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10 Best Medicines for Headache

The world at present believe it or not is constantly swinging to and fro with heated topics like urbanization and modernization taking over slow and steady. A statistics for a study conducted showed how much improvement has taken a toll on the human beings going through change as in the present days our tension, stress and work levels are much more higher classified and complex than before. A similar statistical study would also show you how this busy world has subjected to such a change in their lifestyle that today’s generation is more likely and susceptible to get sick or fall prey to disorders than the ones before.

Medicines for Headache

In the present stage, minor or mediocre illness such as a common cold or a fever is really not that big a deal especially since along with the modernization science too has upgraded itself and now we can opt for various simple ways to treat minor illness just by popping in a pill. Modern day medications are indeed a boon, a blessing and today’s list of medicine contains one of the least thought about but more sought after solutions, a headache relief medicine. Even though most of the head ache in the present day world can be the tension and the stress taking a physical form, it is quite natural that these medicines can be used to treat headaches instantly.


medicines for headache-aspirin

Apart from relieving fever and strict body pain, aspirin is one of the most sought after household medicine that can be used for headache, stiff or minor. Aspirin is such a common name you can almost find it in any medicine cabinet and it needs no prescription as such. Aspirin eliminates the pain by reducing the inflammation that causes the constant rise in the headache levels thereby reducing pain and discomfort along with dizziness. However one of the side effects to this medication can be heartburns and constant or regular usage for headache relief is not a suitable option.

Crocin Advance:

medicines for headache-Crocin Advance

The Crocin advance is one of the best medicine for headache. If you want quick relief from your headache, this is the medicine that you should be looking at as it provides immediate action within the first 5 minutes of consumption. This medicine belongs to the paracetamol drug category and would immediately relieve headache and stiff body pain by working on the inflammation and decreasing the throbbing. Discomfort and pain can now be treated on the go with one of these in your bag.


medicines for headache-tylenol ultra

A stiff head pain throughout the day would indeed make things worse for you. Usually these headaches if ignored hang around for a long time and would simply get worse with each passing hour and this is why we have the Tylenol medicine that goes rough on the inflammation and would provide relief by reducing dizziness and severe head ache. This can be purchased from over the counter and can also be used to treat migraine pains.


medicines for headache-Advil

Advil belongs to the drug category that classifies itself as an ibuprofen which is a pain reliever, a class of NSAID drug that provides relief from any sort of pain and inflammation at the speediest procedure possible. Medicines for headache don’t get any better than this as this medication would help you relief unnecessary inflammation and head ache within minutes of usage. The anti inflammatory property helps you deal with throbbing pain and migraine aches of the worst kind.


medicines for headache-Aleve

Aleve belongs to the class of naproxen drugs that allows you to prevent tension or stress that may be one of the primary causes for your headache. The aleve works by discontinuing the pain by toning down the inflammation. it is the inflammation inside the head that can be deemed as the main source for the headache with the tension or stress simply adding to it.


medicines for headache-NORFLEX

The norflex is yet one of those headache medicines that can be used for fast and prompt action. Norflex is mainly used for any kind of pain situation be it muscle spasms or joint pains including the throbbing headache that bothers you. this is an oral tablet that you can take but make sure you always discuss the dosages with a doctor.

Herbal Hills Tulsi 60 Capsules:

medicines for headache-Herbal hills tulsi 60 capsules

Herbal hills tulsi 60 capsules is an ayurvedic medicine that does not directly take part in relieving head pain but this medication definitely helps you soothe or calm your insides so that the cause for the inflammation is regulated or kept in check which indirectly allows you to treat your headache.


medicines for headache-ANSAID

Ansaid is the brand name for the class of drugs under flurbiprofen that allows you treat painful situations with ease. It works by reducing the inflammation level so that the swelling does not cause excess pain.


medicines for headache-RELAFEN

This is yet another medicine for headache that falls under the non steroidal pain reliever class of drugs. It once again works on the inflammation to reduce pain.


medicines for headache-ZOMIG

This medicine is mainly used to treat migraine pain but can also be used for minor or mediocre headache situations.

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