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Clindamycin – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

Population in the world is increasing manifold with each passing day and what worsens the situation is the constant rise in the pollution rate. The busy world has changed its working mechanism where every other day thousands of people are falling prey to sickness, some mild some serious. The long busy days have made us so compact and robot like that finding out time to even keep a tab on our health factor has become a tiresome job for us. It is often told that the first microorganisms to inhibit mother earth were bacteria. While our body requires a set of good bacteria to keep the bodily functions working perfectly, on the other hand, there are some bad bacteria that often stir up sickness within us. These are called bacterial infections and to combat such here is a medicinal drug that works best for these sickly days. This drug is called clindamycin.

Clindamycin is the generic name for the prescribed drug cleocin and is an antibiotic in nature which allows you to treat bacterial diseases and issues relating to it. bacterial diseases are common to the present days world sometimes contracted by seasonal flu and sometimes by direct contact itself. This drug especially works by eliminating the bacterial growth and reverts the damage that is already done. Approved by the FDA under the brand name cleocin, this drug can be found in different forms and types which can either be topical in nature or simply an oral solution on the go.

some of the common bacterial infections that this drug may cure can be recognized as the seasonal ear or throat infections, food poisoning caused by bacteria, sexually transmitted gonorrhea, sinus infections caused by bacteria and even PID or pelvic inflammatory diseases. Usually these diseases are not serious in nature and can be treated accordingly once your doctor recognizes the disease and prescribes the medicine for it. However, never let bacterial infections linger or grow.

Clindamycin DRUG


Clindamycin is an antibiotic that helps you get rid of your bacterial problems or issues regarding to it. bacteria in your system can either be the good kind that helps play a significant part in your body’s functioning process or can be the bad kinds that cause infections of various kinds. The infectious bacteria starts small in the affected area and soon starts multiplying and reproducing therefore proliferating the infection slowly and gradually. Clindamycin uses its best benefit to prevent increase or reproduction of these bacteria thereby eliminating further growth possibilities. It may also reverse the damages done and  hence said given below is a list to the possible benefits that you can incur from this particular drug.

  • Ear and Throat Infection: throughout your life, so far there has been one instance when you’ve suffered from a bad ear pain or a sore throat. Your ear is the first common attack place for the bacteria, especially the middle or the inner ear past the ear drums where the bacteria finds a perfect environment to breed and grow. Your ear and throat cavities being connected makes a pathway for the infection to even affect your throat and this is when clindamycin uses its best to contain the bacterial growth while trying to eliminate the bubbling infection.
  • Sinus Problems: Inflammation of the sinuses can be the cause of bacterial growth within it and this is what brings about bad writhing pain, heavy headedness, light flashes and extreme discomfort. Treat the sinus with cindamycin to get the best of the benefits from it.
  • Skin Infection using Bacteria: Bacterial outburst at times also affects skin which is almost all the time exposed to the harsh environment outside. Skin infections can be in the form of rashes, swelling, redness and blotches which can be a very painful experience. This drug can be found in a topical form which makes it all the more easier to treat bacterial skin infections.
  • Vaginal Infection like Gonorrhea: Sexually transmitted diseases too can be blamed on bacteria which once again finds the perfect place to breed and grow thereby increasing your infection just a little every day. This antibiotic actually works towards eliminating growth risks while establishing a hostile environment for the bacteria to live.
  • Food Poisoning: Food poisoning can be caused by bacteria like salmonella which masks the healthy functioning of the stomach and thereby causes disruption in the digestion process. Soon your vomiting or showing signs of acute diarrhea and this can easily be tackled if you know the right dose of clindamycin to treat with.
  • Meningitis: Meningitis can be recognized as a brain and spinal cord inflammation caused by bacterial invasion often resulting in severe pain and infection. Once again we reach out to this medicine to take care of us and to treat the infection the easy way.
  • PID: PID or pelvic inflammation disease also can be blamed on bacteria, especially the inflammation part and to keep the inflammation stabilized use clindamycin.
  • Acne: acne is an ever going struggle amongst all teenagers possibly some adults too. Many days it is the hormones while most of the other days it is simply the bacteria that causes these acne. Much like chicken pox, clindamycin for acne too can be cured the easy way.


Wait for your doctor to prescribe to you the basic dosage or unit of medicine to consume with the proper time gap or intervals. Based on your age or medical requirement, your doctor will help you out with the required amounts. Clindamycin can be obtained in different form, from topical solutions that needs to applied directly to the affected spot to oral suspensions, tablets and even in the form of capsules. It is not up to you or your doctor to choose the best way to go about with it.  However, one thing that should be kept strict at all times is the duration of the medicinal period through which you are supposed to consume this medicine.  One should never under or over do with the medication period and the same goes for the dosage unit.

If in the form of an oral suspension, measure the dose carefully with a measuring cup or a measuring spoon and if prescribed in the capsulated or tabular form simply use a glass of water to gulp it down with ease. Some doctors may also prescribe the injection form where the medicine is directly injected to your system.

