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10 Best Medicines for Fever

Fever is probably one of the most common illness that occurs without a special time of the year or a special reason. In fact, every other disorder be it body pain or abdominal cramps, these days have to have a fever accompanying them. Fever, the common term can be diagnosed as the rising of the body’s temperature in order to express some hidden disorder, the heated feeling in your body often resorting to weakening you physically while most probably destroying your appetite by the persistent bitter taste at the back of your throat.  Like in the case of cold and flu, fever persists just a bit. Due to seasonal changes or occasional allergies fever too accompanies and therefore as the days pass on, people in the present day situation now longer deem fever a serious concern.


medicines for fever

Illness is common and persistent to all especially in a land filled with pollution, pollutants with the fuel consumption rates soaring high. this is possibly why common illness like fever in the present day has been arriving more than often necessarily. Where the past days of getting wet in the rain would simply be a joy and fun filled affair, this is definitely changed in the present days when usually getting wet in the rain would be followed by heavy fever and sniffing cold the following day.  Hence, here we have the article for the fever medicine list that can always help you out in the time of need.


medicines for fever-Aspirin

Usually our body reciprocates the pain or the inflammation in the system or reconsiders the disorder and to express the disorder, the fever shows up. One of the most common household name for a fever medicine has to be Aspirin which comes in a white coated pill form. Aspirin would be a salicylate in nature which works as an anti inflammation medication to reduce the pain or the fever causing sources thereby reducing your body temperature as well.


medicines for fever-Naproxen

Naproxen is a non steroidal anti inflammation drug that works much like aspirin as it reduces the fever causing elements like the pain, muscle stiffness or any other such disorder. By doing so, this non selective COX inhibitor ensures the fever rates do not go high.  this oral tablets can also be used to treat problems like arthritis, body pain and joint inflammation that may or may not be the cause for the fever.


medicines for fever-Ibuprofen

A general medicine for fever can be Ibuprofen oral that allows you to treat fever by eliminating the root cause for it which is the pain or the disorder that has brought t the fever on. In circumstances like this, it is of paramount importance that you know one of the side effects to this is intestinal bleeding. Since this is used both for adults and children, it is always best if you consult a doctor.

Advil Oral:

medicines for fever-•Advil oral

Advil is yet another effective medicine for fever which starts as an anti inflammation drug to help you get rid of unwanted pain and suffering which can be the leading cause for the rise in your body temperature. Advil is used for treating both elders and children and therefore the dosage unit for the respective should vary according to the needs.

Tylenol Oral:

medicines for fever-•Tylenol oral

A reliable source for your child or infant, Tylenol syrup can be the best medicine for your child during the fever stricken times. Apt for treating cold and flu along with pain and fever, this medication is easy on your child and can be obtained from over the counter at any nearby drug or chemist’s. the dosages for the oral suspension should however be kept in measurements strict and regular while being treated for fever. This is suitable for adult usage too.

Vicks Dayquil Cold and Flu:

medicines for fever-Vicks Dayquil cold and flu

From the house of Vicks, the Dayquil cold and flu as the name suggests is a classic flu reliever medicine that works to combat temporary symptoms of flu like fever, body pain, muscle stiffness, running nose and such. You can pair this with the Nyquil cold and flu by Vicks for the nights.

Nux Vomica:

medicines for fever-Nux Vomica

be it a mild fever with a soft cold or a heavy burning fever with weakness and fatigue, this homeopathic medicinal drug Nux Vomica is made of natural 100% original ingredients that offer immediate relief from the very first dosage. Apart from relieving cold flu and body ache it also takes care of chills shivering and of course fever.


medicines for fever-Aconite

yet another homeopathy medicine for fever includes the Aconite which is considered one of the best herbal cures for not only fever and pain but also for restlessness or anxiety that may occur during the fever term. Body ache and stiff muscles too can be relieved using this medication.

Crocin Cold and Flu:

medicines for fever-Crocin cold and flu

This is hands down one of the most common medicine used to treat household fevers of the minor or mediocre kinds. Crocin not only reduces the inflammation and the pain that causes the fever to rise, but also significantly reduces body heat by lessening cold chills and shivers too.

Duraflu Oral:

medicines for fever-Duraflu oral

From chest congestions to stuffed nasal cavity, from body pain to heavy draining fever, treat your illness with a Duraflu oral dose and watch the fever wipe away with ease.

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