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Top 10 Medicines to avoid Pregnancy

In the hustle and bustle of a busy life, a woman in the present days plays quite an important role in framing herself as an independent being. The journey of a woman from the beginning till now has been nothing but hard, where she has in every step put herself forth trying to match up to society’s eyes where she from the beginning was considered the inferior gender. Starting from the role of a home maker to a lady boss in her establishment, women now have branched into different sectors of the society where she now feels compelled to give her best to prove herself sufficient enough for her to be deemed independent. From pilots to construction site workers, a role of a woman in the present day word has been unmatched.

While she tackles her home and all the other sectors simultaneously, an untimely pregnancy at this time may push her a few steps back, especially when she was not ready to step into motherhood yet. The job of a mother indeed takes up a lot of careful time which in the present day, a busy woman may not want to subject to. Then there are mishaps that often occur and a perfect solution for times like this would simply be to pop in a pill to prevent the pregnancy from occurring. It is better to treat yourself at the very beginning than having to resort to guilty abortions later on. Given here is a list of some of the best pregnancy stop medicine that you can take a cue from.

I pill:

medicines to avoid pregnancy-I pill

I pill is probably one of the most famed pregnancy prevention medicine brought into the commercial market in 2007. Acquired by Primal in 2010, this is an emergency contraception pill that gives you a time frame of 72 hours after having unprotected sex.  It either works by preventing the egg to release in the ovary or else it may prevent the sperm from fertilizing the already released egg. In India, this remains one of the most common and easily acquired medicine to avoid pregnancy and can be bought over the counter from any nearby medical or drug store.


medicines to avoid pregnancy-Misoprostol

Misoprostol is the generic name of medicine to avoid pregnancy and is sold under the brand name cytotec. Apart from treating stomach ulcers and helping labor pains, this medication is teamed with mifepristone to put an end to your pregnancy. This can be regarded as an abortion pill for a 4 to 9 weeks pregnancy. If you have already started your term for pregnancy, consult the doctor for the dosage units. This is a prescription drug.


medicines to avoid pregnancy-Preventol

The preventol too is an emergency contraception pill that comes in a pack of two. The first one should be consumed as early as possible after the unprotected coitus and the second pill should be taken within the next 12 hours. This pill manufactured from Hill Life Care Ltd, contains 0.75mg of the levonorgestrol hormone used to treat pregnancy prevention.

No will pill:

medicines to avoid pregnancy-No will pill

The No will pill pregnancy prevention pill should be taken within the first 24 hours of unprotected sex to avoid unintentional pregnancy. This effectiveness reduces to 50% if you take the pill after the 24 hour mark, the maximum range being 72 hours, i.e. three days within. This is an oral contraception that comes in a singular dose.

Unwanted 72:

medicines to avoid pregnancy-Tpil 72

Manufactured by Mankind Pharmaceuticals, the unwanted 72 is a medicine to prevent pregnancy and should be strictly used within the 72 hours of your unprotected sex. The effectiveness would be null if you consume it after the 3 days mark. This  too is a single dose medicine containing 1.5mg of hormonal pill sans estrogen.

Progestin-only EC:

medicines to avoid pregnancy-Progestin-only EC

Here EC stands for emergency contraception where the pills to prevent pregnancy contains the hormone levonorgestrel. This particular hormone in the system prevents the pregnancy procedure from occurring if taken within the first 3 days of unprotected sex.


medicines to avoid pregnancy-Ovoplex

Ovoplex is a birth control morning after pill that you can consume after carefully evaluating your menstrual cycle and the most fertile days in it. It works by hindering the process of ovulation and therefore prevents pregnancy. Consult your doctor for the consumption and dosage queries.

Tpil 72:

medicines to avoid pregnancy-Tpil 72

Here is yet another oral contraception emergency pill to avoid unplanned pregnancy. This is a single dose medicine which should be taken within the first 72 hours which is 3 days from the coitus. It contains 1.5mg of the levonorgestrol hormonal base which helps you prevent pregnancy.

Truston 2:

medicines to avoid pregnancy-Truston 2

Manufactured by V Care Pharma Ltd, the truston 2 comes in a pack of double pill tablets and is a morning after pill. This can be regarded as an emergency contraception as well. The first pill should be taken within 24 hours whilst the second pill should be taken within the next 12 hours.


medicines to avoid pregnancy-Mifepristone

As prior mentioned, mifepristone combined with the misoprostol accounts for a medicine to treat unwanted pregnancy.