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Clonazepam (klonopin) – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

Being an independent person in today’s world would take more than just a stable job or a happy family. There is a constant pressure that a person faces in the present day world where often the main dilemmas to battle with are the demons present inside of you. The world is quite busy at the present state with on time schedules and the everyday mundane activities demanding more than just your physical strength. Amongst the heavy work dose and the on time schedules, it is often societal pressure or environmental pressure that forces a person to succumb to depression. With depression comes the tag along anxiety or panic attacks and thus unwinds a story of how every other person with responsibility is dealing with their dilemmas the best way known to them. While for some a few visits to the psychiatrist can be a way out for the others it can simply be the much needed assistance conjured from the modern day medicines.

Benzodiazepines can be described as an umbrella term for a class of certain medicines that are used to treat problems regarding the brain and the working mechanisms of it. Usually the presence of neurotransmitters in the body causes a bridge to form that enhances communication. The messages leave one neuron to enter another and thus a communication is formed. However when this communication gets disrupted, problems such as depression arrives. This is when drugs like klonopin uses its benefits to help you rid yourself of anxiety. The generic name for this drug is clonazepam and this is strictly anti anxiety in nature. The drug uses the chemical compositions of the brain, altering it so that healthy communication within the neurotransmitters can continue thereby reducing anxiety level.

GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid is a chemical that enhances communication within the nerve cells. Clonazepam uses GABA to alter brain chemical composition thereby altering activities or hormone secretions produced by the brain.



Anxiety or panic is not an easy issue and would often require more than will power to overcome. This is why anti anxiety remedies are often found packaged and bottled in a medicinal drug form that provides that extra push towards curing your problems the easy way. clonazepam or klonopin is one such ready made drug that comes with the special benefits that help you get your anxiety problems straight. However, apart from anxiety, this prescription drug also has a specific set of benefits list that helps you tackle more than simply anxiety.

Given below is a list to the benefits that clonazepam provides to you:

  • Anxiety care: as discussed above, the very first benefit that this drug offers to you is the constant pressure of having to deal with rising anxiety and sudden anxiety attacks that can cause detrimental damage to self. It is around times like this when you realize the full extent of this medicine that contains your anxiety attacks and keeps yourself calm.
  • Panics kept at bay: moving on from clonazepam anxiety, we now move on to clonazepam for the panic stricken patients. Panic much like anxiety is yet another form of psychological restraint where panic attacks are taken over by periods of uncontrollable jittery feelings with the panic level always plugged in at the highest volume. Clonazepam, the drug once again tampers with the chemical composition of the brain thereby bringing back stability to your system.
  • Seizure control: seizures are merely a side effect if not a proper disorder in itself. However, with the pressure constantly increasing in your mind it is quite possible that your brain at one point clocks out thereby giving you convulsions or seizures. Klonopin doesn’t participate in stopping an ongoing seizure directly, but the medicines if taken with regularity can definitely reduce the risks of having to suffer from one.
    nervous disorders sorted:
  • Depression in check: depression, the umbrella term that houses the anxiety and the panic and the unusual behavior can also be an alarming mental pressure that destroys the person from within. If you are suffering from anxiety, chances are that one of these side effects are soon going to show up and therefore the drug clonazepam is also used to prevent depression or the behavior that comes with it.
  • Appetite and sleep schedule sorted: your everyday activities gets affected during such situations when supposedly the depression, anxiety or the panic prevents you from performing everyday’s necessity functions. We use the klonopin to ensure that these restraints such as appetite loss or insomnia can be tackled using this drug to prevent anxiety attacks and more.
  • Behavioral change can be noticed: the neurotransmitters in the brain are responsible for forming a bridge to facilitate communication and the serotonin, a hormone or chemical composition secreted by your brain picks up on that communication and imparts emotions, moods and feelings to the person. On disruption of the whole communication system even the serotonin gets affected and thereby mood swings and change in behavior arises. This can be prevented with klonopin as you will notice how both your anxiety and mood swings are contained and stabilized.


Klonopin or clonazepam should strictly be taken only on doctor’s approval. The dosage or the unit to be consumed is usually directed by the doctor himself based on your age, weight, body structure and your medical requirement.

The best way to go about this medication is to opt for a lower dosage at the initial stages. The clonazepam dosage at the later stages can be increased to a higher dose if the results prove ineffective. Also, while adults can opt for a full dosage, for the elderly patients, it is best that we keep the dosage unit at a flexible rate to avoid adverse side effects or strong overdosing possibilities.

Usually this medicine is to be consumed strictly orally where the tablets can be taken in at regular intervals with a glass of water. You should gulp down the medicine and swallow it whole instead of breaking or piecing in into half. By doing so, you are actually gathering all the inactive ingredients together and increasing possible chances of overdosing. However, if you have been prescribed the orally disintegrating tablet, carefully peel off the foil that encloses the tablet and let the tablet sink into your mouth. Do not swallow the solution all at once as it can be detrimental for your health.


