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losartan (cozaar) – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

While some in the busy world neglects their health care, some are deliberately tied at the roots helpless and seeking advanced medical care. The world at its fastest pace is now turned into a ball of pollution and pollutants where the toxicity level rises each and every day making one person or the other go sick. Urbanization and modernization thus has its shortcomings when cases like this occurs but what really is beautiful is the advancement of the world where now newer medical remedies are available for each and every disorder, even for the new ones that creep up in the scene. While stronger and less likely to go away diseases like cancer are definitely an unfortunate affair, there are some medical disorders that can be tended to using modern medicines, one such medicine being the highlight of today’s article.

Losartan, the generic name for this medicine is especially used to treat high blood pressure in patients and the method or the technique it applies will surely blow your mind. To understand this medications working mechanism we have to go deep into the scientific management of our body by our body but prior to that, here is a list of the disorders that this medicine can mend for you.

Apart from helping you control or regulate your high blood pressure, this medication also takes part in relieving high risks of cardiac arrest or stroke in people. It also helps you save your kidney from the damaging effects of the detrimental diabetes while ensuring other heart problems caused or raised by the problem of high blood pressure is kept at a secured side of health. Even though the generic name of the drug is losartan, this drug is often sold under the brand names cozaar. Now that the introduction to the medicine is done with, let’s look into the working mechanism of this drug.



To start with, our body is filled with rushing or gushing blood that flows throughout the body pumping blood into every nook and cranny of the system. The main pumper is the heart and it is here that the blood vessels or the arteries exist that wind up throughout the body. These blood vessels are hollow from the inside thereby allowing the blood to pass.  Now this is when a normal blood pressure prevails but then there are situations when certain chemical compositions in the body causes the blood vessels to narrow down thereby restricting the free flow of blood from your system. this causes hypertension or as we call it high blood pressure and hence this drug is strictly called a ARB category classified drug, i.e. angiotensin receptor blockers where angiotensin is a chemical that forms in the blood through ACE or angiotensin converting enzyme that glues itself to the muscle walls of the blood vessels and thereby lessening the space between the blood vessel walls. This is how losartan uses its benefits to cure you:

  • High blood pressure: the receptors in the wall of the muscle allow the angiotensin to lock them thereby allowing muscle contraction.  the medicine losartan thereby forms the receptors and absorbs the angiotensin thereby preventing the chemical from actually resizing the blood vessel. It prevents the angiotensin from reaching the muscle thereby allowing the muscles to relax. Thus with normal blood flow prevailing, your blood pressure can be stabilized too.
  • Heart attack risks: risks of stroke can be high when your blood pressure is high. The situation is with less blood pumping to your heart, your heart may experience a sudden cardiac arrest situation which is why this medicinal drug indirectly even so takes part in reducing stroke or heart attack risks. Apart from simple cardiac arrest risks, other minor or major heart problems are kept in mind while using this medication to treat you as it may even abate mediocre heart disorder problems.
  • Kidney problems: at times diabetes, the type II situation can prove to be quite detrimental to your system, especially your kidneys. Renal issues often creep up in the wake of type II diabetes, the serious kind and therefore may cause heavy damage to the kidney. The losartan medicine can also be used to treat such kidney issues.
  • Neuropathic pain: neuropathic pain once again in the wake up diabetes may occur where diabetes may cause neuropathic pain. Here we can use this medicine to treat neuropathic disorders or pain as well.


Based on your medical requirement your doctor will prescribe to you the dosage required for you. prior to that there are a few considerations that needs to be taken into account like your age, weight and even the test results if there is any so that your doctor can judge the dosage properly without failure.

The losartan dose prescribed is strictly to be taken orally and the consumption method will be described to you by your doctor. You can either avail it in the pill form or simply in the form of an oral suspension. If availed in the oral suspension form, the measuring becomes an integral part. Never use a normal household spoon or a cup to measure your dosage as the dose may vary. Always use a professional measuring spoon or beaker to measure your dosage and shake the bottle well before consumption. In case of a capsule or tablet, do not break or bite down on a whole tablet but instead swallow it full with a glass of water. You don’t want the inactive ingredients to cause over dosing damage.

The medication can be taken with food or without food based on what your doctor prescribed to you. Always keep an hour’s time at least after the medicine before you move on to your meals. If you are taking the oral suspension, do not lie down immediately after taking the medicine.


