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5 Effective Anti Cellulite Body Scrubs That Easily Made at Home

One among the many problems that irritate women is the cellulite! A whole lot of articles spring up on this and that in itself is a sure indicator of how much it bothers women and how many of them are experiencing it. When there is an imbalance in the connective tissue along with the fat in the body, a rather dimpled cellulite occurs on the body. When the many deposits of the body push through the connective tissue, cellulite is formed. They usually affect the thighs and buttocks but are prone to affect others parts of the body too. There are a range of anti-cellulite scrubs that are available for you to try.

5 Effective Anti Cellulite Body Scrubs That Easily Made at Home

Scrubs however come to the rescue. Their rough and strong bristle endings make sure the skin gets a thorough exfoliation. The dry brushing is also a massage for the body, that when moved in circular motions for about three or four times, will help stimulate the lymphatic drainage thereby facilitating the expelling of toxins from the body. A good massage will leave your skin looking more radiant and pleasant, although rough handling can potentially lead to a rough and flaky skin. There are a range of scrubs available for you to pick from. A coconut oil scrub with sugar on it, will ensure your pores open up, the ones that are clogged. The coconut oil enters the pores and hydrate the skin, making your skin look soft and supple. Coffee scrubs on the other hand, will reduce cellulite. They will work to remove the dead cells of the body to give a better-looking skin.

 Anti Cellulite Natural Body Scrubs for Women: How to Make and Use?

Now that you know how scrubs can be helpful, here are some scrub to get rid of cellulite.

Coconut Oil Scrub:

Coconut oil scrub in combination with sugar is a great DIY cellulite scrub for getting rid of cellulite. The rough texture of sugar will ensure that your skin gets an exfoliator and helps open the clogged pores of the skin. Meanwhile the coconut oil will seep into the pores and hydrates the skin as ever.
Here’s an easy way to make your own coconut oil sugar scrub.

Coconut Oil Scrub

  • Take 4 heaped tablespoons of sugar in a jar.
  • Add one tablespoon of heaped coconut oil into the jar and whip them well. You can also add some coffee powder if you like.
  • The mixture will take a couple of minutes to get along. When the proportion looks good and rough, add some essential oil like peppermint for some pleasant smell.

And that’s how you make a healthy scrub! Massage the mixture gently on the area of your body before you bath. Don’t be too hard on yourselves and do this alternatively to get rid of the cellulite completely.

Coffee Scrub:

Another excellent anti-cellulite scrub is the coffee scrub. The properties in coffee will ensure that the cellulite fades slowly from the body. Coffee is known to tighten the skin and is also rich in anti-oxidants, both of which are required for your skin. When you apply coffee scrub along with some coconut oil and sea salt, you are actually stimulating the blood flow and ensuring a smooth and rich skin. Here is how you can make one easily at home.

Coffee Scrub

  • Take one cup of coffee grounds, and approximately 6 spoons of coconut oil.
  • Mix well and then add three or four spoons of sugar or seal salt for exfoliation.

Now, all you have to do is to massage this on to the body before taking a bath every day. Brush lightly in circular motion as to promote a healthy blood flow too!

Salt Scrub:

Epsom salt is a great fighter when it comes to treating your cellulite. It will help to decongest the tissue underneath your skin and upon regular use, you can effectively fight away the toxins off the skin. Your skin needs a good balance of right nutrients to ensure you have a healthy skin. Here is a quick way to make a salt scrub at home.

Salt Scrub

  • Mix 3 teaspoons of Epsom salt with 2 tablespoons of green tea.
  • Rub this mixture on to your body before taking a shower and then rinse with luke warm water.

Post the scrubbing session, take a luke warm water bath and do this at scrubbing at least 4 times week for best results.

Oatmeal Scrub:

did you know that even oatmeal is an excellent scrub to get rid of cellulite? Oatmeal is the base to the scrub, while sugar is the natural exfoliator. Oatmeal is also a natural moisturizer for the skin, while the mix of honey in the scrub acts as a detoxifier and as a powerful moisturizer. Coffee in this scrub will take efforts to increase the blood flow to your skin that will additionally help in reducing the presence of cellulite on your skin. A few drops of olive oil will keep your skin in looking soft. Here’s how easily you can make a scrub.

Oatmeal Scrub

  • Grind the oatmeal into a powder format.
  • Once done, add all the ingredients into a jar and mix well. Apply the scrub daily before bath and see how it works like magic.

Brown Sugar:

whether sugar or brown sugar, their texture is an added advantage and is a great exfoliator. Brown sugar will make your skin extremely soft and is a natural way to help in blood circulation. The mild texture will ensure you get a cellulite free skin in a couple of days. Here’s how to make a good brown sugar anti-cellulite scrub.

Brown Sugar

  • Use 1 cup of coffee grounds, perfectly brewed.
  • To this, add 1/4thcup of brown sugar. Brown sugar smells good!
  • Whip both of them together to a coarse mixture and apply daily before bath.

Be gentle on your skin as both coffee and brown sugar have rough texture.

Scrubs are an easy way to get rid of that irritating and bothering cellulite off your body. The ones that are home made are not only safe to use but are absolutely chemical free. These body scrub for cellulite are made with the simplest ingredients from your kitchen that are available at any point of the day. The only task is to make it. Start using them today, for they give an added advantage of stimulating blood flow while ensuring you have an irresistibly soft and supple skin. Use them for a period of time for best benefits.