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Azithromycin – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Interactions

Pollution is a raging factor that keeps proliferating with the world. As the world modernized itself through urbanization and globalization, the pollution quotient of the world also underwent heavy change possibly for the worst. Hence, we can draw a conclusion where living in this world disease free is indeed an impossible mission. Be it seasonal fevers or the viral flu or simply the bacterial infections, we have all has our fair share of problematic sick days owing to this very pollution. Bacteria the first proper microorganism to ever inhabit the earth is both good and bad in its own self. While the good bacteria help you churn milk to yogurt, the bad ones actually infiltrate your body’s defense system and causes bacterial infections within you. A remedy for this bacterial problem is the main hero of this article, this prescription drug that we call azithromycin.

Azithromycin tablets are antibiotics in nature which are mainly formulated for treatment of bacterial diseases. Usually the sterile bacteria in you is required for the betterment of the body but the rogue bacteria at times start building up nest in your body thereby creating problems like skin infections, ear infections, throat infections and such. Respiratory problems can also be encouraged by certain bacterial infections which can cause breathing troubles, wheezing and even suffocation. Often these bacterial diseases also include sexually transmitted diseases that are highly problematic in nature. When any sort of bacterial infection comes in contact with azithromycin, this drug immediately stops proliferation or increase in the bacterial count whilst trying to reduce the infection by killing the bacterial germs. Hence, it curbs infections and such. Being an antibiotic in nature, this is completely safe and organic and can also be used to treat children and elderly.

Azithromycin DRUG

However, this medicinal drug can often be abused by some in a manner of sport or fun which is quiet dangerous and should strictly be refrained from.


Every cloud has a silver lining to it and this cloud too comes with one. The goodness of azithromycin can be measured by its effectiveness in relieving bacterial infections. The busy schedule inflicted on us has taken up most of our time hence hardly giving us any time to actually take care of ourselves. Seasonal diseases caused by the bacteria are quite common especially with lowering immunities and busy schedules. This antibiotic, azithromycin is therefore filled with benefits when it comes to bacteria and its cure. Hence, here we have enlisted some of the diseases that this drug can cure along with its benefits.

  • Ear Infection Cure: ear infection is one of the most common problem especially amongst the children. The internal of the ear is quite a sensitive spot and is often prone to bacterial infection. This can be due to a seasonal problem or simply because of a uncertain poke in your ear whilst cleansing it. this drug would help you contain the growth of the bacterial infection whilst possibly reducing the bacteria by killing it.
  • Throat Infection kept Away: the ear canal and the throat is directly connected and therefore there might be instances when your ear infection can move down to the throat. On other days, throat is yet another common bacterial infection area and once again something that can be treated with this drug. Following the same procedure, this drug eliminates further bacterial growth while keeping the existing ones in treatment.
  • Skin Infections Kept at Bay: skin the largest organ in your body is often an easy area prone to suspected infection. Skin infections in the form of bacteria often results in redness, swelling, rashes and even patches. Skin infection usually can be treated using topical treatments but the best is when you cure the infection from within preventing further growth.
  • Stomach Upset due to Bacterial Infection Cured: many times bacterial infection can occur in your stomach, especially  the lining therefore making it hard for digestion to prevail. Stomach upset is the imminent result as the growing bacterial infection if left untreated can result in heavier internal damage. Once again you can cure this problem using the benefits of this medicinal drug.
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Sorted: azithromycin uses its benefits to also cure sexually transmitted diseases that might occur due to bacterial causes.
  • Ulcer Cure: ulcers possibly within your mouth are quite common when you look at it. often in the mornings you would wake up with a sore mouth, a small white ulcer forming in the inside of your mouth. If left untreated, it gets painful and is often hindering in your everyday problems. Too spicy a food becomes hard to consume and so does chewing properly. Use azithromycin to get rid of these unwanted ulcers that keep coming back for no reason.Even though azithromycin is an ideal medicine to cure all your bacterial infections, this anti bacterial antibiotic is often used as an abuse or a sport which should strictly be avoided if you do not wish to incur fatal consequences later.


Your doctor will prescribe to you the dosage or the units to be consumed. This is a healthy antibiotic which is both used for children and adults. While prescribing your doctor should give you a brief insight on how to consume and when to and just in case you missed it, here is it once more for you.

This medication is strictly to be taken orally. You can either avail the medicine in a tabular form or opt for the oral suspension, whichever is prescribed to you by your doctor. Usually for the children the dosage is kept at a minimum level until the results start showing up and for adults, a full dose each day would just about be perfect. It is best if you keep the medicinal dose at a constant each day and therefore it is usually advised that you take the medicine same time in a consecutive manner.

Also, measuring the dose in case of a suspension is of paramount importance. Also allow the medication to work properly before stopping the dose and therefore always stick to the prescribed time limit since stopping the medication early can cause the bacteria to grow more.

