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Ciprofloxacin – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

In the wake of new science and multipurpose medical breakthroughs, a lot of new drugs have come up on the commercial scene. One such is the Ciprofloxacin which is an antibiotic special belonging to a group called fluoroquinolones which in itself is an antibiotic drug. Specially used as an ailment for bacterial infections, this drug would help you aid your bacterial problems that usually find their way to your body. Bacteria present in the human body are categorized into two segments, the good ones that are essential for the smooth working of the bodily functions executing each function in an organized sequence. The other part to this is the bad bacterium that concocts and builds ever so slowly to form a infection within you, some of the common infections occurring to us on a daily basis.

Ciprofloxacin - Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

Ciplox or rather known by its scientific name, ciprofloxacin can be defined as a wide spectrum bacteria cure that comes in different dosages treating different bacterial problems within you. you can easily recognize this drug by its ever so faint yellow crystalline structure.  Usually this drug is used to treat household common names some of them being bronchitis, Chlamydia, pneumonia and such. Often skin infections caused by bacteria too finds relief through the usage of this drug. Yet another assistance acquired from this drug can be listed as the bacterial infection in your urinary tract often leading to painful hours of burning and pain, the disease in itself being called UTI. Then comes the oral part of infections where too ciplox can be used as a healer. Even though dental problems usually don’t get prescribed under this drug, certain mouth or periodontal infections can easily be treated using this drug. However, one needs to keep in mind the different dosages that are appropriate for the eradication of the infection.


Bacterial infections in the present day are not at all an uncommon preceding. With the ever growing urbanization pollution has increased manifold. However, it is not simply the pollution or the population that has expanded its arms. The line of diseases once uncommon and rarely heard of is now a household term occurring every now and then. That said so, it is true that the market for medicines too have progressed manifold allowing one simple medicine to take care of multiple needs. Ciplox magically helping in curing bacterial problems has within itself more than one benefit.

  • Anthrax Treatment: for you to know anthrax, one should get acquainted with the bacterium Bacillus anthracis. Ciprofloxacin uses can come to your benefit in the inhaled form of anthrax if one has been exposed to it.
  • Respiratory Problems: As mentioned earlier, respiratory problems too at times are bacterial in cause and at that time ciplox can help you get proper assistance towards curing it. diseases that can be treated with this drug are in the manner of lung abscess, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis and such.  Eradicating the bacterial formation from the lungs, ciplox will help you heal faster from this.
  • UTI:  UTI or urinary tract infection can be recognized as a disease of the tract that allows the urine to pass out of our system. In this situation one would usually experience difficulty in passing urine as the tract in itself gets inflamed and swollen owing to the presence of bacterial formation.  This is predominantly caused by bacteria present in the tract and can also be classified as an STD. Uses of ciprofloxacin can help you in relieving yourself of this painful journey.
  • Sexual Transmitters: STDs come next in the line. Sexually transmitted diseases are often common in today’s generation, a rate that has been steadily increasing. Apart from herpes, the other common sexually transmitted diseases would be gonorrhea or Chlamydia. Ciplox can be used to treat these too.
  • Joint Problems: Bacteria not only affect your system or your organs but your skeletal system too. Ciprofloxacin or ciplox tablets are known to work on the bacterial infections caused on the bones or joints too allowing them to regain their flexibility or bringing back their once lost strength. This is the case for septic arthritis.
  • Surgery Scars: Here in this segment, we are not literally taking the scars from the surgery but rather talking about those rare days when a surgery has left you with an infection inside. This can be something as simple as a surgery to remove your gall bladder and at times surgery can result in infection. This is when Ciplox swoops in to save the day.
  • Skin Damage: the largest organ in your body, your skin too is exposed to bacteria, sometimes causing a reaction that causes the bacteria to react into an infection. This can be the scene of burns or open gashes rotting into infections or simple ulcers turning infected. Ciplox can aid in healing skin tissue damage too reviving it its best.


    Ciplox tablets are taken much like any other medicine that you get around. However, before popping in a pill make sure doctor’s recommendation and the proper dosage for the patient is well known and versed. Under dosing can prevent the ciplox from performing its usual work where as over dosing is equally bad. It is strictly recommended that you abide by the doctor’s consulted method of in taking this medicine. Usually a ciplox is advised to be taken after every 12 hours and continuation of the medication as per the prescription should be maintained for beneficial results.

Usually it is best if you intake the tablet in its whole self without crushing or splitting it since the overwhelming bitter taste becomes prominent at that point. Use a full glass of water to swallow and wash down the pill. If taken in a liquid formation make sure you shake the bottle well before measuring out the dose and of course drink plenty of fluids to keep the medicine washed down and in a soluble condition. Leave a good two hour gap in between your meals and the medicine so that the concoction doesn’t react with any other material.


