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Indapamide (lozol) – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

Within the past few decades doctors have noticed this fashion where a patient in the current stress situation is more likely to fall prey to disorders and illnesses rather than someone back in the days. This was a progressive phenomenon that started with the world changing for good. The urbanization set in and alongside it came the need for more improvement. Soon fuel consumption rates were rising and the pollution in the city area affected the neighborhood country sides too. While the trees were being cleared for more crop space the crops were being enhanced with pesticides and fertilizers and the cycle of evolution continued. A human being adapts quick with the changing environment, the mind set and the mentality but the body which was once used to fresh air and lush green fields now feel compelled to be home bound within the four walls of the city apartment and thus started the various disorders owing to the rampant changes being taken place.

While there are mental and psychological disorders that continue to rule the dangerous sector, there are certain small time problems too that if ignored are later considered even a threat to life. one such disorder can be termed as the high blood pressure debacle where the pressure in your blood flow rises and thereby can even cost you your life in the later years due to a certain cardiac stroke and here is where we have decided to bring the medicine Indapamide drug into the equation. This is a medicinal drug that is highly used to treat high blood pressure problems.

indapamide (lozol)

The name indapamide for this drug is the generic name of this medicine but one would often find this drug under the brand name Lozol. Apart from treating high blood pressure problems, this drug also tends to conditions like edema where water and salt retention may persist in the body cause by certain heart problems. This medicine is a diuretic in nature and thereby assists you in getting rid of the excess water and salt accumulation in your body which also in turn may result in the condition of high blood pressure.

Indapamide Drug Benefits:

Before we move on to the mechanisms of how to work the medicine for your benefit, here we have a brief intro on how exactly does this drug work to help us deal with anomalies such as high blood pressure and edema. The free flowing blood in our body is channeled to the entire body by the heart, the constant pumping pushing out pure blood as the blood reverses and comes back in from the other side. This is a continuation process and the blood uses vessels or carriers to flow through which is what we recognize as the blood vessel.

The problem or the constraint occurs when the blood vessels narrow down causing restriction in the path of the free flowing blood. The narrowing gives off less space and thus a pressure situation is created when the blood gushing is trying to find more space to move and thus less blood is being pumped into the heart which is when the heart may react to the lack and suddenly go into a stroke. This situation is called high blood pressure and the indapamide uses its benefits to control these situations. Now here is the list below on how the medicine works best for you.

  • Edema: edema is a condition in which the body retains the sodium or salt and excess water which causes bloating. This condition can be treated using this drug as this is recognized as a diuretic, i.e. this drug would frequent your urination so that it can process out the excess accumulated water and salt through the urine thereby restoring natural balance.
  • High blood pressure: next we move on to the cause of high blood pressure where once again we use the diuretic nature of this medicine to create a difference in the pressurized area. The water pill as it is called increases urination through which the excess salt and water in the system is thrown out of the body. As a result, this helsp you relax your blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels which now leaves its contracted position thereby allowing the blood to freely flow again.
  • Heart problems: in the wake of high blood pressure, you may often experience heart problems like angina pain, tiredness due to a weakened heart or even a sudden stroke. This is because the heart on experiencing the lack of blood in its system works harder and harder to pump the blood in and this hyperactivity of the heart may result in heart disorders. since this medicine uses the diuretic nature to restore blood pressure your heart can now work better and at a more relaxed pace.
  • Breathing troubles and swelling: once again we go back on the working mechanism of the pill where the heart at hyper drive may cause breathing troubles while the swelling in the system may be the cause of edema, the both of which are controlled.

How to use Indapamide:

Your doctor would prescribe the dosage apt for you along with the consumption intake style and the time intervals. some considerations have to be judged at this time like the weight of the patient or the age and the medical emergency or the intensity of the hypertension we talked about. Even the lab test results are taken into the equation.

This is an oral medicine, i.e. it needs to be taken in by mouth, preferably in the mornings so that the side effects to this, which is frequent urination does not keep you up at night. You can avail this medicine in the form of indapamide tablets but be careful of how you choose to consume this.

Usually the medicine can be taken with food or without food based on what your doctor has recommended but often the without food dosage may cause stomach upset and irritation in case of which consume the medication with an early breakfast. Being diuretic in nature it promotes often urination which is why water should be an all time friend at this time to reduce dehydration if it persists. Also, it is of paramount importance that you limit your dosage if it’s a bigger dose to segmentations, such as a morning dose and an afternoon dose to avid overdosing. Usually 4 hours before bed time is deemed to be an unsuitable time for the medication consumption.

