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Depakote (Divalproex Sodium) – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

It is quite tough for the present generation to not succumb to disorders and illness that one point of time would not even be heard of. Disorders and illness in the past days would simply be a rare occurrence where perseverance of people towards it would likely be more shocking. A classic example of it would be a seizure where in the past days occurrence of this would simply be cut off by superstitious beliefs and the few many of whom believed in science would locate the disorder point and treat them knowing such a case would not occur too often. However, as you see in the present day, disorders especially like seizures is such a common criteria that we hardly now are surprised by this occurrence. A part of it is blamed on the current lifestyle, if we notice which is constantly on the move, from morning routines on times to tightly packed schedules for the weekends. Leisure time especially for the city people would often be a rare occurrence instead and this is where personal and health care often gets neglected.

Depakote (Divalproex Sodium)

The constant pressure and tension backed by the noisy city who hustles and bustles even at the mid of the night would lead to obvious problems like epilepsy or bipolar disorder, a psychological change for the worst in mankind. While treatments for these don’t come with just over the counter medicines, here in this segment we can bring to notice a medication drug that can to the least help you with the shocking seizures that may repeatedly occur in this scene.

The divalproex drug is a prescription drug which is anti-seizure in nature that prevents repeated oncoming seizures in cases like epilepsy or psychiatric disorders like bipolar. The generic name for the drug is divalproex sodium but the brand name depakote is a much familiar name for this drug. Apart from seizures, this drug is also known to treat violent mood swings caused by psychological restraints like depression or suicidal thoughts. Even a migraine pain is known to be sorted out using these medications.

Depakote Drug Benefits:

Before we look into exactly how this medication works, here is an outlook to how exactly our body reacts to this medication, making it a perfect dose for those unsure seizure spans. Out body is made of chemical bindings which are better known as neurotransmitters. In the event of the brain letting out a command, it is these neurotransmitters that receive them and they itself act as a bridge to communicate the command which can be anything from emotions to feelings, desires, anger, pain sensations, nausea feelings and such. When this neurotransmitters go through an imbalance situation in the brain due to a change in the composition of the chemicals, the reactions such as mood swings, seizures and depression starts showing up. One such neurotransmitter is GABA which is the core chemical in this scene. the divalproex sodium uses its benefits and is known to mimic the working process or the function of the GABA neurotransmitter which removes the imbalance and ensures fine or proper procedure is maintained.

  • Anti-seizure benefit for epilepsy: one of the core ingredients to this epileptic behavior can be recognized as the constant fits and seizures that one may face at around this time. This is primarily one of the main concerns that we address to in this article about how this drug can prevent seizures from suddenly occurring.
  • Manic behavior due to bipolar disorder controlled: manic behavior also in the form of convulsions or extreme hypertension and blurring of the mind are some of the common psychological barrier symptoms that can be worked on with this medicine.
  • Migraine headaches sorted: migraine headaches cause agony and uncontrollable pain shooting through the forehead middle along with light flashes. This can be kept within containment using this medication.
  • Mood swings like depression controlled: mood swings influenced by the manic disorders can range from mere depression to even strong influential suicidal thoughts. Here once again we can use the medication to its full health.


The depakote dosage would be prescribed to you by your doctor after some careful evaluations. Usually the depakote drug dosage depends heavily upon the age, weight and body compatibility of the patient. Not all patient react the same to the framed doses and therefore results should be valued individually and based on that the dosage can be continued or discontinued. The dosage prescribed should also revaluate your medical requirement or necessity based on which the dose will be prescribed.

Usually this medication is to be taken in by mouth, orally and can be availed in distinct forms, such as tablets or the sprinkle capsules. When taking the tablet, always ensure you are not biting down, chewing or splitting the medication into half. if you do so, the inactive ingredients in the medicine would all come together which would increase overdosing risks. Always take the medicine with a full glass of water and try to fix a time or a certain consecutive interval so that you can maintain regularity. For the sprinkle capsule, you can use yogurt or apple sauce as the base into which you will sprinkle the ingredients and then consume it whole without chewing it.

The dosage can be taken with or without food but that is something your doctor will strictly jot down for you. At all times abide by his guidelines and never go overboard with your dosage units.


