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Citalopram – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

Depression is a dominant form of mental instability, a form of mental disorder that engulfs the person. Depression in today’s world is quite a common word that every other household deals with at some point or the other. The present world has made schedules tighter and the days shorter putting more and more pressure on the society to tackle their problems their way and this is sometimes the primary reason why succumbed under pressure and societal beliefs, often a person falls into a pit of depression. Our body is filled with neurotransmitters, neuro here standing for nerves. These neurotransmitter release themselves from one nerve and go and attaches it to the other nerve, thus creating a form of communication in between both. It is the disruption of this communication that affects the mental stature thereby causing the depression.

Citalopram – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

To mend this mental state, citalopram is an antidepressant that is often prescribed by the doctors that helps you treat your depression problems with ease. This prescription drug is known as an SSRI or selective serotonin re uptake inhibitor, the serotonin being a hormone like substance that induces or inhibits feelings, emotions, moods, sexual desires, behavior and appetite and even sleep. This drug mainly regulates the serotonin production which now restores them brain’s natural stature thereby bringing you out from your depressive state. Being a strict psychological matter, this drug therefore helps you cure depression by altering the hormonal composition within your brain that helps you change your mood, uplifting yourself and gradually pulling you through your depression.

Now, depression is the kind of a problem that if ignored can probe detrimental to the person’s future even to the point where it invokes suicidal thoughts into your brain. Hence, it can often be said that this medicinal drug is at times used for purposes that are not listed in the medical category. Abuse of such drug for the fun sake can never be a good omen since messing with your body chemicals and hormones for sport also proves fatal in the long run.

Citalopram Drug Uses & Benefits:

Depression is a strict mental problem, a situation where all self confidence is washed away as the patient segregates himself from social boundaries and locks himself into this small imaginative enclosure coming out of which would take more than just the lost self motivation. At around this time, the state of depression can be blamed on both scientific reasons and the psychology of the mind. Depression in minor stages can still be tackled by self improvement but for the later stages, a strict medicinal guidance is required to pull your loved and cared ones out of this pitch black pit that they call depression. Citalopram is a drug as such that helps you treat depression and here is a list of benefits that you can incur from this prescription drug.

  • Depression Cure: it is believed that the neurotransmitters in your nervous system form a bridge to gap communication in your system. the neurons through the transmitter leave one nerve and joins the other thus forming a communicative structure, the breakdown of which causes the depression and it is now that citalopram for depression restores mental stability while keeping the serotonin levels in check thereby forcing out depression from your system.
  • Anxiety Kept at Bay: alongside depression there are a few nervous disorders that might creep up on the scene one of which is anxiety attacks. citalopram for anxiety works towards containing the anxiety levels by once again regulating the hormones or the chemical imbalance in your system and hence contains periods of anxiety attack.
  • Panic Attacks Forgotten: panic disorders are yet another form of nervous disorder that might occur along with the depression. Panic in limited amount is just another form of emotion but when the hormonal levels are not in check, these panic attacks can become quite a heavy ordeal. Once again we require the drug to work its magic thereby keeping panic attacks at bay.
  • Change in Behavior Noticed: once you use the drug, you will start noticing a change in your or the patients behavior. Uplifting your depression, this drug will make you vibrant, energetic and more importantly mentally stable to handle stress situations.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: OCD is yet another mental disorder that affects a person’s behavior and thought process. OCD is all about organizing and branching stuff into their original order and on disruption it might cause mental instability or feelings of anxiety. This drug is also used to treat OCD symptoms.
  • Nervous Breakdown or Hyperactivity: Citalopram uses its benefits to also take over nervous disorders or nervous problems like hyper sensitivity or nervous breakdowns where the jittery or unused feeling can be put to rest.
  • Change in Thinking Perspective: this drug makes changes in your chemical composition and thereby also induces change in your hormonal structure. As a result you can be rest assured your thinking process or the way you view life and yourself will change once you get out of your depressive state.
  • Menopause Buddy: women going through menopause have a lot of overwhelming emotions owing to their raging estrogen that now looks for a way of release. At around this time it is quite natural for a woman to experience certain mood swings, certain behavioral changes and of course hot flashes, a common symptom. The citalopram will be your menopause buddy helping you go through them with ease.

How to Use:-

depression is a disorder that requires in details checkup before the doctor can reach to a conclusion over the dosage unit to be provided for the patient. This is an individual endeavor where no two patient will have the same diagnosed result. Before prescribing to you, your doctor will go over your age, medical requirement and tests based on which your dose will be provided.

Usually you can opt for an oral dosage in the form of a liquid suspension which you would need to measure and dose carefully before anything else. The dosage will be prescribed to you by your doctor. One can also opt for the injection where the drug dosage is injected in your system through a syringe. The doctor will prescribe to you the time or the continuation length for this medication. You can either have it with food or without food based on whatever your doctor recommended you.

