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10 Best Medicines for Urine Infection

Unhygienic habits or living and inhabiting an unhygienic area would definitely lead to some problems, mostly physical. More than the living area, the lifestyle that we choose has a great deal to play in the setting of this event where one of the most important requirement is self care and hygiene, as in laundry your clothes, regular change of under garments, using protection while involving self in coitus are some of the basic ground rules and when we do not follow them, we end up with illnesses like urine infection that forms the highlight of this article. Now I would have you know urine infection is common in both men and women and may occur in the event of unhygienic turn over but then again at times there are certain bacteria that does form a home in the bladder thereby causing bladder infection.

medicines for urine infection

Urine is liquid in nature and would never coagulate the infection as it flows or passes so whenever we talk about urine infection, just know the source of the infection is elsewhere but in the urine. It can be the bladder that is infected or the urinary tract that carries the urine out of the body. infection in either of them may cause an infection to brew in your system. often certain types of drugs present in the system, be it medical in nature or not may cause rise in acid levels in the stomach which once again may be deemed as a reason. Here in today’s article we shall look into some of the medicines that we can get which can help you treat your urine infection.

Cipro oral:

medicines for urine infection-Cipro oral

cipro oral belongs to a class of drugs called quinolone which is an antibiotic in nature and helps you treat any sort of bacterial infections in your body. this drug is strictly limited to bacterial infections and on the occurring of any other infection  say viral in nature, this won’t work. This drug prevents the expansion or growth of the bacteria in the infectious area and thus prevents proliferation of the infection while treating it.

Macrobid oral:

medicines for urine infection-Macrobid oral
the macrobid oral is yet another antibiotic that works in the same manner as the Cipro where it works on the infection area by providing relief to pain and discomfort situation while at the same time preventing the further growth of these infections so that the drug can completely eliminate the problem form the source area. This is mainly used to treat bladder infections that result in urinary infection and is considered one of the best medicine for urine infection.

Amoxicillin oral:

medicines for urine infection-Amoxicillin oral

You must have heard about penicillin antibiotics treating bacterial infections in your body. Amoxicillin is of the same manner and in fact belongs to the penicillin category of drugs and is used to treat any sort of bacterial infection occurring in any body parts. This is a prescription medicine so always consult your doctor regarding the usage. This drug only tends to bacterial infection and not any other kind.

Levaquin oral:

medicines for urine infection-Levaquin oral

be it skin, bladder, prostate or stomach, levaquin oral is mainly used to treat bacterial infection conditions. This is used mainly for conditions such as pneumonia or bronchitis but this can also be effectively used to treat bladder problems or infections in the urinary tract. You can avail this medication in a tablet as well as a oral suspension form. Also, drink a lot of fluid while on this medication term.

Azo Cranberry Urinary tract Health:

medicines for urine infection-Azo Cranberry Urinary tract health

made of organic cranberry extracts in a concentrated powder form, Azo cranberry urinary tract health is one of the many urinary tract infection medicine that allows you to flush the infection out of your system. cranberry has always been a suitable choice to eliminate bladder or urine problems and the organic goodness of this product helps you maintain a healthy environment around the urinary tract which includes the liver, kidney and the tract itself.

Azithromycin oral:

medicines for urine infection-Azithromycin oral

azithromycin is an antibiotic in nature and provides excellent support from bacterial infections of any kind. Usually this is a prescription medicine and should be strictly consulted with the doctor regarding the dosage unit or the consumption technique. This medication is used for treating bacterial infection of any kind including urinary.

Bactrim DS oral:

medicines for urine infection-Bactrim DS oral

yet another antibiotic, this medication is a combination of two different bacterial infection prevention medicine and is definitely one of the best medication for urinary tract infection.

Himalaya Herbals Uricare for kidney support:

medicines for urine infection-Himalaya Herbals Uricare for kidney support

Ensuring normal healthy urinary conditions to flow, the Herbal care from Himalaya termed Uricare is a medication for urine infection that flushes out bacterial or hostile conditions from your system and regulates the kidney keeping it healthy so that urine can be healthy too.

Numark Cystitis Relief Sodium Citrate:

medicines for urine infection-Numark cystitis relief sodium citrate

the term cystitis refers to inflammation of the bladder region that causes pain, discomfort and difficulty in passing urine. This has something to do with bladder infection and can easily be treated using Numark Cystitis relief medicine which also comes in cranberry flavor.

Uristat pain relief Tablets:

medicines for urine infection-Uristat pain relief tablets

Any sort of discomfit, pain, burning sensation while passing urine are the symptoms of an infection brewing inside you and this when you can use this pain relief tablet to not only cure the pain and discomfort but the infection too.

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