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9 Best Medicines for Loose Motion

Paregoric Oral:

Medicines for Loose Motion-Paregoric oral

Paregoric oral is yet another diarrhea relief medicine that allows you to deal with stomach cramps, irregular bowels, belching and of course food poisoning causes. This medication whilst treating your diarrhea will also relief you of certain stomach or intestinal problems which maybe the leading cause for the diarrhea. However, ever medicine has a side effect and this one will be no different so always keep your doctor in consultation.

Levsin Oral:

Medicines for Loose Motion-Levsin oral

Irritable bowel movements and frequent runs to the bathroom drains your body and makes you weak which is one of the many reasons why loose motion, the prior stage to diarrhea needs to be controlled properly. This is mainly to relieve stomach or intestinal problems that influence loose motion while at the same time preventing the watering of your bowel structure.

Imodium A-D:

Medicines for Loose Motion-Imodium A-D

Ayurvedic medicine for loose motion starts with Imodium A-D which is one of the best ayur herbal care for belching, flatulence, cramps, abdominal pains and of course pressure along with loose motion symptoms. This medication is a multi symptom relief medication and would prevent immediate relief.

Symax Duotab Oral:

Medicines for Loose Motion-Symax duotab oral

Starting from intestinal cramps and stomach pains to irritable bowel movements, diarrhea or loose motion can easily be treated using Symax Duotab oral medicine. Relieving cramps and pressure situations in the stomach, this medication will definitely be one of the easiest solutions to loose motion.

SBL bio Combination salts 8 Diarrhoea:

Medicines for Loose Motion-SBL bio combination salts 8 diarrhoea

the bio combination salts 8 diarrhoea is a medicine for diarrhea manufactured by the SBL company. Starting with foul gas problems and flatulence to pressurized condition of your stomach and irritation during passing bowels, this medication would relieve loose motion.

Codeine sulfate oral:Codeine sulfate 15mg tablets are one of the best medicine for loose motion that allows you to brilliantly tackle diarrhea and loose motion symptoms with ease. Irregular bowel movement along with cramps in the stomach and repeated bathroom runs compared with watery flowing bowel would definitely be relieved.

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