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Top 9 Medicines for Food Poisoning

When we think of food poisoning, the first one to blame is nothing but the bacteria. A statistic showed that the present day situation is such that common illness like fever, cold, flu or even food poisoning is more common and often in the present days these illnesses do not even require a visit to the doctors. With the population increasing manifold each passing day, the world is spinning at a rate which is much fast to cope up with for many and thus instead of full home cooked nutritional meals we have all settled for the fastest way to emit hunger, cold processed ready made food, canned preservatives and on the go fast food which has clearly brought down the once strong digestive capabilities of a person.

Medicines for Food Poisoning

The reason why common illnesses are so often occurring in the present days is simply because of the fact that our defense system is breaking down or crumbling each day. with low immunity, it is quiet common that food poisoning arrival is understandable. The usual signs of a food poisoning can be vomiting or loose motion mainly caused by bacterial influences. Here in this article we have made a list of some of the best food poisoning medicines in the commercial markets that we can all take a cue from in case someone is suffering from food poisoning.

Ampicillin oral:

Medicines for Food Poisoning-Ampicillin oral

Ampicillin oral is an antibiotic in nature much like penicillin where this medication is widely used to treat any sort of bacterial invasion in the body. a major part of food poisoning can be blamed on the bacteria that goes rogue, one of the reasons why this is one of the best medicine for food poisoning. It works by eliminating the persisting bacteria while preventing their further growth which is why we have kept this medicine at the top of our list.

Peaceful Mountain Stomach Rescue:

Medicines for Food Poisoning-Peaceful Mountain Stomach Rescue

This medicine recognizes one of the primary reasons for the cause of food poisoning to be bacteria or infected food or water which takes part in the contamination and working on that aspect the stomach rescue oral suspension promises us quick recovery from the bacterial ingestion within the stomach so that the defense and support of your stomach is enhanced and it can combat food poisoning the best way.

Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal:

Medicines for Food Poisoning-Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal

In case of food poisoning here is a perfect medication for food poisoning containing an au natural way to curing your stomach. This commercial medication contains activated charcoal which is doctor approved and would absorb miniscule bits and pieces of infection or contamination which goes on to form the food poisoning. With this high absorbing charcoal we can now cleanse and purify ourselves the best way possible without harming the digestive system with harmful drugs.

Nutribiotic GSE:

Medicines for Food Poisoning-Nutribiotic GSE

Nutribiotic GSE is a vegan unfiltered formula that would help you get rid of your food poisoning the best way possible. Found in any commercial market or drug store, this oral suspension goes best when mixed in a glass of water or apple juice and consumed minimum twice a day. this contains dietary supplements and is made out of concentrated pulp of grapefruit which makes it an all natural product with no added side effects.


Medicines for Food Poisoning-Imodium

One of the primary side effects to food poisoning is a severe case of diarrhea or vomiting which is why treating one symptom can help you go a long way into curing the stubborn case of food poisoning. To start with, Imodium is strictly anti-diarrhea in nature and would assist in relieving gas, flatulence and abdominal cramps related to diarrhea symptoms.


Medicines for Food Poisoning-Lomotil

Analgesic in nature, Lomotil is yet another food poisoning medicine basically focusing on relieving or curing the side effects so that symptoms such as diarrhea cannot weaken your body’s defense system and cause more panic and paranoia during this time. This is probably why Lomotil prevents watery flowing bowel movement that would allow you to gain strength to fight against food poisoning cure.


Medicines for Food Poisoning-Vodinil

an ayurvedic relief at its ebst, Vodinil can be used to treat your food poisoning. It comes in a syrup form and this oral suspension would help you by treat the food poisoning side effects combo, both vomiting and diarrhea symptoms. This is deemed to be the perfect medicine for worm infestation.

Pepto- Bismal:

Medicines for Food Poisoning-Pepto- Bismal

Wondering what medicine to take for food poisoning?  Who else can take better care of you and your infant other than Pepto- Bismal, one of the most trusted brands for indigestion, cramps, upset stomach and nausea- possibly all the food poisoning symptoms.

Little Remedies Gripe Water:

Medicines for Food Poisoning-Little Remedies Gripe Water

One of the best medicines for the child or the infant in your home, Little Remedies Gripe water is perfect for new born and infants as much as adults where food poisoning is controlled by taking care of indigestion and loose motion or nausea feels.

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