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What Activities To Do Before Bed Time for Lose Weight (While Sleeping)

Silence those people who say gym is the only place to lose weight. The simple home remedies neither will help. What comes to the rescue is following a strict routine and developing some healthy habits, either in the morning or in the evening. In case you don’t have the time in the morning, or if you are not a morning person, here is how you can make up for it in the evening.

There is various difference of opinion on the best time to work out. Some experts say morning is the time, while others opine, it is the evening. In reality, time is only a factor that will affect your performance. When you exercise in the evening, you will feel relaxed and will also sleep better. IT also aids in digestion, all that you may have eaten during the day is burnt with your evening exercise. You are typically burning a lot of calories and hence going to bed with lesser toxins in the body. The next morning, your body is clean and will thus help in eating healthy and staying fit.

What Activities To Do Before Bed Time for Lose Weight (While Sleeping)

Planning right is the key. It is necessary to walk a bit, at least for about 30 minutes post your dinner. Keep your dinner to the minimum and include some breathing exercise for efficient digestion. We’ll tell you all you can do.

Easy Ways to Lose Weight in the Evening:

Start with some physical exercise at Evening.

1. Walking:

Walking -2

The best way to keep your blood pressure in control is by going for an evening walk. It will also lower your hypertension. Remember to engage in some brisk walk to shed some extra pounds. Walk for about 35 minutes daily. You will become slim and will be able to live healthy.

2. Jogging:


Jogging is another best physical activity to shed the excess belly fit. The activity is simple and require no effort apart from having you to run. The most significant way to burn calories from your body is to jog regularly in the night or evening. When you do this in the evening, you tend to perform better and will also give you a good nights’ sleep. It is time you start! Try today!

3. Yoga:


Yoga will calm your mind and keep you relaxed. You will see how DE-stressed you feel with regular practice of yoga. Studies have shown how sleep is another necessary thing for weight loss. Doing yoga in the evening, will help you sleep better. Here’s an easy one to do.

  • Moon Salutation:Like the sun salutation or the surya namaskara, here is Chandra namaskar. The poses are slow and relaxed, that has full inhalations and exhalations with deep stretches. This is known as Hasta uttasana, also known as Raised arms pose. Bring the arms forward and take it up as much as possible.
  • Push your arms back by arching the back and bring the pelvis to the front.
  • Make sure your knees and elbows are straight and your head is between the arms.
  • Your chin should be pointing the ceiling.

Chandra asana is also a series of pose, that has to be performed under careful supervision and guidance.

4. Stretching:


Stretching as an exercise and a serious physical activity will help in bringing the body to top shape. However, they are more of warming exercises that will prepare your muscles for some rigorous workouts. Remember to do the stretching at least for about 5 minutes, so that it covers the major parts of your body. Take a look at how you can do one.

  • This is known as the Eagle yoga pose or garudasana that is a total stretch activity, which will be efficient in helping you lose weight. Stand in tadasana pose.
  • Now, slowly bend your knees. Stand your right foot and cross your left thigh over your right. Pick up a point in front of you and focus there.
  • Keep the top of your left foot behind your right calf. Stay in this position for one minute.
  • Slowly, bring your arms straight in front of your body. Keep your left arm under your right.
  • Bend the elbows, and then raise your forearms perpendicular to the floor. Cover your arms and hands, and bring your palms together, as much as you can.
  • Lift your elbows and point your fingertips toward the ceiling. Your shoulders should be pressed back.
  • Bring your hips and chest to the front wall. Draw your belly in and up.
  • Focus on the tip of your thumbs. Breathe smoothly and evenly.
  • Stay in the position for a minute and focus on your breathing. Fixate on your gaze. Take your arms and legs back to the position and return to Tadasana. Repeat on the opposite side.

Do this daily and see how effective the results turn out to be. This pose will ensure you get focus and concentration. It will also build your balance and shape up the muscles and help you sweat out and burn calories.

There are some more exciting activities you could do to lose weight. Here are some more.

A. Swimming: When you swim in the evening, the most important thing that will happen is, time! You will have a lot of time to enjoy and at the same time, burn calories like crazy. It has a range of cardiovascular benefits. When you swim for an hour, you burn at least 510 calories, if you weigh 154 pounds. Swimming tones and shapes up your body too. Its probably time to dive in!

B. Detox bath: A detox bath after a long tiring day is sure a bliss. When you take a detox bath post your return from office, or simply after the household chores, you are steer clearing a lot of toxins from your body. Your body needs some dose of magnesium, that is easily available in the Epsom salt detox bath.

