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Top 10 Medicines for Cold

Cold and flu is something that has affected many people over the years and has stuck around in the shadows waiting for its next target. It is a common fact that the medical society is yet to find a direct remedy to treating the common cold due to its unique nature. Though the common cold is difficult to treat it is not essentially life threatening as there are many suppressing medications available in the market that help to treat your cold in succession by stopping the build up of the cold in a very positive manner. There are many different kinds of cold medication available in the market which is provided as Over the Counter medication to treat all the issues that come with having a cold such as fever, mucus build up, headaches, fatigue and much more. It is always better to do a little research on the matter so that you know where you stand in regards to having knowledge about what steps to take when you have a cold.

medicines for cold

The best place to do your research is via the internet as the internet is a vast medium through which many distinct personalities provide information for the public to view and understand. This helps build not only awareness amongst the people but also builds the knowledge quotient of the people all around the world so that you do not have to depend on other people to tell you what you need to do when you get sick. Take some time out to do a little research so that you know about the ins and outs of all types of medication before you take it. It is also very important to keep your doctor in the loop at all times so that you do not make the mistake of mixing two similar medications that could cause a reaction in your body.

Given below are some of the best medications that you could take when facing the effects of a cold and flu-


medicines for cold-Zyrtec

Normally a doctor would prescribe oral antihistamines for you when you are suffering with a cold because this course of medication helps to kill the germs and bacteria in the body that is causing you to face a cold. Zyrtec is a great antihistamine which is revered by doctors around the world as one of the best medicine for cold.


medicines for cold-Claritin

Another well known medication for cold and flu, Claritin must be taken in regulated levels so that you do not overdose yourself on the drug. Take the advice o your doctor so that you can chalk out a medication basis for yourself so that you do not go above the limit. It is one of the best medicines for cold.

Allegra allergy:

medicines for cold-Allegra allergy

Allegra allergy, ranks in the top ten cold medicine list in the world today not because of its fast action but because it helps to give you the strength and peace of mind that you need when suffering with a cold and its side effects. Normally when suffering with a cold you might feel sleepy or lethargic which Allegra Allergy helps to diminish.


medicines for cold-Benadryl

Benadryl has been used from time immemorial to help treat cold, fever, allergies and even flu. It is a great medication that must be taken before going to sleep because it makes you drowsy. It is always better to take your doctor’s advice to the regulated amount of Benadryl that you must take for the best effects.


medicines for cold-delsym

Some of the things that you need to take care of alongside taking care of the root problem which is a cold is the side effects that might occur such as headaches, coughing, fatigue, fever and so on. Delsym is a very well known cough suppressant which can help reduce the amount of coughing you might face during the day. It also reduces mucus build up in the chest to a great extent.

Mucinex DM:

medicines for cold-Mucinex DM

Another cough suppressant this medication aims directly to reduce the mucus build up in your chest which is one of the foremost side effects of having a cold. Take your doctor’s advice so as to find the right amount to take for the best results.

Vicks Nyquil:

medicines for cold-Vicks Nyquil

There are a few medications also available worldwide that help to solve the combinations of cold, cough and flu and must be taken in the night before bed if you want the bst results. this is because the medication works well in the night by giving you the best sleep possible. Vicks Nyquil is one such medication and is one of the best medicines for common cold.

Advil Cold and Sinus:

medicines for cold-Advil Cold and Sinus

Though combinations of medication should normally be taken in the night there are a few medication combinations for the common cold that can be taken in the day time as well so that you can go about your day without a hassle. Advil cold and sinus is one such medication for cold which is world renowned.


medicines for cold-Decongestants

There is sometimes an extreme congestion of the chest when suffering with a cold. Congestions are normally caused by mucus build up which has gone beyond the controllable limit. At this point Decongestants such as Mucanex-D provides the most relief possible.


medicines for cold-Afrin

Sometimes along with the chest even your nasal tract may become congested due to mucus build up requiring you to treat yourself with nasal decongestants of various kinds. Afrin is one such decongestant for the nasal tract which has been world revered.

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