Keep the dosage measured and strict. In case of you missed one dose either take it in while the time is still there or let go of that dose if it’s edging too close to the next dosage time.


Your doctor would prescribe to you the particular dosage unit required for you to treat your hypertension possibilities. This way it is essential that you do not have to worry about overdosing possibilities. However, before prescribing this to you your doctor would have to go through some evaluations such as your age, weight, your medical requirement for this medication and of course the test results if any. Along with the dosage unit, the time frame or the intervals and the way or style of consumption too shall be briefed by the doctor himself.

For starters, someone who is a beginner to this medication, one should keep the dosage limited to the lowest effective dose and if the results are not satisfactory enough, one can easily just increase the dose to a little higher unit, but only on medical supervision or agreement.

The basic lowest effective dose for hypertension would be indapamide 1.25mg.  This is an adult dose on a daily basis and can be consumed early in the morning. This medication unit is mostly used to treat hypertension which is high blood pressure. If this dose is not effective, try out the next higher dose for it which is indapamide 1.5mg also to treat hypertension. The daily dose for treating high blood pressure can after the 1.5 dose be increased to lozol 2.5mg and if the results are still not passing with flying colors increase the dosage to 5mg.

To treat edema or congestive heart failure resulting in it, the base dose is kept at 2.5mg as a singular every day morning dose, taken at the same time every morning. The daily dose for this can be increased to 5 mg.


Here is a word of precaution for the consumption or intake style of the medicine.  The indapamide tablet is made of inactive ingredients and therefore while consumption, do not ever bite down, chew or split the medication in half. On doing so the active drugs in the coated medication now accumulates and combines which may result in overdosing possibilities. Simply, take in the medication using a full glass of water and swallow it down all at once.

Diuretic pills such as the lozol are usually prescribed against when it comes to treating someone who is pregnant. These powerful drugs travel into the system and may cause damage to the unborn inside. Often they pass onto the breast milk and may affect the new born infant indirectly. Therefore only use it when required strictly.

This medication also decreases the potassium level in your blood which is something you should be aware of. On other precautions, this drug may cause sun sensitivity where you skin would be more reactive to the sun and therefore would may cause blister or nasty sun burns if proper care at around this time is not taken.

Also, if you are scheduled for a surgery anytime soon, consult your doctor or prep surgeon regarding the effects of using this medication whilst on a surgery term.

Interaction with other medications:

Interactions with other drugs or medicine would mean one medicine in its raw potent form coming in contact with yet another drug, maybe under the same category or not, reacting because this one drug is hindering the work process of the other. Often either one drug would gel up with the other and cause a cocktail or the other drug would simply react and cause subsidiary problems. In case of this, one should at all times be strict with their medical history. Furnish the full details of your medical history to your doctors along with the non prescription medicines that you have taking such as aspirin or disprin.

Often allergy medications react a lot with these drugs therefore always be careful regarding the usage of those whilst using this drug.

Also herbal products or antibiotics taken off the counter may probably cause a reaction as does any sort of heart or kidney medicine. Always be aware of these when taking the medication and in case you are already going through a course, consult your doctor regarding the continuation of both.

Indapamide Side effects:

Side effects are mostly common in any drug where some of the side effects occur solely due to the introduction of the new foreign substance in your body which may cause the reaction. Sometimes these indapamide side effects occur in case of incompatibility too. Either way for some, these side effects may actually be negligible but for the others this drug would definitely be quiet a hassle to deal with. Some of the most common side effects are dryness of mouth or increased thirst which are signs of dehydration due to frequent urination which is yet another side effect. Lightheadedness or dizziness with slight fever may persist. Unusual fatigue feelings may occur too at this point followed by heart beat irregularities like heart palpitations and weak or feeble pulse. Often in serious cases, mood changes may occur too as one of the rare lozol side effects.

High blood pressure also recognized as hypertension is a serious ailment that if un attended to may cause serious health injuries like causing a sudden stroke or a heart attack. This is why in this section we have decided to give you a brief on how the medication indapamide works to help you treat these situations with ease. Being a diuretic it relieves your body of excess salt and water which is when the blood vessels relax and the bloating in your system goes down.