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Gemcitabine (gemzar) – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

To start off, we all know the world is at a much furious spot today than before and this is particularly why lifestyles, way of living too has changed to keep up with the rapid growth. To begin with the whole scene starts with the rapid modernization or urbanization soon which gets added on by excessive fuel consumption making living conditions possibly worse. But we cannot simply blame the rising pollution in the air but also put up a finger towards the lifestyle choices we make where a canned food on the go would rather be preferred than a nutritious morning breakfast. While most of the nuclear families are working hard to support their family, amongst the work and school, we often even end up neglecting health care and as a result one of the prominent illness that often strikes us is the never ending cancer. Be it the pesticide in the food or the constant neglect in healthcare, today cancer remains one of the most frightful discoveries of the medical disorder and while the treatment for this is not as easy as opting for the over the counter medicines, often there is a drug or two that is used to treat the malignant form of this illness, a drug that we can maybe call gemzar.

gemcitabine (gemzar)

Amongst the rough chemo and the radiation therapy, here is one such medicine that would relatively go easy on you and at the same time help you loosen up the problem that we so often face. The gemcitabine drug is basically the generic name for the drug but the drug is quite often sold under the brand names gemzar. The usual spots for that are treated with this medication are pancreas, breast cancers, ovarian cancer, lung cancer etc. this medication is basically formulated to cure cancer symptoms by eradicating the cancer cells. The process of how the medication works is briefed in the coming article where we would get to know this medication a bit better.

Gemcitabine Drug Benefits:

Before we move into how the medicine works, let’s first see how exactly the cancer cripples us. The body is engrossed and engulfed by cells which form the basic unit of the body. The cells are the building blocks that constitute the whole scene and this is exactly why cells form an integral part of the living process, the living being. Now a normal cell would live its life up to maturity and on maturing, it would copulate which means it disintegrates to form new brand new cells and this is how the legacy passes on with the new cells replacing the old cell now. However, this elaborated above is for the normal people who have not yet been succumbed to the vicious ways of cancer.

For a cancer patient, the basic cells is divided or segmented into two parts, the normal and the abnormal cell. While the normal cell indeed works as it should, the cancer virus, possibly several of them first attack on one of the normal cells. This normal cell or group of cells is now deemed to be abnormal as we would soon see how their signs of abnormality show up. The abnormal cells not only partake in damage and destruction but they abnormally multiply fast too, thrice the speed of the normal cells and soon enough the disease spreads and expands from a small controllable area to a huge scene all over which now may or may not be controlled.

This explained above is exactly how the cancer works and here comes the gemzar drug medication which works on these very abnormal cells eradicating them by preventing their growth. The gemcitabine mechanism of action possibly creates a hostile environment as it combats the on growing virus and prevents the spread so that it is easier for you to contain the situation.

How to Use Gemcitabine:

Your doctor will be the best judge of how to properly use the medication on yourself. There are often many considerations that has to be gone through before the drug is prescribed to you. Your age, weight, body’s capability of handling such a powerful dose, everything matters and at the very end, the medical requirement and the lab test results are strictly to be kept in mind.

Usually the medication is to be taken in by an IV, i.e. a syringe where the medication would probably be injected in your body using a syringe so it is of utmost importance that you maintain a healthy routine and ensure a professional medical practitioner is helping you out with the doses. This is an anti cancer chemo drug and needs to be infused or induced into the veins of the patient, somewhere subsequent to his or her origin of the cancer cells. The gemcitabine dosage usually should be measured in a professional beaker or a tube before using that dose to inject into the patient and at all points the dosage should strictly be kept in mind. Often your doctor may prescribe a with food or without food medicine which is based on the body’s ability. Also, post treatment, nausea or vomiting with slight dizziness may prevail to so prepare yourself for that.

Regular use and consecutive routines should be kept in mind as irregularity may bring about nasty side effects.


The dosage for this medication is based on your body’s capability and strength along with issues like body weight, age and some other considerations. The lab test results are evaluated for the best scenes and for the most of the parts it is essential that you maintain a strict dosage so that you do not suffer from overdosing possibilities.

Before taking the gemcitabine injection, always keep your head leveled and the precautions carefully measured so that you can make the best of this medication without having to resort to strict advisory problems.

