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10 Best Medicines for Cough and Cold

A statistics taken quite recently showed how people in the present generation is more likely to fall sick from minor or mediocre illness than the people of the earlier decades. The world right now is boiling with the concept of change where every other day the world is working towards making life easier but while the easy comes at a cost of simplicity, the complicated twists and turns of the urban towns indeed have made out back bone quite feeble. The fresh earthy smells are often now replaced by fuel congesting vehicles on the road masked by expensive perfumes of our choice. The once quality driven food of the healthy origin is now being replaced by pesticides and fertilizers to conclude more quantity in less time and thus we are now more susceptible to a weakened background, the defense shield in our body being weak enough to make us fall prey to common seasonal allergies and cough and cold following nearby.

medicines for cough and cold

While cough and cold these are so common that we need not even visit the doctor for check up, this is actually the beginning of our body breaking down to minor illness that would soon result in heavier issues. However, till now whenever we feel the nose running a bit or a slight itch forming at the back of the throat, we can consult this list that contains some of the best medicine for cough and cold, on the go that you can consume at times of need.

Waterbury’s Compound:

medicines for cough and cold-Waterbury’s compound

For the kids, infant level and below, Waterbury’s compound is the best option to treat cough cold and fever. The medicine is actually a tonic in nature that prevents constant cough and itchy throat while excluding other cold symptoms like sore ear canals or stuffed nose.


medicines for cough and cold-Tylenol

Tylenol can be used for treatment of common cold and flu as it is a fever reliever and would provide instant refreshment from runny stuffed nose and itchy throats. Muscle ache or sore throat with persistent cough can be easily treated as this is by nature a pain reliever too.


medicines for cough and cold-Benzonatate

Benzonaatate is the generic name with the drug being sold in India under the brand name Benz. This is a non narcotic cough reliever that works by suppressing the cough. The main action is done by the brain as the drug immediately hits the main center and tackles the cough and cold symptoms from there.

Hydrocodone and Chlorpheniramine:

medicines for cough and cold-Hydrocodone and chlorpheniramine

The Hydrocodone and Chlorpheniramine is a category combination of drugs that works under different trade names and helps us relief cough and cold symptoms. The drug is antihistamine and narcotic in nature and may cause addiction. Apart from suppressing cough, it also provides respiratory relief by removing mucous buildup from the wind pipe and relieving congested nasal cavities.


medicines for cough and cold-Codeine

The codeine syrup is one of the medicines for cold and cough where this antihistamine narcotic drug worksby suppressing the cough. The medication works by obstructing the function of histamine which increases allergy symptoms within the body which may cause constant coughing, sneezing, migraine pains, runny nose and body ache from the fever.

Coldrex PE Cough,cold and Flu:

medicines for cough and cold-Coldrex PE cough cold and flu

To avail instant relief from nasty chest paining coughs and runny red noses, the coldrex PE cough and cold medicine can be used. It provides rapid action against congestion, headache, fever coughing and soreness of throat. Runny congested noses will no longer be a problem for you.

Mucinex oral:

medicines for cough and cold-Mucinex oral

Mucinex oral is one of the best medicine for cold and cough and is used for treating conditions like heavy coughing, common cold, bronchial issues and such. This drug falls under the category of guaifenesin drug classification which is an expectorant that loosens up the mucous buildup and allows free flow to eliminate the mucous. This however is for temporary relief and won’t help long term damages from smoking or bronchitis.

Theraflu Max-D severe cold-flu oral:

medicines for cough and cold-Theraflu Max-D severe cold-flu oral

Theraflu max D severe cold oral medicine is a decongestant in nature and would allow you to relief congestion of both chest and nasal cavities so that runny nose problems are taken care of. Apart from helping you treat your common cold fevers and body ache, this is also used as a cough suppressant as it works from the main area, the brain to reduce urges to cough.

Brohist D:

medicines for cough and cold-Brohist D

Antihistamines are used for treating allergies and common cold and one such cough cold medicine is the Brohist D oral which prevents common cold and flu symptoms. This is a decongestant in nature and would help you remove mucous build up while providing effect to running nose, itchy throat, sneezing, cough, wheezing and common fever symptoms.

Vicks NyQuil Cough:

medicines for cough and cold-Theraflu Max-Vicks NyQuil cough

This is a syrup medicine manufactured by Vicks where NyQuil cough suppressant allows you to sleep steady at night without having to worry about waking up to repeated sore throat and coughing. This suppresses the cough and at the same time provides relief to throbbing head ache and running nose. Combine this with Vicks VapoRub to eliminate nose or chest congestion further and have a sound sleep at night.

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