Always ask the doctor for precautions along with subsidiary dosage information like whether to take the medicine with food or without food.


The dosage is usually prescribed by the doctor and can be altered only on the doctor’s approval. It is best if you start with an initial dosage and then slowly move on to a larger dose if the results showing are not satisfactory enough. It is also of paramount importance that you stick to the dosage given and continue with it only till the time period mentioned. Overdoing the time period may result in worse scenarios.

Usually children or elderly are prescribed a much liberal dose while the adult patient can opt for the full dosage. The basic or minimum dose for an adult ranges from clindamycin 150mg to clindamycin 300mg. this is for serious infections and if the results showing are not up to satisfaction, the dosage can be increased to clindamycin 450mg. these medicines are prescribed keeping 6 hours in hand.

For an infant the minimum dose for a serious infection can be around clindamycin 8mhg to 12mg which can be increased maximum to a 20mg per day. however this daily dose for the children needs to be divided into several equal portions throughout the day so that overdosing possibilities are eliminated.

Usually the IV requires a much higher dose and for the children up to 350mg can be prescribed. For the adults however, keep the IV within a range of clindamycin 600mg to clindamycin 900mg and this dose can also be increased even up to 1200 mg.

In case you need to increase your doasage, consult the doctor and only increase your unit if the doctor feels so.


If you are stepping into motherhood any time soon or is already going through the process of pregnancy, it is of paramount importance that you stay away from this medicine as this drug passes onto the breast milk and may directly affect the newborn child.

Also, allergy medicines usually react a lot with these drugs and therefore if you are going through a course of allergy medicines either stop the dosage while the clindamycin dose continues or simply consult the doctor. In case of other bacterial diseases like sinus or chicken pox, if you are already under a treatment to treat these disorders, make sure you never mix the two doses or consume them too closely as it might react.

Elderly and children are much more sensitive and unless the case is something too serious, one should usually avoid the IV way of taking the medicine. Also, their dosages need to be strictly limited and kept at a much more flexible unit.


if you are constantly going through an antibiotic course make sure you consult your doctor before opting for this antibiotic drug. Also, often at times many bacterial infections such as chicken pox or meningitis or even a normal skin rash can be treated with other bacteria eliminating medicines which will surely react with clindamycin and therefore you should pursue either one instead of mixing the both.

It is always of the best interest that you furnish to your doctor a full information about your medical history and the medicines that are a part of your everyday dose so that your doctor knows which pills to avoid.
Also, hormonal pills or birth control pills too can react with this.


Much like the different benefits, this drug too has a list of side effects that often may show up. Usually if you are using this medicine for the very first time, your body may react differently to different medications and one such reaction may turn out to be a side effect since it is the very first time your body is introduced to this new antibody. At times, the side effects can be a sign of incompatibility or unsuitability which is when your doctor will prescribe against it.

Most of the time, these side effects are easy on the eyes and the body and may even be negligible but if the side effects show up persistently and causes havoc and distress in your system, immediately consult your doctor regarding it. enlisted below is a list of the usual common side effects that may show up during your course.

  • Nausea and Fatigue: Nausea is a common side effect for the beginners when the body is still getting used to the foreign antibody introduced to the system. However, this is an initial side effect and shouldn’t persist. The nausea initially may even turn into vomiting and the persistent fatigue will remain throughout. This constant lethargic feeling would not be an issue unless it over reacts into day sleeping.
  • Skin Disruptions: Even if you are not suffering from a skin problem, one of the side effects to this medicinal drug may be in the physical form of showing disruptions in your skin. this may be swelling, cracking or peeling of the skin, painful and red rashes and even blotches and swatches of redness.
  • Swelling and Redness: If swelling and redness persists even without any prior skin condition, this may possibly be an allergic sign telling your body of the lack of compatibility with this very medicine. Your neck, face, tongue and even the joints may start to swell along with redness and severe pain.
  • Breathing Troubles: Clindamycin side effects may be in the form of breathing troubles like difficulty in breathing or wheezing problems, heavy feeling in the chest and even feeling of suffocation. It is for the best that you refrain from continuing the dose and immediately revert back to your doctor before something serious happens.
  • Change in the Color of the Urine: Your excretion routine or the texture of your bowels at this time may go through some changes. Your urine may turn into a darker color as much as your bowel. This is a common side effect and shouldn’t be a concern until something serious happens.
  • Genital Problems: This is especially for the women. If you are dealing with something like gonorrhea, often the remedial procedure may bring in some extra genital problems like leaking or unusual discharge or severe itching.
  • Tender Gums and Body Pain: Periodontal problems may arrive with severe gum pain and even soft bleeding. Along with this body pain in the form of abdominal or muscle pain with joint swelling and stiffness may persist as a form of side effect.

Bacterial infections are never a serious affair until you chose to ignore them to the point where much fatal reactions are in store for you. therefore, whenever in doubt, a bacterial infection should be curbed right at the beginning. The drug clindamycin is one such prescription medicine that deals with bacterial proliferation where it prevents the bacteria from increasing further while cutting down on the remains of the disease so that a healthy body can once again persist.