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Isotretinoin – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

Accutane is a well known pharmaceutical drug that is known to be rich in vitamin A. It helps to treat the build up of acne to a great extent and has been well known to fight nodular acne on a very high level. Accutane is more of a last resort drug and is normally given to a person after mostly all kinds of antibiotics and anti acne drugs are tried out but to no avail. The medical industry is in great boom in the 21st century with new and improved versions of medicines and concepts coming out every day. It is at this time that a number of medications are brought forward that are not only life changing to society but also provide grounds on which new and improved versions of taking care of peoples issues are brought forward. Though this is a relative fact it is still always necessary for you to do the research necessary before bringing this drug into your life.

The best place to do your research is online because there are a number of websites that provide the information you need in order to use this product not only safely but in a regulated manner as well. Research is very important as it gives you a complete estimate of Accutane along with all its side effects and the drugs you shouldn’t mix it with when consuming allowing you to have a full knowledge of the fact which is what to do and what not to do when it comes to using this drug. Along with doing your own research it is also necessary that you keep your doctor in the loop at all times so as to get a detailed regulated format when using this drug because nobody is better at giving you medical advice than your personal handpicked physician.



Every drug has its own amount of benefits that not only make it different but also make each and every medical drug a very crucial part of society. With new and improved issues arising every day people tend to have a great problem when it comes to finding a drug that would not only help to suit their needs but also help to cure their issues over time. Accutane Drug is a great drug that has several very well known benefits and if taken in a regulated format can help your body quite well over time. Always keep your doctor in the loop and gather all the information necessary before using this drug so as to reap all the benefits that this great drug has to offer. Given below are a few benefits of Accutane for you to better understand the true nature of this medication

  • Nodular Acne Reduction: this drug has been well known to reduce nodular acne to a great extent making it a wondrous drug when it comes to this sector of issues. Nodular acne can be a growing issue when not kept in check and an severely affect the face and underlying areas so it is very necessary to look toward this drug when all else fails.
  • Stress Relief: Nodular acne can cause a lot of stress to the body on a psychological level due to the build up of acne on your face and underlying areas making it very necessary for medication that provides stress relief as well which Accutane does very well to provide.
  • Pain Relief: nodular acne can be quite painful to the face and to the touch as well and can cause severe irritation and pain making it very necessary to find a product such as Accutane that provides excellent pain relief along with treatment of the acne on a cellular level eradicating the issue over time when used in an appropriate manner.
  • Fast Action: though this drug is a last resort when it comes to nodular acne it acts very fast and over time will cure you of the issue easily but it is very important that at this time you stay away from any drugs that might interact with Accutane and always maintain a regulated amount of intake as advised by your physician for the best results necessary to help fight the issue properly.


Using this drug should be controlled and you should be well informed so as to avoid any side effects or reactions to other drugs that may affect your body even further. It is absolutely the job of your physician to give you the advice necessary for you to stay absolutely well aware when using this drug because your physician is not only available at all times to deal with any issue that you might face but also holds your entire medical history in view that you provide it to them so they will be able to give you the best advice as to how to use this drug for your best benefit. Though this is very necessary there are a few methods that you must keep in mind for yourself such as-

Always maintain the regulated amount of intake of this drug for the best results as going over may cause an overdose in your body that is not favourable as it may cause issues such as side effects that you would not want to deal with over your acne issues which are already present.

Do not dice or break the oral medication before consuming it, always consume this medication whole for the best results and take it with an entire glass of water. It is always better to store this medication in a cool place away from heat and light for the maximised results. though you will tend to feel your acne getting stronger at first over time it will start to reduce drastically giving you both psychological and physical peace of mind. As mentioned above always be well informed before using this drug though because in the wrong unregulated hands this drug can be very harmful to the body so stay safe and be healthy.


The regulated dosage of Accutane should always be 0.5 mg to 1.0 mg per kg per day Isotretinoin capsules for normal consumption with food for a period of 15 to 20 weeks. It is seen that the drug at this time works in a slow yet regulated manner to attack the cells of the acne breaking down its structure thus reducing acne for your benefit. If the dosage is less that this amount then there is a sever need for re dosage over time because smaller doses tend to not reduce but diminish acne to a certain extent causing a build up again when the medication is stopped. The medication can be easily regulated according to the body’s reaction over time but this must be done only with the help of your doctor for the best results. For very affected patients who are suffering with severe acne build up and scaring a dose of 2.0 mg per kg per day may be administered for the best results and must always be taken with food to properly regulate absorption. The issue is that if you do not take it with food then you run the risk of reducing the absorption of this drug in your body adversely affecting it role in removing acne.

If the count of acne reduces over time with Isotretinoin 20 mg and reduces quite effectively before the end of the 15 to 20 weeks of treatment then this drug can be stopped because the job is done in regards to fighting nodular acne with the help of Isotretinoin 20 mg benefits. But keep in mind that you must regulate your body daily to see if there are any signs of build up again for the first few months so as to understand whether a re dosage is required in regards to removing acne completely from your body. Normally by sticking to the dosage limit you will be able to see wonders in your face.


Every drug has to have its precautions because at the end of the day what you are having may not be very feasible for another person because no two people are the same. There are some generalised precautions when taking Accutane which are do not break or dice the medication before taking the drug and always take it with food for the best absorption. Also provide your entire medical history to your doctor so as to better evaluate whether your body is ready for Accutane. At times people are allergic to drugs that they don’t even know about and this is why it is necessary to keep your doctor in the loop at all times. It is also very important that you do not take this medication during your pregnancy at all because one of the side effects of Accutane are severe birth defects which you would not want your baby to face at any time. During your pregnancy it is always better to opt for another drug when it comes to acne control that is baby safe for the best results.

Stick to the regulated amount of this drug at all times because a reduction in usage will most definitely cause a build up of acne and an over dosage may be detrimental to your body by causing side effects that you would definitely not want to deal with at any point in your life. It is very important that you inform your doctor when you are suffering with liver issues, diabetes joint pain and so on before taking this drug. Keep in mind that the more educated you are on this medication the healthier you will be and the faster it will take to fight nodular acne and all its related problems.


Accutane does not really have a severe reaction with any medication but may be quite detrimental when taking allergy medication as well so it is always better to stay away from one of both before moving into any medication. Accutane must always be a solo drug that should be taken only when you see that there is no other means of treating a fast growing issue of nodular acne. Acne can be of any kind including cystic acne as well and it is always better for you to keep away from any kind of birth control drugs as well along with any other acne removing mediation for a good amount of time before taking this medication to help fight the different kinds of nodular acne. Stay safe and remain healthy because the wrong interactions with any drugs may cause severe side effects that you would not normally want to deal with.


Every drug has its Isotretinoin side effects that you must be always wary and cautious of before using it. Accutane Side effect is also a part of the many drugs in the market that has side effects and though they are quite vast in number with the right means of being well aware you can avoid any issues

  • Dry Lips and Mouth: one of the more common side effects of using Accutane is dry lips and dry mouth caused by the reduction of moisture in the face which the cause of this drug. Though it seems like a side effect it will definitely happen to anyone in the early stages of using this drug as it helps to fight acne by reducing moisture in the face.
  • Minor Swelling of the Eyelids: is also a very common side effect and may occur when this drug interacts with another or if you are overdosing your body.
  • Upset Stomach: when not fully absorbing this drug with proper food intake you may face an upset stomach which can be sorted out if you use this drug in a more regulated manner.

Accutane is a well known drug to help treat nodular acne of a cellular level and though it has quite a few side effects with the right precautions you have the ability to fight this issue of nodular acne easily.