Here is one more word of caution, always store the medicine at room temperature and any oral suspension if stored for more than 10 days should not be consumed anymore.


Based on your medical requirement and your age or demographics, your doctor will prescribe to you the dosage and the units required for your ailment. It is important that you keep your dosage within restriction instead of going over or under. Overdosing may cause adverse side effects while the other under dosing would leave your bacterial infection untreated. Also, as mentioned before consistency of the dosage is required to be taken in constant amounts and at regular intervals. The initial dosage of azithromycin is kept low for the children while a full dose can be used for an adult.

For an infant or  child, dosage can be limited within 30mg or maybe 10mg consistently over a four day period. Later it can be increased ever so slowly up to the point where the dosage can be limited within azithromycin 250 mg.

For the adults the doses can start from 250mg and can be  increased up to azithromycin 500mg. this is a daily dose which needs to be consumed once a day everyday till the period prescribed by the doctor. Also, maintaining the regularity of this drug consumption should be the priority. Always take in the medicine at the same time each day without failure.

Never take a large step towards a higher dose all of a sudden. Always limit your doses and only go for an increase when the doctor prescribes it.


There are a number of side effects that you may face during the usage of azithromycin which may include nausea, diarrhea and pain at the area of injection. There are a number of precautions that you can take to help avoid such side effects which includes controlled dosage. Always keep to the recommended dosage that is provided to you by your physician. Azithromycin is quite a strong medicine therefore making it necessary for you to stay within your limits in order to stay away from unwanted side effects.

Always keep a skilled physician’s contact with you ready at all times in order to get immediate advice when it comes to azithromycin side effects. This will help you to not only deal with issues immediately but will also give you the ability to fight any situation easily.

Other than these two primary precautions you must always do your homework on this medication before taking it or better yet get adequate advice from your personal physician for the best results.


These drugs usually contain inactive ingredients and therefore may or may not be highly reactive in nature. Azithromycin is a drug that is used to treat a vast number of bacterial infections by acting as a macrolide type antibiotic that stops primarily the growth of bacteria in your body. Though this is a very beneficial medicine it does not work well with medication that is required to treat the common cold or flu. It is always better to stay away from any other kind of virus medication when taking this drug.

Allergy medicines too are not a match for this drug and if you are currently pursuing a course on allergy medicine keep away from this drug or consult your doctor otherwise.


Every drug if overdosed can cause adverse side effects. This is quite a common phenomena, usually occurring if you are a beginner to this dose and your body is yet to get accustomed to the working mechanisms of this drug. At times it can be your body telling you that this drug is not suitable or compatible with your body. These side effects may at times be negligible and not a concern at all. However, if this occurs in a heavier dose and persists for a long time, it can be a high concern.  Enlisted here is a list of the common side effects that you may experience while going through the course of this drug.

  • Allergy Symptoms: It is quite common that the drug if not compatible with your system might create problems that resemble allergic symptoms. Usually these are in the form of swelling and redness in skin like the swelling of the face, or neck or even the bone joints in your body.
    Urination problem: azithromycin side effects may also include urination problems. It starts with change in the color of the urine as you will notice your urine color changing into a deeper or darker shade. Along with this you might experience trouble in passing urine and with burning sensation.
  • Mucous Production while Coughing: Coughing may be yet another form of side effect and this might you might cough up mucous along with your cough. This mucous would be thick and yellow in shade.
  • Loss of Appetite and Nausea: Appetite loss is just another common side effect and nausea may prevail due to body weakness. This is okay and not a concern as long as the symptom doesn’t persist for too long. In case it does, immediately concern the doctor as this might be early signs of incompatibility that your body is showing.
  • Shortage of Breath: Shortage of breath is yet another concern that we might face. Along with this wheezing or feeling of suffocation may command over too. Strictly avoid this medicine if this occurs and quickly concern the doctor.
  • Blurring of Vision: Difficulty in seeing possibly due to pressure fall might occur at this time. If this is an initial side effect things may not be a big concern unless this persists and in larger forms. Accompanying this might be a feeling of heavy head ache.
  • Weakness and Fatigue: This is probably one of the most common side effect there ever is. The feeling of lethargy and tiredness will be experienced at this time and this should be a concern only if things worsen.
  • Intestinal or Abdominal Pain: Body pain in certain parts may be experienced. Here we are talking about abdominal pain or heavy intestinal pain along with muscle cramps or involuntary twitches, joint pain or lower back pain.
  • Diarrhea Symptoms: Diarrhea symptom would also be a concern right about now. Along with this there might be signs of fever and chills.
  • Possible signs of depression: this is an usual side effect and usually should not be a heavy concern. However, if psychological changes like depression or anxiety symptoms are seen in the patient immediately revert back to the doctor.

Bacterial infections if kept untreated may result in a much fatal situation much later in the days and therefore it is of utter importance that you maintain a steady dosage of drugs like azithromycin that stabilizes the further growth of bacterial infections while eliminating the present ones.