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10 Best Medicines for Acidity

Many people out their love and trust into medication to help treat any issue that may arise over time because with the rising need for new kinds of medication it is quite necessary that adequate means of medicating yourself are invented where people can actually provide a means of sustenance for their body to get better when in a situation where things are getting out of hand. Acidity is an issue that is not such a big deal at first and feels like a trivial issue at the beginning but as the time progresses acidity may grow in intensity as well which is something that you would not want to happen because firstly the pain may be unbearable at times, you will lose your appetite and thirdly it will give birth to many other side effects that you would not want to deal with ever. These side effects may include heartburn, acid reflux and even ulcers which can manifest themselves in your stomach and grow over time which can cause extreme pain and pressure issues.

Medicines for Acidity

The internet is the best place to do your research on the best ways to help treat acidity in the best way possible because there are many informational websites which are present online that actually give a very detailed and avid account on exactly how to deal with acidity and what medication to use and in what quantity so as to get rid of acidity for a long period of time. The worst part about acidity is that it can jump up at any point in your life and is actually a constant issue that can never be fully solved but you can get rid of it whenever it jumps up taking the help of adequate medication. Keep your doctor in the loop at all times.

Given below is an acidity medicine list that you can take when suffering with acidity on an elaborate level-


medicines for acidity-Alka Seltzer

This is the best medicine for acidity and is the perfect remedy for acidity if you use it properly because it gives you the ability to enjoy your day without any acid reflux. It clears your stomach of any acid reflux slowly and steadily and is not at all harmful to your body if you take it in a regulated amount. Take your doctor’s advice to understand how much you should take.


medicines for acidity-Maalox

Maalox is also a well known medicines for acidity that has been revered by the medical society to give fast and adequate relief from acidity. It deals with not only the primary issue that is acid reflux but it also coats the wall of your stomach so as to stop the build up of acid in your body along with dealing with other issues that may be ensuing like heartburn and pressure issues. Though this drug is a great way to treat yourself try and keep it under the regulated amount of intake.


medicines for acidity-Mylanta

Mylanta like all other Antacids actually provides your body with a wall against the rise of acid in your body and treats all your issues related with acidity quite well. Acid reflux is mainly caused due to a number of issues that may cause acidity to occur and these issues can be curbed to a certain extent to stop acid build up which is where Mylanta comes in guns blazing.


medicines for acidity-Rolaids

Rolaids are a lesser known medicine for acidity but that does not mean that this medication does not pack a punch because it actually does. Rolaids provide fast relief from acidity and with regulated intake it helps to build up a resistance for the problem of which you will only benefit over time. Rolaids can be regulated with the help of your doctor that can provide you with the best advice possible in this regard.


medicines for acidity-Riopan

Riopan is acidity tablets that have been revered by the medical society in helping to neutralize the acidity in your stomach which will only build up if you do not treat it easily. Riopan is a medication that you must take in regulated amounts and with the help of your doctor’s advice because it will have side effects that you would want to avoid.


medicines for acidity-Gaviscon

Gaviscon is a foaming agent that coats the stomach to help prevent the build of reflux. Gaviscon is a drug that may be provided to you in an issue where antacids have failed and you’re in need of more hardcore medication that stops acidity in its tracks so that you do not have to worry about it anymore. Gaviscon is very useful in tight situations but you must always use it wisely when using acidity medicines.


medicines for acidity-Zantac

Zantac is a very well known acidity medication that an reduce acid production to a great extent. Acid production is the primary cause of issue in cases of acidity because it is this issue that may lead to other problems later and what Zantac does is to reduce the causage of the problem so that you can help fight the problem at the root.


medicines for acidity-Reglan

Reglan is a prokinetic drug that can help reduce LES, empty out your stomach immediately and reduce the build up of acid in your body which is primarily the three things that must be done in order to fight any issues pertaining to acidity.


medicines for acidity-Pepcid

This is also a well known drug that reduces the production of acid in your stomach in the context of helping to fight any issues pertaining to acid build up in your body which is a very important way of preventing acidity and all its side effects that may occur.


medicines for acidity-Tagamet

This medication is last on the list but not the least because it provides the best environment for you to deal with acidity on many elaborate levels.

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