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Top 10 Medicines for Allergy

Before we move into the topic of medications to treat allergies, let’s have a look at what allergy exactly is. Your body throughout the course of the day comes in contact with a number of substances that may or may not be compatible with your body. this can range in between anything from food like peanuts to pollens in the air, from a particular perfume brand to even gold or metal trinkets to adorn yourself, allergy can be concluded from anything that is not in sync with your body. the first time the body experiences the incompatibility, it shuts down the system or expresses the problem through a series of hypersensitivity actions and the immune system identifying that creates an antibody of those symptoms.

medicines for allergy

Now every time you come in contact with the same kind of element, the antibody releases hormones that portrays through a series of allergic reactions that are quite common to us. Allergy can be both internal and external, the usual allergic symptoms however showing up on the external front more and more. The usual scope of allergy is swelling or inflammation of the joints, the face, the hand or the feet along with the tongue or the neck swelling up making swallowing, talking or other common activities difficult. Here in this article we have made a list therefore of the best allergy medicine list that can help you deal with stubborn side effects.


medicines for allergy-Loratadine

Histamine is a natural complex hormone or a substance that our body produces during the time of stress or allergy and assists first hand in allergic reactions. This is why medicines such as Loratadine which is the generic name for the drug is an antihistamine in nature that is used to treat allergy symptoms like sneezing, nausea, swelling of neck or face and shortage of breath. by regulating the histamine hormone, the allergic reactions are prevented from occurring.


medicines for allergy-Zyrtec

A medication to treat both common cold, flu and allergies, the Zyrtec medication too falls under the category of anti histamines that help us regulate the hormone or the natural substance forming in our body and therefore prevents the allergic reactions from showing up. Zyrtec is applicable both for adults as well as children and allows the patient to treat reactions effectively.

Allegra Anti-itch:

medicines for allergy-Allegra anti itch

This medication by Allegra is analgesic in nature and is one of the most proficient medicine for skin allergy. The analgesic nature is pain killing and would allow you to get rid of painful situations like heavy rashes, hives like symptoms and such other skin allergy types. Relieving dry and cracked skin, Allegra is a topical solution that soften and moisturizes the skin and can help you get rid of poison Ivy or oak. Itch relief and smooth on the skin.


medicines for allergy-Allegra-D

This is yet another branch of the medication that we just spoke about, but instead of a topical solution the allegra-D is an oral pill to treat allergies and their symptoms. This particular medication contains a combination of fexofenadine and pseudoephedrine which are anti histamine in nature and would assist in eliminating histamines that poke or encourage the allergic reactions from occurring.

Equate Allergy Relief:

medicines for allergy-Equate allergy relief

Equate allergy relief medications can be found over the counter and is one of the  best anti histamine allergic medicinal cures to keep your allergic symptoms in check. Equate is a trusted brand that promises immediate relief from severe symptoms including persistent sneezing, itchiness, running nose and watery eyes. This is however the lowest effective dose version that you get as OTC while the heavier doses are prescription only.

Diprobase Ointment:

medicines for allergy-Diprobase ointment

Diprobase topical ointment is yet another skin allergy medicine that is mainly used to treat eczema and other subsequent skin allergies and their reactions like poison ivy, hives, excessive reddening and swelling and such.

Kirkland Allergy Medicine:

medicines for allergy-Kirkland allergy medicine

Kirkland’s allergy medication is bottled up with small pink pills that provide relief from allergic reactions at the speediest rate. It cures side effects like sneezing or persistent runny nose, itching and hay fever symptoms. This is however a temporary relief medication that provides relief on spot.

Reactine Allergy extra Strength Medicine:

medicines for allergy-reactine

The best part about this medication is the non drowsy feels that let you continue with your everyday activities but without feeling droopy or sleepy throughout the course. This is yet another allergy symptom relief medicine that works within the first 20 minutes of consumption and would go on to last for 24 hours.

Benadryl Allergy:

medicines for allergy-Benadryl allergy

Yet another of the trusted brands ever since childhood, Benadryl categorized under the anti histamine class of drugs actually allow you to ease on to your severe or tough allergic symptoms. Benadryl for allergic relief cure is especially helpful while treating children.

CVS Indoor and Outdoor Allergies, Allergy Relief:

medicines for allergy-CVS indoor and outdoor allergies

Any sort of allergic reactions can be treated using CVS’s allergic reaction medication that provides instant relief and would treat all kinds be it indoor or outdoor like hay fever or pollen allergies.

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