However, the effects of the citalopram dosage can take up to 4 weeks to show up and for others it can take even a longer time span. But at all time one should remember never to miss out on a dose and more importantly never to suddenly drop this medicine.

Citalopram Drug Dosage:

  • Based on your requirement, age and the extent of the mental damage, your doctor will list out your medicinal dosage and the time or the way to consume it.
  • Usually you are advised as a beginner to start with an initial dose since your body is yet to get used to the working mechanism of this medicinal drug. If you already have a past history of using this drug, you can right away jump into a full dose but if there are repercussions immediately consult your doctor about reducing the dose.
  • The base dose for this medicine would be citalopram 10mg which is too low a drug dose and the effects might be a long way off to come. Usually someone who is prescribed such a small dose will definitely be asked to consume this medicine in the same dose probably more than once or twice a day.
  • The adult dose to treat depression is usually measured at citalopram 20mg. this is a basic dose and can be increased later to citalopram 40mg. this is regarded a daily dose for once a day every day and to maintain consistency one should consume the medicine everyday at the same time and at the same dose. If we are dealing with elderly people, the dose should be lessened a bit, probably an average adult dose of 20mg so that overdosing factors don’t arrive. The drug might take up to 4 weeks for the improvement to show and might even take longer for other people.


  • Allergy medicines always react wrong with every other drug, especially the ones that tamper with the brain and nervous matters. This is essentially why one of the strict precautions would include you keep away from allergy medicines or consult your doctor in case of emergency.
  • It is always for your best interest that you should furnish to your doctor a detailed report of your past medical discrepancies and the medical assistance that you have opted for in the past which allows your doctor to know which medicine from the past can react with your current diagnose. If you are currently going through a period of liver or kidney or even heart problems and are talking medicines to contain it, make sure your doctor has full information about it.
  • Also if you have any other nervous or brain related disorder like OCD or bipolar disorder, keep your doctor in touch about the medicines you are taking to contain it. often these medicines can react with the citalopram since they both fall under the same category.

Interaction with other Medicines:

  1. Many a time citalopram may react with other drugs and may even cause adverse side effects. This is why while prescribing it is of importance that you let your doctor know about the possible drug intake on your medical history list. also, keep away from allergy medicines that tamper with your current dose.
  2. MAO inhibitors like phenelzine or methylene blue should strictly be avoided if you are going through a course of citalopram. Also, any sort heart or liver medicine should be consulted to the doctor before mixing them together.
  3. Citalopram drug interactions may also be a result of drug abuse or alcohol abuse of any kind. This should be strictly refrained from.

Citalopram Drug side effect:

Much like the night and the day or the sun and the moon, every drug offered to you for your benefits would also have a certain list of side effects to follow. every drug has a pro and con, the pro here being relief from depression and related issues. The con can be in the form of side effects which for some are negligible. It is often your body’s sustainability or compatibility that should be kept in mind so the reaction for this drug will be different amongst different patients. If in minor forms, these side effects can be ignored but in case the side effects are too much to handle, revert back to the doctor immediately.

Enlisted Below is the list to all the Common Side Effects:-

  • Menstrual changes: citalopram side effect also includes menstrual changes like possibly the flow or the change in the time or the duration of its stay. This has a lot to do with the serotonin or the estrogen levels which at this time is regulated or controlled by this drug.
  • Irregular heart beat or heart palpitation: irregular heart beat might be noticed at around this time along with fast hearty beats or heart palpitations. In case this occurs, immediately stop the dosage and report to the doctor about the side effect.
  • Sex drive decrease: in a study conducted, it is believed that the drug takes over the serotonin substance release and makes amends to this substance. To relieve you of depression, the drug focuses on your other substantial moods or emotions like hunger, happiness and might often result in lowering your sexual drive.
  • Increase in appetite and decrease in energy: unlike the other drugs, citalopram actually brings about a change in your system which at contained levels can be a good sign. From having to deal with anorexia and insomnia you will see your hunger thirst or sleep drive increasing however the side effects may cause these emotions to increase manifold which too is a bad sign.
  • Convulsions and cold sweat: this is a drear side effect and is often uncommon. If you break the chain of this drug and lose consistency, sudden stopping may cause counter effects much like convulsions or seizures. Once you drop the level of the medicine suddenly you may feel cold sweat and chills which is an oncoming sign of seizure or convulsion.
  • Fatigue and weight gain: while some drugs make you lose weight citalopram will actually make you gain weight. As mentioned earlier, this drug increases hunger and brings about behavioral changes in you. weight gain is considered a healthy sign unless it becomes too overbearing. Constant gain in weight can be a bad side effect along with feeling of lethargy. Tiredness can persist even without the weight gain factor and is a common side effect which is not of a concern.

Citalopram belongs to the classified benzodiazepine drug category and in this section the drugs work towards bringing back the once lost mental stability that a healthy person requires to go about on his normal day. depression can be quite fatal if allowed to proliferate and thus shortcomings like this should be pruned from the core.

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