Your doctor would be the best judgment of the medication dosage that you require but before prescribing that to you, there would be some considerations that he needs to make sure. For example, your body’s weight, age and the lifestyle pattern matters in case of such medicine. If you are always in a stressful situation, seizures would prevail no matter how many medications you pop in.

The dosage unit for the adult is usually valued at a much higher unit than that of the pediatric doses which is exactly why the age comes in as a consideration. To start with, if you are beginner to this type of medication or is shifting from another to this particular drug, keep the dosage at the lowest effective unit and if the results are not satisfactory, you can opt for a higher dose if prescribed to you by your doctor.

The usual dose is usually kept at a minimum of depakote 125mg but the basic dose starts from depakote 250mg. this is especially measured for the delayed release tablets and is an adult dose for epilepsy which can be treated as a daily dose. The 250 mg however is a strong dose and should be carefully divided into segments as decided by the doctor.  Even for migraine pain, the basic doses start at 250mg which is to be taken orally twice a day every day. the maximum this dosage can go is depakote 1000mg which should be given only under constant doctoral monitoring.  For manic behavior such as bipolar disorder, the base dose for adults starts at depakote 750mg with the maintenance dose being somewhere around depakote 500mg.

However, for the children the dosage unit in a single day should never increase 60mg.


The first word of precaution goes against all the general patients who take this medication on a daily basis. Since your body gets used to the presence of this drug in your system, it is often natural that the body feels the lack for this drug when you suddenly stop this medication. This is why it would cause ugly side effects and repercussions like life threatening seizures and convulsions. Also, in case you are going through a pregnancy term, consult your doctor regarding the continuation of this medication which can be pretty harmful for a pregnant woman. The drug, powerful actually seeps into your breast milk and may harm the infant post birth and at its max, it can harm the unborn baby too in your system.

One of the side effects to this drug is that it makes you drowsy and dizzy with the repeated blurring of vision which is why activities such as driving or working under heavy machinery would too be a danger, especially if you consider drowsiness and blurring of vision. At around this time keep your dosage well spaced to avoid the side effects during the activity period or simply come up with ways to take care of it.

Interaction with other Medications:

Usually drug interaction means the drug present in your system would react with the previous drug that was already present in your system. At times these drugs react and become one thereby causing a new cocktail that is usually harmful while at other times these drugs may not be compatible which causes reactions from the very beginning. These actually increase overdosing risks which is why it is of paramount importance that you maintain a full disclosure contract with your doctor where you furnish to him a full medical history record along with the medicines taken before. This would help your doctor judge the dosage and medicine.

Usually allergy medicines react a lot with any sort of drug and therefore should be avoided. If you are taking medicines relating to depression, anti depressants would react a lot with this medication. Alcohol or any sort of drug abuse should definitely be ignored since they hinder the process through which this medication works.

Depakote Side Effects:

Side effects for a drug are quite common, no matter how amiable this drug is. Usually a side effect would occur in the scene of incompatibility which your body might face at around this time. If your body is not gelling well with the medicine, there may be quite some symptoms that your body will give out to portray otherwise. In other scenes, introduction of a new foreign substance into the body may cause these side effects to show up as an initial sign of your body getting used to the product.

Side effects for some are negligible while for others, this might be a sign more prominent than the actual medication. Given below is a list to some of the most common divalproex sodium side effects that you need to be aware of.

  • Blood in the urine or stool with change in consistency and frequency have been noticed. Along with change in frequency, the texture may change too like cloudy urine or black tarry stools.
  • Dizziness, drowsiness and even blurring of vision remains as one of the potent forms of side effects around which your activities should be carefully planned.
  • Unusual weight gain or weight loss either one could perceive based on how your body would react to this.

While these are quite common some uncommon forms of side effects could be:

  • Dysphoria or dementia symptoms. Depression at worst cases may lead to rapid psychological changes while delusions or hallucinations may persist.

Working on a serious project report or just going with your every day house work, suddenly a fit or a convulsion consumes you and you are left writhing in pain as the people around you hopelessly hope for the best, awaiting this painful moment to get over. This is exactly a scenario for an epilepsy patient or someone with a psychological restraint where he or she is compelled to eke out a living having to deal with this sudden out of the blue fits.

This is why in this situation, you can rely on medicines such as depakote to help you ease your way through this problem. This medicine not only helps you deal with psychological barriers or seizures, but it also helps you overcome problems such as migraine or depression.