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Acidophilus (lactobacillus acidophilus) – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

The very first microorganism that inhabited the earth was the very bacteria that often help us turn milk into curd while the other kind of bacteria would often stir up ugly damage to our body. Bacteria are present in your body as a individual and these very bacteria even in the environment is definitely made up of both pros and cons. The good bacteria helps us as the bad ones causes up diseases and disorders, diarrhea or common flu being the most common examples. The world at a fast paced rate is often neglecting proper health care with routines to maintain and schedules to keep up with. This is probably why the statistics would often say disorders and illness have increased manifold and in different new ways in this new generations to come and this is where we start our article, a small medicinal assistance that would partake just a little bit into making your life a little better, a slight more healthier.

The bacteria acidophilus are already present in our body, mainly in our intestines and the vaginal area of a woman. Ironically, the medicine that we shall talk about too is called acidophilus, the generic name for the drug being lactobacillus acidophilus. This medicine also called acidophilus actually is known to create an acidic situation within the gut and vaginal environment which therefore prevents the growth of these bacteria. Acidophilus pills actually help you deal with yeast infections be it vaginal in nature or in the stomach or the intestine which is probably why infection in the stomach may lead to diarrhea, something that this medicinal drug can tackle too. Since it is present in the vaginal area, the proliferation of these bacteria may cause urinary tract infection or something related which is exactly why this medicine can be used to get rid of UTI and related genital infections. The generic name has been mentioned before but the medicine actually is sold under the brand names Bacid, Probiotica, Dofus, Lactinex, Culturelle etc.

lactobacillus acidophilus


l.acidophilus is a treatment medicinal drug that shares its name with the bacteria inside our body. with both being called acidophilus, the main job of this medicine is to create a hostile environment within the body, possibly by making it more acidic in nature so that as a medicinal drug it can prevent the further growth or breeding of these bacteria that would lead to nasty infections like UTI or intestinal disorders, not to forget diarrhea.

The preparations that contain this bacteria are called probiotics that contains live bacteria which when taken would revive and restore the natural balance of the good bacteria therefore allowing acidophilus benefits to prevail. Usually one can treat a lot of diseases with this bacteria prevention medicine, a list of which is furnished below.

  • To start any sort of infection can be cured using this medication. Usually the infections can be in the form of intestinal bacterial infection or vaginal infection. Even stomach infection can be taken into account where diarrhea problems often occur which is something that even this medication can cure.
  • Urinary tract infection or UTI is infection of the tract that allows urine to pass thereby causing difficulty in passing urine. The lactobacillus acidophilus uses its benefits to suppress excess bacterial growth which is how it prevents UTI infection.
  • Hay fever is a type of an allergic reaction caused by allergic reactions from the pollens in the air. The medicine acidophilus is also used for treating hay fever symptoms.
  • Immunity buildup is definitely one of the most important benefits that you can derive from this particular drug. Your body’s immunity would allow you to build up a defense so that repeated bacterial infections don’t occur. The immunity wall is often broken down by these infections which is why this medicinal drug actually helps you build up immunity for you.


Usually your doctor would prescribe to you the necessary dosage required based upon some evaluations like your age, weight, medical requirement and also the intensity of the disease like the seriousness of the infection and such.

This medication is to be taken in by mouth, the dosage unit and the consumption style being guided by the doctor. You can avail this medicine in different forms like tablets, capsules and even powdered or liquid forms. Never jump from one form to another, as their dosage unit may not always be the same. If taken in pill or capsule form, try not to crush, chew or bite down on the medicine but to swallow it as whole using a glass of water since the breaking of a pill or a capsule would bring the inactive ingredients together which increases over dosing risks. The powdered or the oral suspension form needs extra care since the dosage is in your control. Always consult a doctor or a trusted pharmacist regarding the dose and strictly follow that routine until needed. Use a professional dose measuring spoon or cup to measure the liquid or powder.