The dosage as per the age varies and individual evaluations should be documented as no two person would ever show the same symptoms to this medication. This is mainly an IV dose which is why a professional extra should be present at the spot and should assist you in your medication. The recommended dose for an adult to treat cancers of the breast or the ovary is 1000mg/m2. The dosage for breast cancer can however be increased 1250 mg/m2 and for pancreatic cancer the dosage is limited as 1000, the same as the breast cancer treatment. These are all ranged at 30 minutes intravenously on day 1 and day 8 of a 21 day cycle after which the same treatment is repeated.


As a patient who is currently undergoing pregnancy, it is of utmost importance that you maintain consultation with your doctor regarding the usage of this product during the pregnancy term. This is a powerful drug that passes onto the breast milk of the mother and would therefore post birth damage the new born who is yet not used to these complications. Often the uses of gemcitabine would pass this medication to the system itself and may cause lethal damage to the unborn baby. This is why doctor’s consultation should strictly be kept in concern.

Also, if you are going through a period of this medication, at around this time make sure you keep other immunizations or vaccinations away. Since this is most probably an IV form of medication, a separate medication dose injected in your vein would heavily react with the prior medication and would either hinder the process or cause side effects.

This medication is actually known to clot blood but just to be on the precautious side, always be aware of elements that may cause heavy bleeding or may encourage bleeding even to the minimum. Your body at this time during this strong medication would often be fragile and weak and minute items like a hard bristled toothbrush may cause gum bleeding. A soft sport injury may turn out serious and simple things like cutting your nails or exfoliation of skin at a spa day can cause tremendous problems.

Interaction with other medications:

When we talk about interactions with other medications we usually mean the interaction or contact of one medication drug with another drug, possibly something prior existing in your system. often either these drugs don’t gel well at all causing side effects that are rampant in nature and at other scenarios, these medications simply allow the two drugs to gel well together forming a new concoction that is poisonous, hypothetical maybe so, for your body.

Strong anti cancer prevention drugs like chemo or radiation therapies would of course react a lot with other drugs and therefore at around this time the patient should furnish a full medical history list to the doctor so that he knows what prior medications have been there in your system. often post treatment, the strong therapies may create a slight sense of nausea which is when a separate nausea treatment medication is often given to the patients, that too should be consulted prior treatment with the doctor.

Often allergies of the worst kinds too may crop up to the scene but allergy medicines usually react a lot with these drugs so it is for the best if we continue medication and consult the doctor regarding the allergy. Also, do not use herbal products or antibiotics without consulting the doctor thoroughly.

Side Effects:

Side effects pertain to each and every drug and to wiggle away from it is impossible. Hence we have come up with some of the most common side effects that you may face so that you can prepare yourself.

  • Prone to bleeding: usually these powerful drugs actually render your body weak and fragile which is why at around this time you would be more prone to bleeding like gum bleeds or nose bleeds. This is one of the prominent gemzar side  effects and therefore a patient is usually advised to take extra care of themselves.
  • Skin problems: skin problems such as slight tingling sensations, irritation or formation of rashes may persist. The initial dose days are okay but if the problem persists consult your doctor.
  • Breathing and swallowing troubles:  shortness of breath and difficulty swallowing are some of the common problems that you may face at around this time. Clogged breathing or heaviness or tightness in the chest should never be ignored.
  • Common fever and dizziness: common fever with chills running down the spine is probably the most common side effect along with which dizziness may persist.
  • Insomnia and weight loss: gemcitabine side effects also include loss of appetite which may explain the sudden weight loss. A part of it can also be blamed on the medication or the drug power which wears the body down. Along with this insomnia, that is difficulty in sleeping may persist.

Cancer is such an illness that would destroy you from inside and out and the strict way to get rid of it is to subject to heart shattering therapy sessions that would leave you fragile but possibly the virus distraught. There is no surety when it comes to disorders like cancer whether the person will be a cent percent fine and back to normal but like every other illness, we all have to try our best to wiggle out of it.

This is why non cancer drugs like gemzar is present to you that would prevent the proliferation of the cancer cells which are abnormal so that it can eradicate the virus, or at least try to contain it within a confined spot. This way it can prevent the illness from spreading all over.