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10 Best Medicines for getting Periods

Menstruation as the fancy word for it goes, is one of the most important cycle in a ladies life. periods as we call it remains one of the reasons as to how we determine if we are stepping into motherhood or not. Usually the eggs from the ovary are released that finds themselves attaching to the uterine wall on fertilization. However, when the eggs are not fertilized, the uterine wall possibly along with the egg starts to disintegrate which then flows out of the women in the form of blood, thick clotted or spots and heavy flows, depending on the women and their types. Every woman has a significant type that becomes her signature style which can be anything from heavy flows for a week straight or thick clots for the first three days.

medicines for getting periods

However, no matter how much we complain about the days or the heavy flows, there may often be times when a woman due to certain disorder may experience irregularities in their menstruation cycle.  This can be due to issues regarding your ovary or your body’s instability that leads to problems such as starting late on your cycle which disturbs the whole calendar or instances where most of the time you experience unsatisfactory flow which is too inadequate. At times like this there is a list of medicines that can be followed to help you get a hold of your periods at a faster rate.


medicines for getting periods-Provera

Provera is the first medicine on our list of medicine for getting periods where this medication is mainly constituted of female hormones to be precise, the main ingredient in it being medroxyprogesterone which itself is a type of female hormone. The medicine is apt for the women who are not pregnant and yet having healthy period restraints. Irregular period symptoms can be eliminated as it restores normal bleeding and ensures a healthy menstrual cycle.


medicines for getting periods-Meprate

Meprate is yet another medroxy progesterone acetate medicine used to treat irregular menstrual problems or periodical skipping of the menstruation in your cycle by using the best of the female hormone to use it to maintain regulation in your period cycle. This medicine itself is a progestin hormone and is usually prescribed in the wake of uneven periods or regulation or unsatisfactory menstruation cycle. This medication can also be used to treat breast cancer and pregnancy prevention.

Organic India Shatavari Women’s health:

medicines for getting periods-Organic India Shatavari Womens health

Organic India Shatavari Women’s health capsule is one of the best ayurvedic ways to tackle the problem of irregular periods and comes in a 60 day supply bottle. These capsules are infused with ayurvedic ailments that are infact plant based and 100% organic therefore causing no added side effects. This would help you regulate your periods since this is a diuretic in nature helps you to get rid of retained fluid in the system.

Organic India Women’s well-Being:

medicines for getting periods-Organic India women’s well-Being

From the same company, Organic India we have yet another women hormonal imbalance capsule that would help us ease the hormonal tension that causes irregularity in our system such as improper periods, menstrual cramps, menstruation skips etc. this hormonal balance tablet will allow you to regulate or keep the lady hormones in check thereby ensuring regular healthy functioning.

Jonesia Ashoka:

medicines for getting periods-Jonesia Ashoka

A classic homeopathy relief medicine for periods to come, the Jonesia Asoka is literally a plant based herbal cure medicine that contains the natural extracted ingredients from the mother plant and is used for various minor to mediocre home treatments, one of them being regulation of female hormones within the system so that menstruation restraints can be sorted out with ease.

Black Cohosh:

medicines for getting periods-Black cohosh

Black cohosh roots are the main requirement for this cause and is an herbal cure for instability in the female hormone group. The roots have been formulated into many forms of medication, like the herbal powdered form, tabular and even capsulated versions. One can resort to any one form and get your period problems sorted out using the natural organic way.

Gynaeven Tablets:

medicines for getting periods-Gynaeven tablets

Here is yet another refined ayurvedic medicinal drug that can be used to get your menstruation irregularity problems sorted out. This medication contains herbal supplements that influence blood circulation in the lower body regions thereby ensuring smooth incoming of periods without cramps or clots. Even though this is ayurvedic consult your doctor regarding the dosage or the consumption details.

M2 tone Health tonic for Women:

medicines for getting periods-M2 tone health tonic for women

This medication can be used for both benefits, either to regulate the period that is yet to come or to prevent heavy flows, clots and excessive bleeding possibilities. As the name suggests, this is a tonic, a medicine for periods to come early as the medication uses the best of the female hormones to eliminate imbalance and restore normal periods.

Hashmi Herbal lady care capsule:

medicines for getting periods-Hashmi herbal lady care capsule

Yet again this herbal cure lady care capsules would help you retain healthy periods without any skipping or irregularity as it keeps the female hormones inducing the periods in strict check.

Kai Menstrual care:

medicines for getting periods-Kai menstrual care

Using the best of the Hawaiian herbal products, the Kai menstrual care eliminates improper hormonal balance as it fixes menstrual problems in women who are not yet pregnant but has irregularity issues.

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