The acidophilus dosage can be taken with food or without food based on what your doctor recommended.


it is up to your doctor to decide what dosage you require after some careful evaluations like the age or the weight of the patient, the requirement intensity of the medicine and some lab results if there is any should also be considered into the mix. Your doctor would usually jot down the dosage for you and if you are going for over the counter assistance, either ask your pharmacist or simply read the patient’s information form carefully. The consumption style or the time intervals too should be briefed to you.

it is easier if you start with a basic dose, the lowest effective unit and if the results are not satisfactory you can move on to a higher dose if the doctor recommends. If you have been prescribed a higher amount, break the doses into equal intervals instead of having it all on one go. To start with the probiotic acidophilus 250mg is used to make yogurts.  The 500mg doses can be used to treat the infections but it is better if you branch out the doses rather than taking it all in one go. For diarrhea 1011 CFU acidophilus should be taken in each day as a daily dose and for normal infections an adult dose would consist of 1×109 CFU. For intestinal disorders a dose of 240 ml should be taken by mouth everyday for two weeks but if you are treating diarrhea with this medicine, do not continue this medication for any longer than possibly 3 days. Over dosing can cause nasty stomach upsets.


Before taking in acidophilus probiotic, always consult your doctor regarding the possibilities of pregnancy. This medication remains in your system and would be difficult as a pregnant woman to keep the medication on continuation. This drug is powerful and is known to pass onto the breast milk which is how it can directly affect the baby.

Also, if you are constantly using this medication, chances are that your body will get used to this and on sudden stoppage, the body may feel the lack of the drug and start showing withdrawal symptoms of the worst kind. This is why it is necessary that you keep lowering the dosage instead of stopping it altogether.

If you have a weak immunity system, you should probably tell your doctor about it along with past cases of genital disorders or sexually transmitted diseases. Recurring urinary tract problems should too be mentioned. if you are slightly allergic to milk or is lactose intolerant in nature, this medication is not for you.


Interaction with medicines usually mean one drug present in your system may or may not react with the new drug. often this new drug gels with the old one causing a collaboration to occur which has adverse effects. At times these drugs don’t go well at all and thus it is often looked upon as an added trouble.

Therefore, it is always advised that you thoroughly check up with your doctor regarding the interaction possibilities by furnishing to him a detailed report of your past medical history followed by subsequent medical intake list. this way he would know what or which medication may interact.
Also, if you are currently going through a course for allergy medicines, refrain from that since it too may react heavily with this anti bacterial drug.


Every drug comes with a baggage, the side effect. Much like their glory days of benefiting us, every drug would react some way or the other. Often the side effects arrive because of the introduction of a new substance into your system which your body recognizes as a foreign entity. Other days your body may not be compatible with the drug given and thus the side effects arise.

Usually these side effects for some are unnoticeable and would not even be a concern but for the most part, side effects should never be ignored. Given below is a list to the most common side effects that you may face while being on the course for this drug.

  • Allergic reaction: the first symptom or side effect that you should be aware of is of allergic reaction. On the issue of incompatibility, allergic reactions would necessarily be in the form of throat, face and neck swelling backed by painful rashes and itchy scaly skin. These are common allergy reaction signs and should always be kept an eye out on. In the occasion of allergic reaction occurring, even if it’s for the slightest, consult your doctor immediately and ensure you never take allergy pills without doctor’s advice.
  • High fever and chills: high fever and chills running down your spine is yet one of the acidophilus side effects. Fever at its mild with soft body pain can be an introductory side effect but beware never to ignore high rising fever and extreme body pain. consult your doctor regarding persistent fever or else tone down the dosage unit for a while.
  • Flatulence: flatulence is next in the list of side effects along with which persisting stomach upset causes may occur which usually is a sign of overdosing.  Flatulence usually means formation of gas in the stomach that causes upsetting pain and discomfort.
  • Pregnancy problems: during pregnancy one of the side effects may be in the form of this powerful drug passing on to the breast milk of the mother which may indirectly harm the unborn.
  • Shortness of breath: shortness of breath causes immediate concern which is why even at the slightest if you feel wheezing or suffocation alongside the course of this medication, male sure you consult the doctor immediately or stop the medication for awhile.
  • Dizziness and nausea: if you are seated and suddenly stand up from a seating position, it is difficult for you to maintain your balance as your head feels light and swirly. This can be recognized as the feeling of dizziness which may occur during the course of this medication. Along with this nausea feelings may persist too and often these nausea feelings may result in vomiting also.
  • Withdrawal Symptoms: often when you suddenly stop a medication your body feels the lack of the drug in your system and may cause subsidiary withdrawal symptoms. Be aware of that.

The good bacteria in our system helps our body work smoothly at a relaxed pace while the bad bacteria stir up danger, one such being the acidophilus bacteria that often can be accounted for the infections be it in the intestine or the vaginal area.

This is why the drug dosage we speak about in this article is brought to light so that you can use this to prevent further bacterial growth and thereby prevent these infections from hindering you.