Even though your doctor will prescribe to you the dosage unit, it is up to the patient to maintain the regularity. The consumption technique along with the time intervals will be strictly mentioned to you. make sure you strictly abide by the rules and always keep an eye out on improvements.

If you are a beginner to this medicine, the doctor would usually prescribe a bare minimum dosage which is the initial unit and on improvement or dissatisfaction with the results, your doctor can increase the dosage if required. The initial adult dosage for this medication starts with 15mg where a losartan 15mg tablet is used as a basic dose. However this is indeed a low dose and may be apt for maintenance doses. To increase the dose, you can opt for losartan 25mg which should be taken twice a day with ample time gap in between each dosage.

This is an adult daily dose for treatments for high blood pressure and this unit can be increased to 50mg. the losartan potassium 50mg tablets can be used for kidney problems as well where potassium actually replaces the excess sodium in the body thereby ensuring smooth operation. For liver doses, a 25mg tablet orally taken once a day is enough. Doses like 40mg are usually kept as maintenance dosage and the highest amount under doctor’s approval can be set at 100mg with precautions taken.

This was however the adult dosage segmentation and for the pediatric doses, the child’s age should be taken strictly into consideration. Keep the dose minimum for an infant say 0.7mg and this can be increased with age up to 50mg total in a day.


This medication takes time to act and therefore the improvement for the individual can be judged over a period of 3 to 6 weeks. If by the end of the 3rd week the results are not satisfactory, consult your doctor. Also, if you are going through a pregnancy term, consult your doctor regarding the usage of this medication as it may or may not pass on to the breast milk thereby indirectly affecting the child. Also, this medication on your course should be duly noted to the surgeon, if you are scheduled for any surgery in the near future.

Once the medication is used for a daily basis, cutting down on it suddenly may cause withdrawal symptoms. Usually the body gets used to this drug in your system and on the occasion of discontinuation the body may cause symptoms like fits or seizures. Lower your dose slowly. Also, don’t jump for a lower dose directly to a higher dose until emergency situations occur.

If you are using this medication to treat hypertension, even after you feel well keep this medication in your daily routine to continue better health conditions.


Interactions with other medication usually mean this current medicinal drug may interact with previous or new medications that you intake thereby causing an unfortunate reaction which is usually strictly feared. This is why your are usually advised to furnish full details about your medical history to your doctor in along with a full medicinal intake history.

The usual medicines that may react with this dose can be pain killers or analgesics that tamper the chemical balance of the body to relieve pain. also, herbal or over the counter antibiotics, if too strong may cause hamper. A word of caution is also placed for allergy medicines which ferociously react with this medication. If you are going through a heart or a kidney medicine, consult your doctor about the continuation of both.


Side effects usually are a common denominator when it comes to drugs this powerful. One can either experience side effects from the viewpoint that a new introduction of a substance stirs up some problem in the system or it can also be the reason of incompatibility where the drug simply does not agree with the body. in the wake of this, here we have a good set of some of the most common side effects that you may face while on the course of this drug.

  • Increase in hunger and urination frequency:  losartan side effects include increase in your hunger quotient where the patient may constantly feel hungry and to tackle this side effect always keep snacks handy so that they can munch on them instead of going for meals every time. Urination frequency may increase too at this point.
  • Slight fever with chills and possibly cold sweats: a mild fever with a slight body ache is no exception for a beginner who is using the medicine for the first time. Here the person actually may feel cold sweat with soft chills running down their spine.
  • Fatigue, nausea and dizziness: tiredness and feelings of nausea persist.
    Seizures as a withdrawal symptom: seizures may occur in the event of medicine withdrawal when you suddenly stop the course.
    These however were the most common ones and there is still a list of some of the most uncommon side effects the very first one being
  • Anxiety and depression: this is one of the rare situations but troubles like anxiety or panic attacks backed by depression may creep up on the scene on the event of which consult your doctor immediately.
    String abdominal muscle pain with stiffness of muscle: strong abdominal pain with muscle stiffness and joint swelling may occur.
  • Heart palpitations: irregular heart beat and heart palpitation is no stranger to this medicine’s rare side effects side.
  • Slurred speech and shortness of breath: slurred speech and frequent fainting is a problem that you should look out for and along with this shortness of congestion in breathing along with wheezing and tightness in chest may occur.