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Cyclobenzaprine – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

In this world of stiff competition, there is literally no time for people to sit back and relax or even take care of oneself the way we used to in the olden days. The every busy world is moving at a faster rate with each passing day and every time some one falls prey to sickness owing to the environment around them, the simplest way to get rid of the sickness is to simply take assistance from the modern day drug care system where every other day new forms of advanced drugs are being recommended by the doctors to their patients and these new batches serve more than one purpose. One such modern day drug that we shall talk about today is the cyclobenzaprine which itself is the generic name for the drug that works under the brand name flexeril.

This drug can be recognized as a muscle relaxant where short term muscle pain, imbalance and spasms can be treated using this medicinal drug as an ailment. Slightly analgesic in nature, this drug can be used to treat any sort of pain situations within the muscles while also driving away unusual stiffness. Almost paired with physical therapy most of the time, drug cyclobenzaprine usually works by relaxing the nerve impulses that form the bridge to communication. A human body would be made of nerve receptors that connect your brain to the muscles and the impulses within takes the pain sensation from the brain and through the central nervous system channels it to the muscle parts. Now this drug uses these very receptors to numb the pain and therefore the sensation of hurt or spasms can be felt lesser.


On other news, apart from being a prescription drug to provide temporary ailment, this drug can often be used for non prescription abuse which is detrimental to your health.


Subtle or minor muscle pains in your body can often be blamed on a wide variety of sources. The sudden lower back pain may be the result of bad sleeping habits or the way you chose to crouch and sit at the work place. The sudden muscle pain can be due to old age or simply a football injury, a sudden bad nerve or just a hereditary cause that has been passed on to you. Either way a muscle relaxant kept handy can help you go a long way without causing any hindrance in your everyday routine. Here is a list of some of the common benefits that you’ll be provided with once you use this drug.

  • Fibromyalgia: fibromyalgia is a type of chronic pain that one inherits due to extreme cases of fatigue where your muscles worn out by over use or tiredness may subject themselves to stress and pain. this is strictly temporary in nature and should never be seen as threat but for the busy bees who just can’t wait to get over the pain, the cyclobenzaprine is here to the rescue.
  • Sciatica pain: sciatic nerve is recognized as the largest nerve in the body and a subtle pain distress situation in these nerves at any point can have a toll on your body too. As a muscle relaxant, cyclobenzaprine uses its benefits to cool the heat or pain sensation in the nerve thereby reducing painful muscle pains in general.
  • Sport injury: sport injuries are quite common and sometimes serious in nature if ignored at the minor stage. A sudden hit of the ball or a nasty fall might leave your body tingling with a soft pain as you make your way to home and it is in these situations that you would want your medicine to numb the pain by freezing the nerve receptors that channel the pain to you.
  • Common head ache and muscle pain: the drug cyclobenzaprine can also be used for minor head ache or muscle pains that often occur due to improper sleeping positions or stressed situations with too much tension and paranoia. At around this time, this medicine in its bare minimum dose can relax your nerves and muscles thereby helping you pull through these minor hurdles.
  • Muscle pulls: a sudden hamstring pull or a soccer kick gone the wrong way can easily be treated with these muscle relaxant pain relief analgesic medicinal drugs.
  • Muscle spasms: muscle spasms also occur die to involuntary communication intervals within the receptors and the brain and once again these physical involuntary spasms can be kept contained using this medicinal drug.


Your pain quotient or your medical requirement will be the judge of your medical dosage. Usually your doctor would prescribe to you the dose units, intake time and the intervals within each dosage along with the way of consumption.

Cyclobenzaprine is strictly to be taken orally and one should never go overboard with the dosage entitled to him. On a normal day, the dosage is usually limited to once a day daily for a good 2 to 3 weeks before the doctor calls you again for the results. It is always advised that you start with an initial dosage and on ineffectiveness of the previous dose, your doctor will himself bump you up to a higher dosage unit.

Usually in a capsulated form your doctor will advise you whether to take it with food or without and hence in the wake of this, in case you are opting  for smaller doses in numbers more than one, never break or chew a medicine since the inactive ingredients in the medicine can cause possibilities of overdose which is one of the main reasons why you strictly gulp the pill down using a glass of water.

Also, store the medicine at room temperature and keep an eye out on the recovery meter.


There are two types of releases, the regular ones and extended release capsules. The regular ones are usually immediate in absorption and their doses are more frequent while the extended release capsules can be in the form of higher doses for lesser frequencies.

