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10 Best Medicines for Diabetes

The world at present is experiencing a lot of disorders that in the past days would not have been such an issue to deal with. Truth be told, the statistics these days show how illness and disorders have increased manifold owing to the constant urbanization. With the fuel consumption rates increasing, one of the persistent problems that often occur is breathing troubles. To match that, there is also the problem of hypertension that has increased manifold, something that we call high blood pressure problems. But one such illness that has expanded a bit too much and a bit too early, is the pangs of diabetes caused by the rise of blood sugar in your system.

medicines for diabetes

for those who still are not aware of this, diabetes is a disorder in your system where the glucose level in your blood increases manifold causing constant dehydration and frequent runs to the loo followed by the excessive thirst problems. This is medicines to contain diabetes usually have something to do with insulin, a hormone produced by our body naturally that regulates the amount of blood glucose and works to create a balance between the sugar levels. the lack of insulin or the over production may cause tremendous side effects.  Here in today’s article we shall enlist some of the best medicine for diabetes that there is to treat problems like diabetes with ease and finesse.

Himalaya Diabecon:

medicines for diabetes-Himalaya Diabecon

This is one of the best ayurvedic medicine for diabetes manufactured by the herbal brand Himalaya which collaborates 30 different herbs and essential minerals that promotes sugar breakdown and boosts glucose utilization in the system to contain normal blood sugar in your system. it promotes healthy pancreas functioning so that insulin level in the body is maintained. Along with this cholesterol levels and beta cells are too kept in control.


medicines for diabetes-Metformin

Metformin is a type of drug that reduces blood sugar levels in your body. The main ingredient in this medication is a complex compound called Biguanides which decreases glucose in the liver and prevents excess production of glucose. Apart from regulating glucose from the liver, this medicine allows the muscles to absorb the sugar from the blood thereby decreasing it. this medication also boosts insulin sensitivity that regulates the glucose level in the system.


medicines for diabetes-Pramlintide

The generic name for this medicine is pramlintide but the drug is better known by the name Symlin which is injected into the system. Food remains to be one of the steady sources for sugar in your body which is where the medicine works its magic. It starts by slowing the rate at which the food moves from the stomach to the intestine and also enhances the feeling of a filled stomach which is how it restricts rise in the blood sugar. Apart from this it also controls glucose production from the liver.


medicines for diabetes-Glyset

Glyset is considered to be one of the best medicine for diabetes where it uses the best ways to utilize the glucose by breaking down starchy food and sugar. Food is one of the steady source through which the body gathers its required level of sugar, a minimum level important for your body to function. however, small amounts of sugar in the system often gather up to a huge amount which is why this medicine breaks down the sugar structure and lowers body glucose.


medicines for diabetes-Onglyza

The onglyza falls under the category of DPP-4 inhibitors that boosts and preserves insulin in the system. Insulin is the base product that helps you regulate the blood sugar in your system. reducing risks of hypoglycemia this medication boosts the insulin producing functions of the pancreas and prevents rising sugar levels in the blood.


medicines for diabetes-BGR34

BGR34 is a new medicine for diabetes that has provided a revolutionary effect on how herbal medicines tackle the problem of blood sugar. This medication is a blood sugar regulation medicine that is both cost effective and 100% natural concocted out of optimized herbal ingredients that tackle type 2diabetes.


medicines for diabetes-Glucotrol

This particular medication types remains till date one of the oldest used medicines to control the rising glucose in your system. To start with, the glucotrol works mainly with the pancreas and the beta cells that both join hands together to regulate the production of adequate insulin that works hand in hand to create more insulin that would tackle the glucose.


medicines for diabetes-Diabinese

Yet another oral medication to treat diabetes type 2, the Diabinese medication works on your body to reduce blood sugar rising. Controlling the pancreas to secret more insulin, the medication ensures the excess glucose in the system gets absorbed.

Healthaid Resolife:

medicines for diabetes-Healthaid Resolife

Herbal medicines for diabetes doesn’t get any better than this as this medication contains resveratrol that not only works on the ageing process due to its antioxidant and anti inflammatory nature, but also partakes in regulating body glucose by reducing the sugar content in the blood.

Diabetacure Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes:

medicines for diabetes-Diabetacure ayurvedic medicine for diabetes

Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes also includes Diabetacure by Shivalik which is yet another refined ayurvedic medicine for diabetes that tackles problems regarding spiking levels of blood sugar by controlling insulin production.

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