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10 Best Medicines for Mouth Ulcer

For the lot who don’t yet know what mouth ulcer is, this is a form of an infection, a sore more like that appears in the inside of your mouth and is usually a painful experience for the week or two that it persists. These mouth ulcers are usually small and may come in one or more packages which usually would attacks the inner linings of your mouth, like the tongue, the inside of the gum cheeks, the inner panel of the lips. Usually a much painful experience, these mouth ulcers are commonly caused due to a variety of reasons such as lack of vitamin in the body which may cause sores inside the mouth or a form of viral infection in a physical form passed on by contact.

medicines for mouth ulcer

Usually these mouth ulcers are not at all a concern and would usually go away in a week or two. Then why use medications to treat it? a mouth ulcer if kept unattended for too long may cause the infection to spread or even in the worst case scenarios a non malignant sore may turn cancerous. Even if we don’t think too deep into this matter, it is usually natural that a sore or an ulcer in the mouth would make talking, smiling and even chewing your food difficult for you. This is essentially why here in this article we have listed some of the mouth ulcer medicines that can help you at this time.

Oral analgesic gel, Benzocaine 20%:

medicines for mouth ulcer-Oral analgesic gel, Benzocaine 20%

The main ingredient in this section is the Benzocaine which is a topical solution for the canker sores or the mouth ulcers. The benzocaine is more like an anesthesia medicine where it numbs the sore so that it doesn’t pain hence the term analgesic. This is one of the best medicine for mouth ulcer where it also helps you comply with denture problems, periodontal i.e. gum problems and tooth aches. This is a classic oral pain reliever

Clenora gel:

medicines for mouth ulcer-Clenora gel

Clenora gel is one yet another gel based mouth ulcer treatment medication that works by numbing the area of the sore so that the pain can subside and you can possibly continue chewing or consuming food without any hindrance. The Clenora gel with regular use lessens the size and the intensity of the sore and therefore within a few days you would see your mouth ulcer fading away bit by bit.

Hydrocortisone Buccal tablets:

medicines for mouth ulcer-Hydrocortisone buccal tablets

Before treating your mouth ulcers with this tablet always consult a doctor and if not the basic dosage is to use one tablet each day for everyday till the mouth ulcer persists. These tablets facilitate the process of healing while at the same time acting as an analgesic to cure the pain and the discomfort as well. To start off this medicine is placed on the side of the ulcer where it slowly disintegrates thereby allowing the medication to work on the ulcers.

Bonjela complete plus- complete mouth ulcer care:

medicines for mouth ulcer-Bonjela complete plus

This mouth ulcer care solution veils the sore or the mouth ulcer with a protective sheath that prevents friction and expansion of the infection caused due to friction. At the same time it allows you to take complete care of your sore by reducing the pain and the discomfort while working on the sore to reduce its size for the best benefit. Use this application every 4 hours and be pain free during tough mouth ulcers.

Smyle Mouth ulcer gel:

medicines for mouth ulcer-Smyle mouth ulcer gel

Medicines for mouth ulcers don’t get any better than this as this is regarded as one of the most prominent mouth ulcer complete care medicines in a gel base that is easy to apply and works quick to numb the pain by forming a layer on top of the ulcer. Its anti inflammatory property backed by its astringent quality is one of the best in the business to combat mouth ulcers and canker sores.

Vitamin A-Z:


As mentioned before, often the cause of this sores can be related to the robust lack of vitamins in your system which is why a Vitamin A-Z tablet of nay brand can actually help you restore the natural nutrients in your system and once the void is filled you can easily see your canker sore or stubborn mouth ulcer fading away slowly. This is an indirect medicine that comes in a tablet form.


medicines for mouth ulcer-Oralmedic

this medicine for ulcers in mouth can be treated using the cotton bud applicator that applies target application as this topical solution would help enhance the natural healing possibilities of this ulcer so that it doesn’t linger for too long. The oralmedic actually is a onetime application medicine.

BYE Mouth ulcer:

medicines for mouth ulcer-BYE mouth ulcer

for immediate pain relief, this clinically proven mouth ulcer treatment topical medicine is one of the best choices as it relieves unnecessary pain and the spot treatment allows healing faster.

Quantum Canker Cover:

medicines for mouth ulcer-Quantum canker cover

The quantum canker sore patch is a cover that would allow you protection for 8 straight hours possibly more and it comes in a mint flavor form too. On application it forms a gel patch on top of the ulcer to protect it from pain and friction as it works to reduce the size of the sore.



packed with an easy applicator tube, the Aloclair gel for mouth ulcers, sores and pain is the last in our list of medications to treat stiff mouth ulcers. This is applicable both for children and adults.

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