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Top 10 Medicines for Sore Throat

The sultry hot summer days call for an ice cream or a quick drink as we move about on our everyday busy schedules. This is quite a common scenario and what follows as a consequence is probably one of the most anticipated summer time sickness, a sore throat and a slight cold caused by the hot and cold mixture. Then again there are days when getting wet in the rain brings in the imminent fever and throat ache and we have a hard time swallowing. People will tonsil enlargement conditions too face a problem with the throat where difficulty in swallowing or even speaking is experienced.

medicines for sore throat

Here in this article we would therefore like to discuss some of the common medications that there is to treat a sore throat condition. To start off, a sore throat can be the cause of the seasonal changes, or the constant hot and cold environment that we put it through. At other times we can blame the sore throat reasons on the bacterial infections that also come as a seasonal allergy and may plagiarize us. Either way a minimal sore throat condition is nothing to be worried about as this can easily be fixed using a little help from the wide variety of medicines for sore throat.

Cepacol Extra Strength Sore Throat:

medicines for sore throat-Cepacol extra strength sore throat

Cepacol Extra Strength is a sugar free flavored medication for sore throat which is analgesic in nature and provides instant relief. One of the main ingredients for this medicine is the presence of benzocaine 15mg that aids in relieving pain and at the same time numbs the area for a soothing relaxing sensation. Take this medication/lozenge every 2 hours to keep your throat sore free.

Mucinex Cold, flu and Sore Throat:

medicines for sore throat-Mucinex cold, flu and sore throat

One of the primary medicine infused within the acetaminophen which is a superb pain reliever that soothes soreness and hoarseness of the throat. The presence of Guaifenesin loosens up the mucous buildup since this is an expectorant in nature and cough suppressant and nasal congestion relief abilities of this medication makes this one of the best choices for heavy cold, flu and aching throat conditions.

Vicks 44 Sore Throat Lozenges:

medicines for sore throat-Vicks 44 sore throat lozenges

If the honey lemon flavor is not enough to make up your mind, Vicks one of the trusted medical brands with lozenge medicines have brought to you the 44 sore throat relief that offers you an analgesic and antiseptic treatment which works immediately after consumption and provides a cool soothing sensation. The analgesic quality softens the pain and discomfort too.

Coricidin HBP oral:

medicines for sore throat-Coricidin HBP oral

This medical drug contains antihistamine which is expectorant in nature and loosens stubborn mucous buildup whilst providing instant relief. This would help you relieve instant pain and discomfort and tagging along with it is the treatment for soft cold and runny nose. This is decongestant free and can also be consumed by people with high blood pressure without any significant side effects.

Tylenol Cough and Sore Throat:

medicines for sore throat-Tylenol cough and sore throat

A personal favorite for both the mother and the child, Tylenol has been one of the best sore throat medicines that there is, an oral suspension suitable for both the adult and the child. This comes with a cool burst quality that instantly numbs and soothes soreness of throat while providing a cooling sensation. This is cold and cough relief that tends to soreness and inflammation of the throat by reducing the swelling and discomfort.

Native Remedies Throat and tonsil dr.:

medicines for sore throat-Native remedies Throat and tonsil dr

This is essentially a homeopathic medicine for sore throat called Throat and Tonsil dr. concocted of natural ingredients and organic herbs, there is no artificial element that can cause adverse side effects but this medication instead not only tends to throat and tonsils but also builds up your immune system to prevent further sore throat and cold possibilities.

Theraflu flu and Sore Throat:

medicines for sore throat-Theraflu flu and sore throat

Theraflu flu and sore throat is a sore throat remedial medication that treats all signs of cold and cough symptoms along with soreness of throat. Analgesic in nature it instantly relieves pain and suppresses repeated heavy or dry coughing along with nasal congestion and headache.

Chlorasecptic Sore Throat:

medicines for sore throat-Chlorasecptic sore throat

This benzocaine oral medication comes with a gooey soft center much like a gum and is an excellent oral care remedial medicine to treat sore throat. Anesthetic in nature, it may cause drowsiness but it instantly soothes the pain or the soreness by numbing that particular area as the fast relieving medicine also treats congestion and discomfort.

Hyland’s Sore throat:

medicines for sore throat-Hyland’s sore throat

The second homeopathic best for relieving soreness in throat is the Hyland’s sore throat condition that works by eliminating hoarseness and prickly sensation in your throat whilst the all natural extracts smoothen and gel up the soreness or the inflamed area to provide instant analgesic relief.

Boiron Cold Calm:

medicines for sore throat-Boiron cold calm

This cold and cough syrup will not make you drowsy as this homeopathic oral suspension treats your painful sore throat and provides instant relief from the discomfort and coughing sensation.

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