The advent of numerous new medically prevalent drugs that have plenty of applications in our daily lives has brought about a revolution in how we look at health and welfare. Ciprofloxacin is one such drug that is actually a very effective antibiotic that is very effective against any bacterial infections especially if provided with a dosage of 500mg which is used for more elaborate infections and diseases. Other dosages which are effective include 100mg which is normally used for children and 250mg for milder bacterial diseases and infections. Ciprofloxacin is a wide segment bacterial preventing drug that works on various levels as per the dosage that you use depending on the treatment that is required. There is a strict prevention in regards to using this drug when taking another drug commonly known as tizanidine. Though this drug does not have any elaborate dental applications it is still known to help fight any infections in regards to dental care. Ciplox as it is called has many applications in our daily lives and is known to treat a wide range of bacterial problems that affect our body. It is always wise to intake the ciprofloxacin 500 mg tablet whole so as to attain the best results from the drug in order to cure any bacterial infection that may cause respiratory problems, skin diseases and so on. A dose of ciprofloxacin is very effective immediately in prepping your body for a full throttle treatment in order to cure bacterial disease quite effectively.

  • Ciprofloxacin 500mg comes ready to treat disease when necessary but it may cause side effects like the tearing of a tendon when used especially if you use steroid medication, if you are above 60 years of age or have any major organ transports. Ciplox is normally advised to be taken every 12 hours in order to allow the drug to work on a timely basis healing your body steadily. Ciplox is also available in liquid form and can be used as a soluble solution.


    Ciplox comes with a few broken ties, some rules and norms that should be used a word of caution whilst going through this medication period.

  • For the early risers who value their steaming cup of coffee, ciplox and caffeine together is a combination much close to being deadly. Cut down on coffee.
  • Make sure you give a 2 hour break from meals before and after intake of the medicine to allow it to settle down without reacting with others

This medicine not only reacts with certain food items like dairy products and minerals like calcium, but also takes a dip into the other medication effects which is strictly why you should know which medicines along with this medication can cause you worry.


As said before, ciprofloxacin comes with a few set of rules some of them being cutting down on the dairy products or everyday rush hour coffee and even intake of calcium pills. Apart from this there are a few other medications that are particularly known to react when in the presence of ciplox.

  • Any medicine that externally induces vitamins and minerals like zinc, magnesium, iron and calcium in your body. This includes protein tablets.
  • Antacids that contain aluminum or the chewable tablets.
  • Sucralfate suspension is an ulcer medicine which should be avoided if ciprofloxacin dosage is being taken.In case of pregnancy or breast feeding, the mother must take doctor consultation before using this medicine. If you as a patient have any prior case of allergies or reactions to other medicines, the doctor should be duly noted about this before he prescribes this medication to you.


    Even though ciprofloxacin is doctor recommended and often helps you get rid of your bacterial conditions at a speedier rate, there comes a time when our body’s defense system might be a bit hazy or not so strong leading to unnecessary side effects that creep up whilst during the medication period. In case of severe signs of side effects it is strictly advised that you seek medical attention and let your doctor know about your mental or bodily changes.

  • Anaphylaxis: Side effects of ciprofloxacin causes anaphylaxis which can be defined as a growing allergic reaction that is severe in nature and affects many of the body parts. Even though these reactions are usually minor in nature and can be treated immediately, often these allergies in bigger scales can harm your body even to the point of extreme shock or death. Usually these reactions occur in the lungs, chest, nose, throat and skin. along with this hives and tongue swelling can occur too.
  • Nausea and Vomiting: Nausea and vomiting is yet another symptom that may accompany along with the medication. This side effect is quite common and can be experienced especially after your meal intakes. Ciplox is way too strong a drug and often may not agree with your digestive system thereby resulting in the feeling of nausea. At times nausea can even result to vomiting which is why we often recommend you take a good two hour or more break in between your meals and intake of the medicine.
  • Body Ache: Ciprofloxacin side effects are also known to cause severe body ache. Ciplox is known to increase the pressure created inside your skull and the feeling of nausea or uneasiness all piled in together might result in severe headache. Along with the headache strong muscle pain especially around the shoulder regions may be experienced. The other probable pain causing areas might be the back of your eyes and your abdomen.
  • Fatigue and Mental State: The feeling of restlessness and uneasiness is quite often documented as a dominant side effect for this medication. One might feel fatigued easily and to top that, studies revealed that certain mental changes might come over too. This includes depression or confusion, anxiety and insomnia and even hallucinations at the worst.
  • Nerve Problems: Ciplox being a heavyt drug might affect your nervous system too if your body’s immunity is way too low for it to handle such a serious drug. Numbness or slight tingling is one of the common nerve causes but the worst case scenarios might be light headedness and unusual sensitivity, reaction to touch and even severe dizziness which compliments the prior mentioned point, fatigue.
  • Tendon Rupture: This has been documented as one of the common side effects to the intake of this drug. It usually starts with clicking or snipping noises from the joints that will slowly turn stiff as the pain slowly would increase then leading to tenderness and sensitivity. These enlisted feelings generally are put together to be called tendon rupture.