For an adult, the basic unit, the bare minimum is kept cyclobenzaprine 5mg for three times a day with equal intervals that would allow the medicines to work its effects without actually increasing overdosing possibilities. The medicines should be spaced well and in case the results are not satisfactory, you can increase the dosage to 7.5mg. The maximum dosage for a regular dose on a single day can be up to cyclobenzaprine 10mg. For the extended release capsules, the dosage can be limited to 15mg or 30mg orally strictly kept at once a day.

For geriatric dosages, the doses are kept flexible and lowered towards the base minimum side to avoid side effects or overdosing. The base dose is kept at 5mg and extended release capsules are advised against the usage for elderly. In fact, this drug is often in the avoid list of the elderly medication list since muscle relaxants can have a toll on the heart.

For the children, this medication should only be prescribed if the child is at least in his or her teens where the dosage is kept the same as the adults, the base dose being 5mg which can be increased up to 7.5mg and 10mg at emergency cases all measured for thrice a day every day routine.


Without the doctor’s approval, do not use this medicine while in your pregnant days. Since contractions pains are sometimes too unbearable, you can opt for this medicine at the lowest dosage unit on the doctor’s approval. Also, for the elderly patients, cyclobenzaprine is usually not advised for since muscle relaxants can have a bad effect on the heart.

Saying so, if you are currently going through a course of medicines for your heart or liver, keep away from this drug. Benzodiazepines are a drug category for the shaky nerves and if you are following a prescription to that consult your doctor regarding the usage of this medicine. Also, allergy medicines contain inactive ingredients that are harsh on the system and often react a lot with other medications. Hence, always keep an eye out for allergic reactions.

While taking in the medicine, do not crush, slice or chew the medicine, simply gulp it down with water.


Cyclobenzaprine dosage should always be kept within limitation since this drug has an affinity towards addiction and abuse of such drugs can prove fatal to your system.

Usually allergy medicines react a lot with these strong drugs and therefore always consult your doctor in the event of taking both the drugs together. Also, heart, liver or any sort of blood coagulation medicine can react with these muscle relaxants. MAO inhibitors are too on the avoid list once you are pursuing this drug as a course.

At around this time, if you are taking in any other drug, be it for requirement or for sport, immediately put an end to it. alcohol and drug abuse along with this medicine can prove fatal.


Much like any other drug, there is a list of side effects right next to the list of benefits that this drug provides for you. while temporary mild or mediocre pain and muscle distress situations are well handled with the assistance from this drug, cyclobenzaprine also comes with a gushing list of side effects that on abuse may prove detrimental. While some side effects are quite natural and common and may even be negligible to a point, for many these side effects may take a nasty turn which is when an immediate doctor’s visit is strictly advised for. Here in this segment, we have enlisted some of the usual side effects that you might come face to face with while on the course of this drug.

  • Dry mouth and dizziness: one of the side effects that are common in nature is having a dry mouth with occasional coughing and feelings of dizziness. Often these are looked upon as early signs of side effects probably because you as a patient is a beginner to this medication and your body is still getting used to the foreign body. Dizziness may also result in severe drowsiness or nausea feelings.
  • Mood swings: the thing with muscle relaxants are, they are work on the nerve receptors as they numb the nerves and prevent them carrying out the pain to your muscles thereby creating a hurdle in the path of communication. This hurdle at times may react in a different manner often ending in instability of your mental scenes therefore causing mood swings, over emotions and even as bad as hallucinations.
  • Convulsions and chest pain: these cyclobenzaprine side effects are especially applicable for the elderly who are working on this prescription. Often muscle relaxants in the system can cause counter reactions such as angina pains which if ignored may result in heart attacks or artery blockage. Often residual reactions in the rare cases may even be in the form of convulsions or seizures.
  • Skin defects: this is a common side effect which is a way of your body telling you this drug is not compatible with your body. The skin defects are the earlier form of physical side effect where you may experience allergy like rashes, swelling or neck or face or even scalp itches.
  • Fatigue and shortness of breath: while fatigue is a common side effect to cyclobenzaprine, shortness in breath or difficulty in breathing can be quite a heavy symptom which should be reported to the doctor immediately. Along with this dry cough and wheezing may even persist.
  • Confusion and lack of focus: this is yet another side effect form where the mental instability can be judged by how you mind is working. Overdosing on this drug would usually cause symptoms like confusion or severe nervousness backed by cold sweats, lack of concentration and often silly forgetfulness may occur.
  • Habitual instincts: drugs like cyclobenzaprine are usually prescribed but often these drugs are used for abusive purposes where a drug for a sport can cause addiction or obsession with the drug which is in fact fatal for your future.

Don’t let slight muscle cramps and stiffness hinder you in your everyday busy schedule as the modern medicines have now brought to you yet another advanced form of analgesic muscle relaxant that would treat minor to mediocre muscle pains without any prior hassle.