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Top 10 Medicines for Back Pain

Often we blame it on uneasy sleeping positions or long hours of having to sit in an awkward position possibly in the office or work place. Then there are times when we often blame it on uncomfortable sitting places and all of them adds up to the point where a stiff back possibly with a excruciating back pain bothers us. At around this time neither can we move around flexibly nor can we lie down or sit up in peace since the entire muscle at the back keeps constantly paining. The back pain causes are many including a case of heavy lifting where heavy lifters are often complaining about back muscular pain. before we move to the medicines section, here’s why or how the back pain occurs. Usually the muscle if constricted to an awkward position is kept the same way for a long time, causes a sudden pull in the ligaments or the tissues of the muscle and this is the very spot that the medicines use to cure your back pain. usually the medicines, the list that will be furnished below is mostly analgesic in nature which would stand for pain killers that actually assist in helping you get rid of the pain.

Acetaminophen Oral:

medicines for back pain-Acetaminophen

A classic pain relieving medicine, the acetaminophen is definitely one of the best medications of sorts that uses its benefits to relieve stubborn pain in the body including headaches, back ache, sharp arthritis problems and muscle pains. This is an analgesic back pain medication that stiffly hinders the process of communication for the neurotransmitters so that pain can be blocked or soothed.

Capsaicin Topical:

medicines for back pain-Capsaicin Topical

Capsaicin Topical is yet another pain reliever where this medication not only tends to the back but also to the various muscle places that are known for their mischievous pain. any sort of minor or mediocre pain can be relieved with this medication as it goes on to relieve even temporary pain from arthritis and related problems.  This medication comes in various forms of topical solution, be it gel, cream or lotion and needs to be applied in the correct spot.

Tylenol Oral:

medicines for back pain-Tylenol Oral

Tylenol is one of the most trusted child hood medicine that we often have used every since childhood. A proficient fever reducer, Tylenol is actually an analgesic in nature too as this acetaminophen category of pain relieving medicine actually does work wonders for your back pain. this indeed is one of the best medicine for back pain.

Voltarol Pain-Eze:

medicines for back pain-Voltarol Pain-Eze

Medication for back pain does not get any better than this as the Voltarol Pain-eze is a comforting pain reliever that helps deal with swelling and inflammation along with stiff back and neck pain. the Voltarol pain –eze is known to reduce pain immediately and the spot action technique is indeed helpful for during emergency situations.

Lyrica 75mg:

medicines for back pain-Lyrica 75mg

Yet another grade A analgesic in nature, Lyrica 75mg can be quite a handy pain reliever during the tough days when you just cannot move. For days like this, the lyrica drug that comes in a 75mg dosage unit can be an ideal pain killer to kill your back pain. also assisting in relieving neuropathic pain, Lyrica 75mg thus can help you get rid of back pain.

Weleda Bryonia 30C:

medicines for back pain-Weleda Bryonia 30C

One of the homeopathic medicine for back pain can be the Bryonia 30C by the Weleda company which is a trusted homeopathy company that offer to us this medication as an over the counter pain reliever for the tough stubborn back pain and cramps that don’t even allow you to sleep properly. From abdominal cramps to acute back pain, it can tackle anything.

Rhus Tox:

medicines for back pain-Rhus Tox

Rhus tox is actually an ayurvedic plant or herb essentially converted into a homeopathic medicine for the greater purpose of solving muscle aches such as thigh cramps, back pain, calf muscle pain e.t.c. here in this section, Rhus Tox can definitely aid you in keeping your back pain limited without any essential side effects.

Aspercreme Topical:

medicines for back pain-Aspercreme topical

Here is yet another medicine for lower back pain that will not only aid in relieving back pain but also assist in inflammation and swelling problems. This is a topical solution that allows you to deal with certain on spot pain with ease. Especially useful in relieving temporary minor or mediocre basis pain.

Trixaicin Topical:

medicines for back pain-Trixaicin topical

Following the footstep of the prior mentioned medicine, here we have enlisted is yet another topical medicine called the Trixaicin which is essentially analgesic in nature and provides pain relief at the fastest. Apply on the spot and watch your pain fade away.

Myoflex Topical:

medicines for back pain-Myoflex topical

The last in the list of medicines for back pain is yet another topical solution meaning anything that can be applied. Myoflex topical is once again a pain reliever for the back caused by strong muscle stiffness or awkward tendon pulls.

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