthritis and related disorders. This can be used for both adults and children which makes it a safe and secure dose for everyone. Even though the generic name of the drug is meloxicam, this drug is usually sold under the brand name mobic and is known to aid situations like chronic arthritis, rheumatic arthritis, osteoarthritis and even gout problems.  Gout can be recognized as a form or branch of arthritis that causes heavy inflammation and sudden painful attacks, much similar to the symptoms of arthritis itself.



Before we move on to the benefits of this drug, let’s have a look at how exactly the drug works its wonders. Our body is connected in various parts using neurotransmitters which are basically chemical bindings that work according to the brain, following the brains command. The brain addresses such hormone secretion the effect of which is then transferred into the chemicals which then conveys the message to the destination place. Prostaglandin is a type of such chemical that infuses inflammation redness and pain in our destined spot, i.e. the arthritic area and it is here that the benefits of the mobic drug comes to action.

The drug meloxicam creates enzymes in the system that blocks the production of these prostaglandin chemicals which in turn helps you deal with problems like inflammation of the joint, swelling, redness and such. The main focus of this medicine is to treat the arthritis and its various kinds. There is the common arthritis which is backed by extreme conditions called the chronic arthritis, then there is osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and of course  gouts which are a branch to the arthritis problems. All this is tackled by this drug simply by allowing the protective medicinal enzyme to block the chemicals that transmit pain and inflammation and by doing so, the medicine is actually helping keep constant pain and agony in control.

Muscle stiffness is also reduced along with the joint swellings thereby allowing to flaunt much younger joints with less pain and more ease.


Based in your medical requirement, your doctor will write down the details to your medication, like the dosage unit will be mentioned along with the consumption technique or the form of medicine to be taken and also the time interval between each dosage. It is necessary that you as a patient always stick strictly to the dosage guide allotted to you. if you are going for over the counter medicine, ask your pharmacist to brief you about the dosage or simply read the patient’s information form well.

The meloxicam dose usually is prescribed to be taken orally, by mouth that is. Start with the initial dose and if repeated stomach upsets occur, start taking this medication along with your meals instead of without them. However, if your doctor prescribes you otherwise stick to that routine and keep ample intervals in between each dose. Usually the doses are meant for once a day consumption but higher doses can be segmented into two parts.

There is the meloxicam tablet that needs to taken in with a glass of water. Do not bite down or break or chew these tablets since the inactive ingredients in such a condition may cause over dosing effects. Swallow the medicine whole with a glass of water. Then there is the meloxicam capsules the intake method of which is the same but the capsule and the tablet units of dosage varies therefore never jump from one form to another. The oral suspension is the liquid form which should only be taken after shaking the bottle well. Use a professional measuring dose to measure the liquid instead of household spoons or cups.

Do not immediately lie down right after taking this medication.


Before your doctor prescribes the dosage to you, there are certain things that need to be evaluated like your weight or demographics, your body’s compatibility or strength and of course the age. This medication is apt for both adult and pediatric doses and therefore should be prescribed according to the age. Your medical requirements, i.e. the intensity or the need for the medicine should also be guessed.

It is better if you start with an initial course, i.e. the base dose and then move on to the higher doses if the results are not that satisfactory. The basic unit is mobic 7.5 mg which is a base dose for the treatment of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. This is a daily dose scheduled to be taken once a day everyday at the same time interval. You can either avail the oral suspension form or the tablular form and a slight increase in dose can be taken up to 10 mg/ml. however, this too may be a low enough dose for some patients and they require a high analgesic dose to recover completely from their inflammation or pain. In scenarios like this the doctor may prescribe to you meloxicam 15mg which too is a daily dose.

The pediatric dose is highly based on the age and weight of the child that is being tended to with the dosage increasing as the weight and age increases. The base dose for this is kept at 0.125 mg/ml and it can be increased to a maximum of 7.5mg which is an adult base dose. The maximum dose for this medication can be kept at meloxicam 50mg.


Only use this medication if strictly required during pregnancy terms. Powerful drugs as such are often known to pass onto the mother’s milk through her and may indirectly affect the baby she harbors inside. It may also cause damaging effects to the baby and this is why it is of utmost importance that you maintain a strict routine and only consume it on need.

Also, if you are scheduled for surgery any time during the course of the drug, consult your doctor or surgeon regarding the continuation of this drug. One of the side effects to this drug is sensitivity where your skin becomes more sensitive than usual which would mean it usually causes more damage to sun exposure and hence precautions should be taken likewise. This word of caution also goes out for tanning booths or exfoliations and spa times that may tamper with the skin. Yet another side effect to this drug is the drowsiness or the feeling of sleepiness which is important in the case you are driving or working near lethal machinery.

Also, alcohol consumption during this period may cause internal stomach bleeding which is exactly something that we should avoid. Even the nicotine rush in your system should be kept in control as it may result in internal bleeding.


Powerful drugs often interact with one another. Interactions usually mean the medicine in your system may come in contact with yet another drug found within you and this too may gel up together to form a rancid side effect. At times the side effects are doubled because these two drugs don’t go well together. Amongst the famous, allergy medicines are strictly out of the question when you are using a NSAID classified drug. these pain killers react heavily with the allergy medicines. Also, any sort of kidney or liver medicines should be consulted with the doctor before continuing consumption.

Alcohol or any sort of drug abuse at this time would be detrimental for yourself so strictly avoid this. Also, never go beyond the prescribed meloxicam dosage as it can prove fatal along with over dose effects.


Side effects pertaining to each and every drug should be taken seriously. The common scene is such that often we mistake these side effects for the illness symptoms but either way in case of loud side effects always revert back to the doctor with the problem. While side effect for some is really negligible and does not amount to such a big deal, for the most of the crowd side effects can be a concern, especially if we are talking in pediatric terms. This is why in the wake of this event we have listed some of the common side effects to the meloxicam drug.

  • Abdominal pain and jittery nerves: abdominal pain may occur and along with it nervousness or jittery nerves may prevail too.
  • Fatigue and nausea: fatigue or tiredness is definitely inevitable and thus should not be a concern. However, fatigue in its highest form may cause day time sleepiness and nausea at times. Nausea may reflect in vomiting. Consult your doctor in this case.
  • Dizziness or drowsiness: dizziness from standing up from a sudden seated posture may be one of the most common side effects to this medication. Also, the feeling of drowsiness or light headedness along with it may persist so keep away from activities like driving or working under lethal machinery.
  • Increased skin sensitivity: skin at around this time becomes quite sensitive which is why extra precaution should be taken. Keep proper sun care along with you and refrain from waxing or exfoliation of the harsh kind.
  • Anemia symptoms: anemia symptoms may just be yet another meloxicam side effects. Please keep an eye out on the symptoms for it.
    Blood pressure rise and urine change: this medication can actually rise your blood pressure but in case you are already consuming a medicine for that cause, keep doctor’s consultation on the priority list. also change in urine may be experienced such as fogginess in urine, change in the color and urine may even have a foul smell.
  • Heaviness in chest: heaviness in chest actually means shortness of breath experienced in a slightly higher scale. Your chest might feel tight and congested always with sudden suffocation and difficulty in breathing being a persistent problem. Immediately get it checked by your doctor.

Arthritis is a common problem in the present day world where every other senior person not so inclined on the fit side would complain about swelled up knees and inflamed joints. what is more surprising to us is the constant rise of arthritis in the younger generations like athletes suffering from arthritis not only on the knees but the various joints that there is.

Then there are news that a juvenile faces arthritis problems which indeed baffles us and to tackle them all here we have the medicine, the meloxicam that would help us aid our pain from the very beginning.