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10 Best Syrups to Relief from Cough

With the seasons changing rapidly it is quite common that many of us are going to come down with a serious case of cough and common flu or cold. The world at present is constantly modernizing itself and in the long run is missing out on some of the important factors that help us build our immunity. For instance, nutritional healthy meals are often being replaced by canned food or cold processed ready to go meals. Then there is the constant rise in fuel consumption that keeps polluting the air and hence immunity or the body’s defense system would definitely be hampered thereby letting small illness like fever or cough and cold to take over.

Cough Syrups

Usually a persistent cough is a lot of hassle where the coughing puts a constant pressure in the throat which also results inflammation or swelling. Then again constant cough would also cost us our peace during sleep when the cough keeps showing up hampering not only us but the people around us too. Cough if left unattended for too long may result in other serious consequences and thus here we have a list of some of the best cough syrup medicines that can help you get rid of these persistent coughs and sore throat symptoms.

Vicks Cough Syrup, Honey Flavored:

cough syrup-Vicks cough syrup

This cough syrup medicine comes with a honey flavor at the back of the throat while the zesty cough and the stubborn phlegm and mucus buildup is taken care of. Relieving suppressed cough and persistent throat ache, Vicks is one of the trusted brands to look forward to when on a throat problem.


cough syrup-Benadryl

Being an antihistamine in nature, Benadryl is one of the best cough syrup for adults as well as children. This is especially used to treat problems like persistent coughing, inflammation of the throat and swelling, itching discomfort and sore throat. This medication releases or regulates the hormone histamine which is essentially a man made hormone found in the body to treat allergic symptoms like sneezing or coughing.

Robitussin Dry Cough Forte:

cough syrup-Robitussin dry cough forte

Here is one of the refined syrup for dry cough that goes under the brand name Robitussin and is used to relieve itchy throat and dry cough causing soreness of throat. This medication lasts up to a good 8 hours and is suitable for both children and adults. This cough suppressant syrup is non drowsy in nature and also comes with a cherry vanilla flavor.

Ascoril Expectorant:

cough syrup-Ascoril expectorant

Expectorant in nature, this cough syrup loosens up the mucous while allowing the bronchial passage to open up so that no chest or nose congestion persists. Expectorants usually allow the stubborn phlegm or mucous build up to be released and set out of the body and allow cough to suppress the repeated showing up.

Benylin Chesty Coughs:

cough syrup-Benylin Chesty coughs

A best cough syrup for dry cough, the name itself suggests chesty cough relief which is under the brand Benylin. One of the main ingredients here is guaifenesin which is an expectorant in nature and would allow you to completely release mucous build up in nature. This is a non drowsy cough syrup and is best for dry chesty cough and sore throat.

Tylenol Cough and Sore Throat:

cough syrup-Tylenol cough and sore throat

Cough syrup names must include the Tylenol in the mix where most of the childhood days have been a cough free stress free owing to this medicine. Apt for both children and elders, Tylenol’s cough syrup comes in different packages based on the type of cough you are addressing. There’s cough and severe congestion or cough and sore  throat or Tylenol cold and flu.

Delsym Cough+:

cough syrup-Delsym cough+

Be it thick mucous or heavy chest congestion, cough or sore throat, Delsym cough+ DM is one of the best children’s cough syrup that there is. This is a combination medicine that includes guaifenesin and dextromethorphan which are both expectorant and analgesic in nature.

Nature’s ways Original Sambucus for kids, Elderberry:

cough syrup-Sambucus for kids

Here is yet another best cough syrup especially for kids which allow you to treat the cough and cold throat symptoms the best way possible. This is one of the organic herbal remedy cough syrup which contains essential cough suppressants and the goodness of elderberry.

Himalaya Herbals Koflet:

cough syrup-kofletsyrup

Himalya Herbals Koflet is yet another herbal cough syrup that contains within itself the goodness of different plant based herbs and nutrients. Himalaya is one of the most renowned herbal brands and can easily treat any sort of discomfort in your throat.

Waterbury’s Compound:

cough syrup-Waterbury’s compound

A temporary relief for cough and a child’s favorite, Waterbury’s compound would simply be one of the best choices for a children even though it works for adults well too. This is a mild syrup for cough which allows you to deal with the preliminary stages of coughing or sore throat.

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