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Top 9 Ayurvedic Medicines for Acidity

Many people put their love and trust into ayurvedic medication which is a more natural means of medication that actually helps you to deal with any issue no matter whether major or minor without any side effects that could affect you when taking any chemical mediation. Ayurvedic mediation may encompass any form of medication and you can use ingredients that are found at home for the best results. When it comes to acidity there are a number of things that you could do in regards to fighting acidity with the help of ayurvedic medicines for acidity and the best part is that you can do this with ingredients that you already have at home.

Ayurvedic medicines for acidity-Acidity

The internet is the best place to this kind of research as it not only provides countless number of informational based websites for a multitude of reasons but also provides a step by step format on which you can be well informed. Before you do anything you must always look up the recipe of the ayurvedic medicine that you wish to use for the situation that you are facing so that when ready you can be well informed on the matter at hand. Given below is a detailed number of ayurvedic medicines that you can take at home when facing all the situations of acidity and its side effects-

Long Pepper Powder:

Ayurvedic medicines for acidity-Long Pepper Powder

Long pepper powder can be a very nominal means of seasoning for your food but when used as ayurvedic medication it is a very good remedy for acidity and all its side effects. It deals with gastritis on the highest level and mixing half a gram of long pepper powder with one spoon of honey is the way to go when using this ayurvedic medication.

Lemon Juice:

Ayurvedic medicines for acidity-LEMON Juice

One of the best ways of treating acidity fast is by drinking a glass of lemon juice which is filled with vitamin C and electrolytes which are actually very good at treating gastritis and all the other means of acidity ayurvedic medicine.


Ayurvedic medicines for acidity-Triphala

Mixing one spoon of triphala in a glass of water and then boiling the water to half a glass will provide a concentration concoction which is very good for any acidity issue. Drink it when warm for the highest effect and mix it with honey if you are suffering from indigestion caused due to acidity.

Fennel Seeds:

Ayurvedic medicines for acidity-Fennel seed

If you have a practise of chewing fennel seeds on a daily basis then the chances of you suffering from acidity are greatly reduced. If you don’t then try and incorporate this into your daily schedule as a great means of ayurvedic medicine for acidity.


Ayurvedic medicines for acidity-Buttermilk

Buttermilk is a brand that mixed with fenugreek and fennel seeds at times and drunk at night before sleeping is a great ayurvedic means of medicine for acidity cure ayurveda.

Cumin Seeds:

cumin seeds

Crush cumin seeds into a powder and add it to one litre of water and put it to boil. Drink a glass daily for the best effect.



All you need to do is a little research that would give you an overall concept of exactly how to use ayurvedic means of treating your acidity at home without any additional side effects and with 100 percent relief.

Amalaki Powder:

Ayurvedic medicines for acidity-Amalaki powder

Amalaki powder is one of the best ways of treating acidity with the help of ayurvedic medication and is easy to get your hands on.


Ayurvedic medicines for acidity-coriander leaves

Drinking coriander is also a great addition to your body as a means of treating acidity with ayurvedic medication.

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