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Top 10 Medicines for Abortion

Abortion is something that you need to take your time with because it is a very difficult situation that requires a lot of your time and energy and plus it means that you are not ready for a child at the moment. Abortion medication has been upcoming over the years removing the life risking surgery that needed to be done all the time. The best part about abortion medication is that it is actually a completely painless and fast way to go through an abortion but at this time it is always better to take the complete advice of a trusted medical practitioner before you do anything because things can spiral in the wrong direction at any point in time if you take any medication in an unregulated manner. Do your own research in this regard as well so that at the end of the day you know what you are doing and what your doctor explains to you in regards to doing for taking the abortion medication in a successful manner.

medicines for abortion

Research can be done easily with the help of the internet because there are a number of informational websites that give you a step by step process of how best to stay safe when taking medicines for abortion because it is very important for you to stay safe during this time. What people don’t know is that when using any type of medication for abortion you run the risk of going through multiple side effects when taking the drugs in an unregulated manner which is why it is very necessary for you to keep your doctor in the loop at all times so that you can follow up on any issue at any time. Some of the side effects that you may face are damage to your fallopian tube, nausea, headaches and excessive blood loss making it very necessary for you to take all the help you can get to stay away from such issues.

Given below are a few very popular name of abortion pills that are used quite efficiently when trying to induce the medical situation known as abortion-


medicines for abortion-Carboprost

It is one of the most common drugs used to induce abortion and is known in the medical society for its painless flawlessness that provides women everywhere a chance to make a decision. It is always better to take your doctor’s advice before taking this drug so that you can stay safe at all times.


medicines for abortion-Dinoprostone

There are many applications to abortion with the help of this drug making it one of the widely used drugs in this medical field making it one of the most successful abortion medications ever made. Not only does it deal in forceful induced abortion but also cleans out the uterus after giving birth and much more and is used for all kinds of abortion related medical applications.


medicines for abortion-Mifepristone

This is a synthetic steroid that actually works really well to help stop the build up the growth of hormones that actually promote pregnancy termination pills thus stopping it altogether. It is used by a number of people in the medical society from all over the world. It works better normally with other abortion medication as well so take your doctor’s advice before taking this medication.


medicines for abortion-Misoprostol

Another medication that is used for plenty of reasons in regards to birth control, Misoprostol has been used all around the world for plenty of reasons such as haemorrhage, induced abortion, ulcer and even labour induction. It is very necessary for you to take the advice of your doctor at all times so that you have every chance to be tension free during this time. You can get this drug on prescription and it is used quite excessively by doctors as well making it some of the best pills for abortion.


medicines for abortion-Oxytocin

This is a contraction stimulant medicine for abortion that not only induces you to have contractions for labour but it also gives you the ability to induce more contractions during your pregnancy if you are not having enough contractions and that is why it can be such a good drug for abortion because it induces labour and when used before your time of completion of nine months it will aide in abortion.

Vitamin C:

medicines for abortion-VITAMINC

Specifically ascorbic acid is a great homoeopathic way of inducing a period when you are due within6-12 weeks. It is one of the more natural ways of having an abortion with no required additions or side effects. Vitamin C is otherwise very available but ascorbic acid is what is required for the best results in the market.

Abortion kit:

medicines for abortion-Abortion kit

An abortion kit is very available for people who wish to go through an abortion without having to take an elaborate amount of your time and your money and also not putting too much of a toll on your body but it is always better to keep your body safe without any side effects at any point in time.

RU 486:

medicines for abortion-Ru486

It is a very good medical termination of pregnancy that has been revered around the country as something that can be used by a majority of women who wish to do an abortion without having to go through the side effects that come with the abortion pills that you try to use.


medicines for abortion-Prostokos

Prostokos is a very good abortion pill that has been revered by the medical society as a means of helping in your abortion but it is better to keep your doctor in the loop at all times for the best results.