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Top 10 Medicines for Vomiting

Due to the present world conditions, the fast paced world now has started to churn out more and more quality restrictive problems. The present world prefers quantity over quality at every step where starting from the population to the acres of modernization, quantity has always proliferated. We have crop fields being altered with pesticides and fertilizers to increase quantity and people subjecting to more and more fuel consumption in the long run. The entire of all these quality restrictions have led us humans to a point where the body’s defense system the bone marrow to protection has now been weakened by the heavy blows and amongst the many common illness that affects us, nausea and puking is one of the most persistent form. Fever, allergy, cold and bacterial infections are always there along with the seasonal changes but then we have the most common vomiting problem that keeps reoccurring. Vomiting as we say is not really a pleasant feeling where the gut wrenching feeling not only leaves you feeling drained and dead tired but also weakens our inner core and destroys the defense shield.  This is why here in this section we have made a list of some of the best medicine for vomiting which would help us tackle nausea and vomiting problems with ease.

Wal Som Oral:

medicines for vomitting-Wal Som oral

Histamine is a hormone in our body the allergy symptoms on us or rather encourages or increases the allergy chances and therefore Wal Som is an antihistamine in nature used for treating allergy, hay fever, nausea and vomiting that comes as a side effect to these allergy symptoms. This medication limits the amount of histamine production in the system so that you can control your dizziness, nausea feels and vomiting.

Benadryl Oral:

medicines for vomitting-Benadryl Oral

Medicines for vomiting also includes Benadryl, an age old product that works wonders on our body and at the same time is one of the trusted brands of medicinal syrup that we have always deemed safe for both adults and children as well. Benadryl oral suspension is used to prevent the oncoming nausea that would cause the vomiting or the dizziness. Controlling motion sickness and puking, it also prevents your body from draining out due to repeated vomiting.

Gravol Kids:

medicines for vomitting-Gravol kids

Now here is a vomiting medication that would just be perfect for the little children or the kids that have a problem  swallowing pills and capsules. This is Gravol kids especially formulated with an alcohol free fruit juice concentration that elevates feeling of nausea and motion sickness from kids and helps them prevent persistent vomiting. Gravol also has an adult oral suspension version for the adults to dwell in.

Dramamine Oral:

medicines for vomitting-Dramamine oral

Yet another antihistamine in nature, Dramamine Oral prevents or regulates the over production of the drug histamine that is directly related to the allergies. This hormone induces the feeling of sickliness, i.e. allergy symptoms, vomiting and puking and to control or keep that in check we have Dramamine oral drug.

Tigan Oral:

medicines for vomitting-Tigan oral

Often strong radiation therapies, chemos and hour long surgeries would make your body weak and drained and it is possibly at this time that the body may subject to nausea, dizziness, light headedness and even vomiting especially post treatment or surgery. This is where the Tigan oral is recognized as a medicine to prevent vomiting where this is used on patients post treatment to help them control their nausea or vomiting.

Emetrol for Nausea:

medicines for vomitting-Emetrol for nausea

Yet another compact medication for vomiting, the Emetrol is used as a complete package for upset stomach where it handles nausea feelings backed by vomiting, upset stomach, dizziness, heartburns and light headedness. However, the main focus for this medicine is the nausea relief spectrum that allows you to keep your vomiting tendencies or motion sickness feelings in check. This comes in an oral suspension  form.

Nytol Oral:


Once again here we have a vomit control medicine that is antihistamine in nature that works by altering the chemical bonds that form as a reaction to the over production of the histamine hormone and by regulating that it controls your nausea, hay fever, allergy and vomiting symptoms.

Vita Pyrofol:

medicines for vomitting-Vita Pyrofol

The accent of pregnancy is definitely difficult for the woman who suffers with a lot of early morning sickness and nausea and just to make sure too much vomiting doesn’t wear you out, here we have the Vita Pyrofol which is an oral tablet that prevents too much vomiting and nausea feels in pregnant women.


medicines for vomitting-Motilium

Medicines to stop vomiting also include Motilium which uses the active ingredient domperidone which goes against sickness symptoms and helps you control your constant or persisting nausea and vomiting feelings. The Motilium however should be taken with the lowest effective dose.


medicines for vomitting-Avomine

The main ingredient in here is promethazine teoclate which too is recognized as an antihistamin drug and it is this drug that prevents vomiting and nausea feelings in you.

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