Once you approach the doctor with the vital signs of anxiety or panic, your doctor will prescribe to you the klonopin medicine. The dosage or the amount to be consumed is strictly directed by the doctor along with the consumption type and the time interval. For beginners the base dose is 0.01mg and if the results showing are not satisfactory enough you can increase the dosage.

For adults, the basic dose for seizures can be limited within klonopin 0.5mg. this is a daily dose and is usually divided into three intervals with equal time spans within each dose allowing your medication to work fully before the next dose is consumed. This dosage can be increased at intervals by the doctor. So instead of 0.5 you can opt for clonazapam 1mg. for the panic or anxiety disorder you can keep the minimum dose at 0.25mg which once again can be increased to 1mg on doctor’s approval. the dosage is increased ever so little each day and the maximum dosage recommended for an adult on a daily basis can be 20mg but this is a heavy dose and should be taken with precaution.

For the geriatric patients, keeping the dose at a normal flexible level, say 0.25mg to 1mg is advised since older people have lesser immunity to combat fatal side effects or overdosing possibilities. The same can be said for the pediatric patients, where the minimum dose is lesser than 0.5mg. start with clonzepam 0.01mg to 0.03 mg and this may increase to a maximum of 0.5mg and nothing more than that.


It is solely depending on your doctor that the klonopin dose will be prescribed to you under restrictive circumstances where the dosage unit, consumption time and such will be strictly mentioned.

If you are going through a course of this medication never stop the dosage suddenly as it can cause adverse side effects which include convulsions. Usually a pregnant woman is advised against consuming this medicine as it may pass on to her child through her system but if you are prone to seizures and convulsions, it is of the  best interest that you continue with the dose at a initial level.

Also, if you are going in for a surgery anytime soon, consult your doctor or the surgeon about it before going in for surgery.


Clonazepam tablets are highly reactive when mixed in with allergy medicines and therefore one must at all point refrain from combining allergy medicines with klonopin if you want to escape side effects. Also, clonazepam falls under the benzodiazepine category and if you are currently pursuing a course on any other benzodiazepine, make sure you consult your doctor before combining the two of them.

If you have any blood disorders like anemia or glaucoma and is currently on a crash course treating your disorder, make sure you never combine the two medicines.

Before the doctor prescribes to you clonazepam, ask him about the possible interactions to keep yourself safe.


Where there are pros, there are bound to be some cons too, especially if we are talking about medicinal drug products. even though the clonazepam or klonopin does help you keep your anxiety and panic levels at ease, there are a few side effects to this drug that might come back to haunt you. most of the times these side effects occur in your body because of your body’s incompatibility to this drug. At other times it can be blamed on the first time usage where your body is still getting used to this new foreign substance. Usually mellow in nature, clonazepam side effects can get real nasty if left untreated and here is a list of the common side effects that might cause difficulty.

  • Depression: even though this is mainly introduced to your system to take care of your serotonin levels, at times this may back fire and while the anxiety and panic may still be kept behind the bars, subsidiary problems such as depression may occur as a side effect. This is simply a counter reaction to your problem and should immediately be consulted with.
  • Insomnia and concentration lack: insomnia or the loss of proper sleep may also be a dominant sign of side effect and should not persist for more than a week. The early signs of taking this medicine may cause changes in your everyday routine insomnia being one of the changes. Loss of focus or concentration might just be an added effect to this.
  • Bladder pain and blood in urine: at around this time, a little instability can be experienced in your bladder where often you would notice your bathroom breaks frequently multiplying with a sight bladder pain. if the pain is not too over bearing this can be passed off as a common side effect until blood starts showing up in your urine which is when the doctor should be brought into the scene.
  • Appetite loss and mood swings: loss of appetite and mood swings can be recognized as yet another side effect. The mood swings can be blamed on the alteration of the chemical compositions within your brain while these changes be it subtle or strong has an effect on the everyday routine such as sleep or hunger disorders.
  • Muscle pain and joint swells: a slight touch of pain can be felt in the muscles with occasional periods of stiffness and involuntary twitches. There might even be a persistent swelling of the joints.
  • Skin issues and cold sweats: many times the side effects show up in the form of skin issues like rashes, itchiness, flaking or peeling or skin, painful boils and such. Along with this a slight fever at the initial stages and breaking out a cold sweat might be common.

Anxiety can be a difficult issue to deal with where you often face periods of low sunken feelings paired in with depression and panic attacks. Anxiety in a minimum level is a common emotion but once we surpass the boundary it does need external assistance from advanced drug to get ourselves back to sanity.