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Top 10 Medicines for Acne

Acne is a very commonly occurring issue between people of the ages of 15-21 from all around the world. There are many causes of acne which include stress, heat and even humidity issues. You can even get acne if you are allergic to something or have a heated system. Pollution may even cause acne which is why it is very necessary for you to take care of your skin at all times because when left unhindered acne can be a very spreading issue that spreads throughout your face making it very difficult to handle and that is why it is very necessary to deal with acne immediately with the help of a number of medications that have actually entered the market. Does your own research on the matter so that you know the ins and outs of best medicines for pimples in the best way possible and even have a complete knowledge of the best natural and pharmaceutical remedies of acne so that you do not have to worry about anything.

medicines for acne

Research is a very easy option that can be done easily by accessing the internet on your computer or any other medium. The internet is a widespread medium that actually provides a large number of information in regards to many topics including medicines for pimples in the best way possible. There are a number of medications that are actually available both online and offline to help treat your acne but it is very important at this time to take some professional advice depending on the spreading of your acne so that with a doctors advice you can go ahead without any hiccups or side effects that would normally be the case if you start using medication that is unregulated.

Given below are a few medications containing both natural and pharmaceutical elements that can be used when you have acne-

Omega 3 Fatty Acids:

medicines for acne-Omega Fatty Acids

Medicines for acne that maintain a strong element of omega 3 fatty acids is what you need very importantly to help fuel the eradication of your acne. Omega 3 fatty acids are available in a number of vitamins and even in medication of the most elaborate kind therefore do your research and hone in on medication that suits your needs to the fullest extent.


medicines for acne-Selenium

Selenium present in a wide number of natural medicines for acne and pimples is a very important form of acne removal as it is an antioxidant that helps to protect other means of antioxidants. Selenium works very fast to first clean the skin of acne and then work on the marks which are left behind quite efficiently so that you can enjoy smooth and clear skin.

Vitamin C:

medicines for acne-Vitamin c

Vitamin C is found in pure medication as well and is used on a large scale to help cure acne both in pharmaceutical applications and even homoeopathic applications. Vitamin C has been used for an uncountable period of time to help treat acne to the fullest extent on countless people from all around the world and has been successful in doing so.

Sprintec 28 Oral:

medicines for acne-Sprintec 28 oral

This drug has been used quite extensively in the pharmaceutical industry as a very valid drug in helping to treat acne. It not only helps to reduce acne over time but with the regulated use of this drug it helps to suppress any means of acne to a great extent throughout your life helping you to live with smooth and acne free skin. It is easy to use and needs to be ingested orally and with the help of your doctor’s advice you can enjoy a regulated and efficient intake of this best medicine for pimples and acne.

YAZ 28 Oral:

medicines for acne-YAZ 28 oral

Another very famous pharmaceutical product, this tablet has actually been used to treat excessive acne and has been prescribed by doctor’s when patients are suffering not only with acne but with other skin lesions as well. It helps to stop the build up of any skin lesions so that you can have space to enjoy painless smooth free skin.

Sulphur Topical:

medicines for acne-Sulphur topical

Sulphur topical is a great way to deal with acne by applying a sulphur lotion to your skin of any kind. The best part is that any kind of lotion containing good amounts of Sulphur can be used to help treat acne to the greatest extent so do the research that is necessary so that you can hone in on a medical product of your choice.

Betesal Topical:

medicines for acne-Betesal topical

Another application of highest proportions this lotion is available at a doctor’s request and help to treat other skin lesions like mumps and chicken pox as well. It is always better not to link two lotions at the same time when applying so that you can avoid any side effects that may occur when doing this so stay safe and enjoy acne free skin for the rest of your life.

Acne Cleansing Pads:

Acne cleansing pads

Acne cleansing pads are a market found material that is a quick fix to your acne and actually contain certain amount of medication in each pad for the highest results. you can apply the pads at one time so that you can rid yourself of acne fast for any situation.

Scalp Relief Topical:

Scalp relief topical

Scalp relief topical is a very well used application for the scalp and is used especially when the acne has spread to your scalp causing itching and burning sensations.

Advanced Acne wash Topical:

Advanced Acne wash topical

This means of treating your acne is a way of washing your skin with a brand of face wash that has been tailor-made to help treat your acne to the highest extent.

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