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Top 10 Medicines for Toothache

A toothache is something that a person has to deal with at some point in their lives whether it be of a smaller scale or encompassing a number of teeth at once and would require you to visit a dentist at some point. It is always better to maintain a good oral hygiene for the entirety of your life if you want to enjoy a life without a toothache but once something already occurs you cannot go back from it. At this time it is better if you visit a dentist for professional advice and do all the research necessary for you to get a complete feel as to how to manage a toothache without having to suffer with it for too long. Toothaches can normally be dealt with at home with hot and cold applications but just to be safe it would be better if you do not indulge yourself in something that would affect you without taking your doctor’s advice.

medicines for toothache

The internet is the best place to do the research that you need if you are looking for something in regards to helping deal with toothaches on a better scale. The internet is the best place to look because there are a number of informational websites that are actually available online that provide an overall setup of how best you can deal with a toothache and what over the counter medication you can take along with some great home remedies for toothache if the pain is mild and not fast spreading. Two things that you must always do during a toothache is firstly gauge the level of the pain and then give yourself all the primary treatment you need in regards to the level of pain that you are facing.


medicines for toothache-Analgesics

Analgesics is one of the most commonly used tooth ache drugs that are both revered and used in the medical society making it something of a primary option that you must turn to when facing excess pain but it is always better that you get authorised by your doctor first in regards to using this medication before you go about using it for safety reasons making this one of the best medicines for toothache.


medicines for toothache-Aspirin

Aspirin is a very commonly used medicine for tooth pain as well which can provide instant pain relief but you must visit a doctor immediately if you are having pain that requires you to take aspirin and always maintain a regulated amount of intake as per prescription provided by an authorised doctor.


medicines for toothache-Vicodin

Vicodin is something of a higher end fast acting medicine for tooth pain relief that you must not take without your doctor’s advice so as to help save yourself the trouble of suffering from pain killer side effects. You must do your research in regards to this drug before taking it and always keep yourself in the loop with your doctor so that you do not face any issues when using this drug.


medicines for toothache-Ibuprofen

This is actually what the doctors and dentists use to help with medicines for tooth pain on a major scale and is not recommended to be used without any professional supervision though it is pain killer medication like no other giving you all the pain relief you need from a troublesome toothache of the highest magnitude.


medicines for toothache-Anesthetics

Local anaesthetics are also used by the dental society to help reduce both pain and feeling in the area of the mouth that is affected by numbing the area so that the dentist can help work on the issue at hand. It is better you use this only in the presence of your trusted dentist.

Pepper and salt:

medicines for toothache-Pepper and salt

Moving toward more household remedies for quick action, pepper and salt tops the list. Home remedies for toothaches are quite effective but if you continue t feel pain it is better that you visit your dentist immediately. Pepper and salt when mixed together is the best for your mouth when it is sensitive as it has anti bacterial and analgesic properties that help to cauterize the area affected and then work on healing it.


medicines for toothache-garlic

Garlic has been from time immemorial as a means of dealing with a toothache easily. Garlic has antibiotic properties that help to cover the area, cleanse it and then start on treating the area that is affected in the best way possible.



Clove is another household remedy that has been used to help treat toothache and one raw piece of clove once chewed upon has antibacterial properties along with analgesic properties that help to reduce pain in the mouth to a great extent.


medicines for toothache-Plantago

Moving towards homoeopathic treatment gives us Plantago which is the best treatment for sensitive teeth and even bleeding gums to a great extent. You can find no better gradual yet long lasting medication with any side effects like this homoeopathic medication made just for your teeth.


medicines for toothache-Silicea

One of the main causes of a toothache is the formation of an abscess in the teeth that not only make the gums weak but also make your teeth hollow eating away at the nerve cells which in turn cause the slow build up of a toothache. Silicea comes into great use in these situations as medicines for tooth ache because not only does it helps to treat the abscess in the teeth that are affected but it also helps rebuild the nerve centre of your teeth along with strengthening your gums thus reducing toothache to a great extent over time and promoting healthy and strong teeth.

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