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Top 8 Medicines for Dengue

Back in the days diseases like malaria or dengue that are mainly parasite based would go on to cause a lot of havoc in the village scenes where this contagious diseases would cause a rise of an epidemic with people dying in hundreds and the entire village getting swiped away of any sort of trace of life by human beings. Dengue or malaria used to be one of the most deadly diseases of the olden day times but for now things have changed with the modernization and the new technologies offering us a whole new range of commercially available medications that would help us combat such contagious diseases like that of dengue.

Medicines for Dengue

Mainly associated with viruses, Dengue is basically a rare sight now with the shift of focus going on to mosquitoes who are sought to be the primary carrier of this virus. Through contact and by air, this diseases spreads its wings and expands and may even cause fatal consequences along with threatening your life being one of the serious side effects if not the correct treatment is done at the right time. This is why here in this article we have made a list of some of the most worthy medicines for dengue that can help us treat this virus the best way through modern day medicine without having to resort to life threatening pangs of the disease.


medicines for dengue-Acetaminophen

During the onset of a dengue attack, the common symptoms would be extreme body pain, joints and muscle inflammation, high body temperature and stiffness or locking of the joints. at around this time a proper analgesic would definitely be quite helpful and that is why the acetaminophen category of drugs are always welcomed in this section where these drugs helps in reducing body temperature and the swelling of the muscles and the joints including the pain. these include, Paracetamol, Tylenol etc. However, never take pain killers like ibuprofen as they can affect or thin the blood.

Giloy and tulsi Powder, a Prevention kit for Dengue by 3G Organic:

medicines for dengue-Giloy and tulsi Powder

Here is one of the herbal medicine for dengue fever that we came across which is by 3G organic and contains a dengue viral fever prevention kit that includes Giloy and Holy Basil or tulsi powder both of which are active herbal ingredient that helps you proficiently treat dengue and its causes while boosting your immunity and providing you strength so that you can fight back these problems with much ease. All the products are authentic and herbal in character and would cause no side effect.


medicines for dengue-ACT RX

A revolutionary new treatment and considered one of the most fool proof and best medicine for dengue, ACT RX is clinically tested after years of research and is formulated as a medicinal drug to treat the constant pangs of a viral dengue fever. This medical innovation is relatively new on the scene and the results from the clinical trials have already surpassed with flying colors making this one of the best dengue medicinal kit to have launched in the commercial market. However, since this is new it is better if you keep a doctor in consultation regarding it.

Shunthi Churna:

medicines for dengue-Shunthi Churna

Shunthi Churna is an ayurvedic medicine for dengue that comes in a powdered form and can help you tackle weakness and immunity drainage while trying to reduce the body heat so that it can assist you in fighting this viral atrocity.


medicines for dengue-Gelsemium

A homeopathic best to help you relieve dengue, Gelsemium not only aids in reducing the body temperature that follows the dengue fever but also tries to combat with the virus inside trying to eliminate it at the fastest way possible.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum:

medicines for dengue-Eupatorium Perfoliatum

Yet another herbal cure to treating dengue fever and its various symptoms, Eupatorium Perfoliatum was originally a plant based organic herb that would aid in boosting your immune system whilst eradicating the viral germ in you. you can avail this in a tube or bottled form from any ayurvedic shop.

Patanjali Giloy Ghanvati:

medicines for dengue-Patanjali Giloy Ghanvati

Straight from the house of Ramdev, Patanjali represents a ayurvedic herbal medicine endorsed by Swami Ramdev that goes by the Giloy Ghanvati and would assist you in treating dengue.

Bhargava Ague Nil:

medicines for dengue-Bhargava Ague Nil

As discussed before immunity is an important requirement especially when you’re down with dengue fever and this is why the last in the list of our dengue medicines comes with yet another homeopathic medicine for dengue. This time the Ague Nil by Bhargava consists of 8 essential dengue fighting ingredients all organic in nature as the main notable ones in it are Papaya, Neem, Holy Basil and Giloy, immunity boosting dengue fever ending natural ingredients.

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