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keflex (cefalexin) – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

The first ever microorganisms to inhabit the earth was those of the bacteria that came in different shapes, sizes and forms and would go on to create a world where living without bacteria is simply not possible. When we say bacteria, we need not necessarily mean bad as there are some good bacteria that are present which do account for the healthy working of our body, a smooth and proper function ensured and of course the basic tuning milk into yeast or yogurt or curd which is one of the most common helping bacteria that we know of. However, there are some bacteria present in us or the environment that does account for trouble much like a bacterial infection. The present world is filled to the brim with pollution that invokes diseases of the worst kind. With newer and more prominent disorders showing up every other day, it is quite possible that we may as a part of the new improved generation be more susceptible to common anomalies like hay fever, seasonal allergies and even the common bacterial infection, compared to the people in the past generations.


Today we have a medicine in mind that would be the highlight of this article where the sole purpose of this drug is to aid in the treatment of bacterial infections, the common and the uncommon kinds. The drug in spotlight is called keflex, which is the generic name for the drug. one can avail this drug however with the brand name cephalexin. These belong to a category of drugs or antibiotics to be precise called the cephalosporins which work as a barrier or an obstruction in the path of the bacterial growth which is exactly how this medications prevents bacterial infections. By hindering the growth and multiplication of the bacteria, this drug ensures your infection is treated to the best.

Cephalexin Drug benefits:

To know how the medication works, we have to start with how the bacterial infection actually occurs. The cells in our body are normal and healthy multiplying when mature enough thereby giving birth to a new pair of cell while it dies. However, with the intrusion of the bacteria, it first affects one cell where it sets up the host place and then with time it moves on to the next cell and the next. At the same time, the bacteria too multiply and grows in number thereby aiding the expansion and soon enough, we have the infection spreading all over. This is when keflex uses its antibiotic nature to build a defense wall against the cells that are adjacent to the formation of the bacteria and thereby prevents the bacteria from entering a new cell to damage it. at the same time the medication directly attacks the bacteria that has formed destroying or killing it to prevent further proliferation mechanisms.

Therefore, when we speak about the benefits this medication has provide us with, we usually talk about any and every kind of bacterial infection. It may range from anything like ear infection to even kidney or intestinal bacterial invasion.  Some of the common places are ears, throat, skin which is the most common, scalp, finger nails and even the insides like the kidney, liver or intestinal infection caused by bacteria.

How to use Cephalexin:

Keflex generic name is cephalexin, the dosage for which will be strictly measured to you by your doctor. The dosage unit along with consumption style should also be mentioned but before prescribing there are some evaluations that one should consider. For example, the patient’s age or body weight should be levied along with the need for medical attention and some test results if there is any. Also prior illness of such genre should be taken into account.

The medication, keflex is to be taken in orally, i.e. by your mouth and the with food or without food section can be clarified with your doctor. You can avail this medication in many forms such as oral suspension or syrups as we call it, tablets and capsules. The form decided to you by your doctor should be kept persistent without jumping from one form to another. If you are opting for the oral suspension, shake the bottle well and use a professional beaker or a tube to measure the dose instead of a household cup. For the tablet or capsule, use a full glass of water to swallow it whole instead of biting or chewing the medication.

You may be prescribed multiple doses during the day so always ensure there is a 6 to 12 hour gap in between each dose to rule out overdosing effects. If you miss a dose, take it while there is still time or else escape the dose if it edges too close to the next dosage. Since this is an antibiotic always keep the doses constant, take them regularly and at the same time each day if possible and even if you feel yourself getting well, do not stop the medication dosage. Continue till the full span allotted gets over with.


Your doctor should prescribe the required dosage unit based on some evaluations like the age or weight of the patient, their body’s compatibility level to antibiotics and also, the intensity of the medical assistance, i.e the requirement for the medicine kept in mind. Since this is applicable to both children and adult, the pediatric dosage unit is always kept at a minimum. Even for the adults, if you are a beginner to this category of antibiotics, start with the lowest effective dosage unit and move onto the higher dosage only if required.

