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10 Best Medicines for Gastric Problem

The term gastric can be quite confounding and confusing for someone who doesn’t have full knowledge about it. usually gastric has everything to do with your stomach and your stomach alone. Gastric pains would in the simplest meaning be translated to something, a disorder maybe that would be caused due to some infection on the stomach bag linings or on the inner walls of the duodenum that connects the stomach to the smaller intestine. Gastric ulcers literally would be translated to ulcers forming in the stomach which again has its own set of reasons to follow.  gastric can also be linked with flatulence. in the present days, the processed foods and on the go canned meals have increased manifold due to the busy life and the forceful work pressure faced by everyone from the home maker to the office goer.

medicines for gastric

This is probably why the stomach’s defense system in the present days have broken down or simmered down a bit thereby allowing more gastric problems to creep up each day. However, thanks to the modern medication and the scientific system, the illness and the rise in disorders are now backed by commercial grade medicines that take full care of your problems regarding gastric, like pains, ulcers, infections and you name it. Given below is the list of medicine for gastric that can do you well good during painful situations.

Ranitidine Oral:

medicines for gastric-Ranitidine oral

Gastric ulcers are mainly caused by the rise in the levels of the stomach acid which may also directly affect the esophagus pipe. This medication works by preventing the spike in the level of the stomach acid which forms the primary cause for the ulcers to form. Apart from the gastric ulcers, this medication can also be used to treat GERD problems.

Zantac Oral:

medicines for gastric-Zantac oral

The Zantac oral can be used to treat gastric influx along with intestinal or stomach ulcers. Erosive esophagitis  or gastrointestinal reflux disease better known as GERD can also be treated. Along with this, heartburns due to the rise in stomach acid levels can also be treated using this medication. Always be aware of side effects however.

Morpheme Remedies Triphala Capsules:

medicines for gastric-Morpheme remedies triphala capsules

Here is one classic ayurvedic medicine for gastric that is made of plant based natural ingredients that cause no added side effects and smoothly treats gastric influenced problems such as influxes, pain and stomach ulcers. Not only does it detoxify your stomach and intestine but also improves digestion levels.

Carafate Oral:

medicines for gastric-Carafate oral

Carafate is yet another gas relief medicine that would work wonders for any sort of stomach and duodenum ulcer. This medication also helps prevent acid refluxes, rise in enzyme levels and bile salts that would keep your stomach healthy and your body detoxified. This is however a temporary solution for your stomach ulcer even though this medication tries to prevent further ulcer possibilities.

Glycolate 2:

medicines for gastric-Glycolate 2

The primary aim for this medication is to reduce tracheobronchial and pharyngeal secretions along with controlling and regulating the gastric secretions that cause problems like reflux and or rise in acidity levels which is primarily why gastric pain or ulcers arise.  Gluycolate 2 is manufactured by the brand Intas and can be used to treat hyperacidity conditions in the stomach.

Wal Zan 150 Oral:

medicines for gastric-Wal Zan 150 oral

The packaging details itself will give you the insight on what exactly the medication is as the packaging days acid reducer which refers to the stomach acids that cause the ulcers to form. Sour stomach and acid refluxes can easily be treated along with heartburns so that even after the gastric ulcer disappears, pain or discomfort does not exist anymore.

RELAXX Ayurvedic Supplement:

medicines for gastric-RELAXX ayurvedic supplement

Concocting this ailment out of 8 synergizing herbs, this 100% natural herbal ayurvedic supplement detoxifies your stomach and flushes out the toxins that accumulates and gathers the acid in your system causing the gastric refluxes to occur. This pure herbal medication contains ashwagandha as one of the prime ingredients that cools and soothes down a heated stomach thereby also providing relief from heartburns.

Lanzol 15mg:

medicines for gastric-Lanzol 15mg

Yet another best medicine for gas can be the Lanzol 15mg oral disintegrating tablets that help you treat acid spikes and heartburns. Also helping you deal with gastrointestinal reflux disease, these tablets have a special way of consumption. The oral disintegrating tablets are to be removed carefully from the aluminum foil and to be placed on the tongue. Let the tablet disintegrate and keep swallowing the bits as it disintegrates.


medicines for gastric-ProlaX

Along with gastric troubles, the Prolax tablet also takes care of constipation, treating them both so that discomfort within the stomach area cannot be experienced. Prolax is a medicine for gas pain too and therefore can treat the reflux disorder called GERD as well.

Pzoral D Tablets:

medicines for gastric-Pzoral D Tablets

Pzoral D is the last tablet option in our list that you can use to treat your heartburn problems. Usually the acid rise in the stomach is deemed to be the main problem for pain, belching and also for pain caused by the ulcers.

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