  • Add a cup of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) in to your bath tub. Add one cup of baking soda. It has anti-fungal properties along with cleansing abilities. This will leave your skin soft and clean.
  • You can optionally add ground ginger. Ginger will make you sweat more and thus helping you flush out more toxins.
  • Add fragrance oil for aroma. This is optional too.
  • Stay in the water for no more than 15 minutes. Allow your body to imbibe the magnesium. It will flush out the toxins and help you eat healthy food.

Once out of bath, drink water to hydrate yourself and clean your body. Do this one every two weeks.  Pat dry. Look out for any irritation or redness.

C. Massage: Doesn’t the massage give you that soothe? Especially after a tired day? A full body massage will help tone the muscles and stimulating the right nerve will relax you. These are most often done by experts. The aromatherapy massage is the ideal one to lose weight. It uses various kinds of oil, that are typically extracts of plants and flowers. It is highly scented and enjoying this for about 10 minutes will relax you and help you sleep better. It will also give the body some energy and motivation to start a healthy diet, the following morning. Do this massage once every week.

Apart from these, there are other range of drinks that you can take before going to bed.

I. Proteins: One big source of protein is the Greek yogurt. It has low sugar content. Studies have shown that eating proteins before bed can stimulate protein synthesis, that will help repair and grow your muscles. Lean protein will aid in burning the body fat and thus this will foster effective weight loss.

II. Diet food: End your day with some diet food. Do not go to bed hungry. Eating minimally is a good way out to ensure your body runs on a healthy track. A table spoon of peanut butter with five whole-grain crackers is a good nighttime snack that has about 190 calories, 6 grams of protein and 3.5 grams of fiber. Fibre will keep you full for the night and will prevent you from over-eating.

III. You can also indulge in 1 cup of carrot sticks with 1/4 cup of hummus, that has 150 calories, 6 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber. The idea is to make your diet exciting so that you actually want to eat it.

IV. A warm glass of milk can do wonders. They will help you tackle the belly growls that we typically experience before bed time. Such that!

V. Black tea can also help in good sleep at the night. Boil a glass of water and to it add tea leaves. Strain and enjoy it with a spoon of honey.

VI. Dance: how about grooving to some music? Even small steps will do! Dance and sweat it out. When you dance, you burn calories and will also sweat. This sweat will bring out the toxins from your body, making you feel relaxed. It will also ensure you have a good nights’ relaxed sleep.

VII. Bring the lights down: a good nights’ sleep is essential if you are intending to lose some weight. Bright lights can destroy your sleep. Ensure some mild and soothing low voltage bulbs. They will aid in better sleep so that you can have a peaceful and stress-less morning!

Would you like to chill with some bedtime smoothies and drinks? Take a look at what we have to suggest.

a. Soy and Protein Shake: Like we just said, protein is a good thing to have before you sleep. A good shake with many essentials is a combo that will aid in faster weight loss.

In a blender, add soy milk, one large sliced banana, three spoons of oatmeal. You can add some cinnamon for flavour. Add one scoop of protein powder, and 1/4th spoon of vanilla essence.

Blend all of this into a smooth texture. Drink before bed time every day.

Soy milk contains less fat and has lesser calories. It contains high quality proteins, required for the nutrition of human body. Soy powder will reduce the risk of heart disease. It is low in saturated fat and cholesterol, thus protecting your heart.

b. Water: Drinking water is ideal at any point of the day. It will keep you hydrated. When you drink water before a meal, you feel full and thus will restrict yourselves from eating more. Drink one glass of water before bed to keep you full so that you silence the growls your stomach will make at night!

c. Detox: Detox are good before bed. Try a classic lemon water detox before bed.

In luke warm water, squeeze one lime. Drink it before bed every day.

This will help in food assimilation and is an excellent way to digest food when you sleep. It will boost your metabolism and help you expel toxins from the body in the morning, thus helping in weight loss.

d. Tea: Don’t we all enjoy a cup of tea ta any point of the day? Tea will stimulate neurotransmitters to help you sleep effectively at night. They will relax you and make you feel at comfort. Try a chamomile tea easily.

Chamomile has been linked to weight loss and effective glucose control. Boil a glass of water and add the chamomile flowers with some mint leaves for added flavour.

Allow it to seep for 10 minutes.

Drink it warm every night before sleep. You only have to be sure that the tea you drink is caffeine free. Caffeine will prevent you from sleeping at night.

Sleeping Position:

Your sleeping position has a lot to do with your weight loss. Certain sleep positions are known to aid in digestion, while others will give you neck and back positions. Proper digestion is necessary to foster weight loss. Hence, sleeping facing down is the best position. It will improve the digestion considerably.

Whether we agree or not, weight loss can be achieved only by following a strict routine. Many of us may not have the time in the morning. But we sure can spend some time in the evening. Chart out an exercise or yoga routine for your evening and follow it up with some strict diet, in the form of smoothies, shakes and veggies. Of course, you can have a cheat day!