The consumption style or the time interval between each medication is also given to you by your doctor, a routine that you should strictly follow. the lowest effective keflex dosage for an adult would be keflex 250mg which is a basic dose to be taken each day with a six to twelve hour gap in between each dose. The basic dose is applicable for both adults and children but the increase of the dosage should be limited when it comes to children. For any sort of infection be it the ear or throat, this can be the base dose. The higher dose for infections like kidney or intestinal infection requires a heavier dose like keflex 500mg. the same dosage can be used for soft tissues infection too where a 500mg dose can be segmented into two parts with a minimum six hour difference in between. The same dosage applies to osteomyelitis as well.

However the cephalexin 500mg is not always suitable for a child so always consult your doctor prior to usage.


The cephalexin capsules or tablet consumption method too plays a role in precaution where whilst taking the medication always keep an eye out on how you choose to take it. the medication is filled with inactive ingredients which would definitely cause hysteria and overdosing possibilities if you break it open. Therefore it is advised that you keep the medicine full without breaking or biting down on it so that the drug inside the coated medicine doesn’t spill and accumulate.

Also, if you are taking the oral suspension, it has traces of sugar in it which may alter your diabetes or blood sugar level so know your risks before consuming the oral suspension form. Usually, the syrup is mainly prescribed to the children.

If you are pregnant, consult your doctor regarding the usage of this medication right about this time as it may or may not cause side effects to the mother and the baby as well. This medication passes onto the body and often may harm the child from inside. If that’s not the case, it may also pass into the breast milk and affect the child post birth. Also, before going in for a surgery always let your prep surgeon or doctor know about using this medication.

Interaction with other medications:

Interaction with other medications usually mean the presence of any other drug already persistent in the system would react when in contact with the new medication drug and therefore may create adverse side effects. Usually these side effects are introductory in nature but more about that later. The first thing to do is furnish a full medical history detail to the doctor along with the non prescription medicines that you have taken in the past.

Usually allergy medicines react a lot with these medications and therefore should be consulted with the doctor on the occasion of continuation. To begin with we also have the other antibiotics which may react with this since this is an antibiotic itself.

Also herbal products or any sort of heart or kidney medications at around this time should be consulted with the doctor is you want to continue it.

Cephalexin Side effects:

Side effects are imminent no matter how amiable the medication drug is. Side effects either occur in the case of introduction of a new foreign substance in your body which is when your body is still getting used to this new medicine. At other times, it may also be the reason for incompatibility which is a common for some as they may have a record of antibiotic allergy. In any case, for some these keflex antibiotic side effects are negligible but for the others here is a list to the side effects for this.

  • Urine change: antibiotics affect your urine or stool and therefore changes in consistency or frequency can be noticed. Urine and stool both would be a bit darker in shade with stiff consistency for the bowel.
  • Pain: certain muscle areas in the scene may start to pain with muscle stiffness presiding. Abdominal pain in common too at around this time and if it goes overboard you need to consult the doctor.
  • Nausea: nausea may occur at the preliminary stages when the medication is still new and foreign to you. at times nausea may also take a turn towards dizziness and light headedness and at times it may even turn into vomiting. If this persists for a long time later in the course, consult the doctor.
  • Allergy symptoms: allergy symptoms may occur if the medicine is not compatible with your system which is when shortage of breath accompanied by skin irritation occurs. The skin may feel irritated and itchy with red blotching blisters or rashes. At certain times it may even be the cause for your nausea.
  • Unusual weight loss: one of the keflex side effects would be unexpected weight loss which may preside right now. Appetite loss is the primary reason for it. appetite loss is one of the common side effects.
  • Belching: belching may occur at around this time and even though this is not so common a side effect patients with digestion issues may constantly face it.
  • Irregular heartbeat: heart palpitations or irregularity in your heart beat may be just another of the side effects even though this is quite rare and has never really occurred before.

Bacterial infections these days are so very common that we have started regarding it as a part of the seasonal change illness where every once in a while a sore throat or a painful ear experience will tell you about an oncoming bacterial invasion.

Usually most of it is treated using the keflex medicine which us an antibiotic drug that prevents the growth of these bacteria and thereby prevents expansion of the infection. The ones remaining are then eliminated using this antibiotic and soon enough you are left with n traces of these infection causing bacteria. However, these are not on a permanent form as this medicine provides temporary relief to the situation on hand. These infections may or may not return in case of which you need to retreat yourself.